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October 5, 2009  11:00 AM

SQL 2005 SP3 Failing to install with password length error

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When installing SQL Server 2005 SP3 you may get an error about the password being to short, and it may have nothing to do with your sa password.  It’s because the Install Scripts are trying to create a certificate with a password which doesn’t meet your domain’s password requirements.

If you get this error navigate to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Upgrade folder.  Find the script for upgrading the SQL Agent.  Open the script and find the CREATE CERTIFICATE statement.  Make the password longer.  In my case I added 123456@ to the end of the password.  The password is in two different places in the script.

Then open Add/Remove Programs and select SQL Server 2005 and select Change.  Then run though the wizard to complete the installation of the service pack.


October 3, 2009  9:50 PM

Dear Cade Metz, MVPs aren’t evangelists.

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Recent C# programming Guru John Skeet who has been a Microsoft MVP for a number of years was advised by his employer (Google) that he shouldn’t accept the Microsoft MVP award this year.

Personally I don’t understand Google’s doing this, but that’s between John and Google.  I’m sure that they had their reasons.  My issue is with the article which was written by Cade Metz for The Register.  Cade’s sentence which has me really bothered is “MVPs are little more than Microsoft evangelists.”.

Now, last I checked an evangelist for a product is someone who talks about how great a that product is.  To me an evangelist sounds like your typical Apple fan boy.  Telling anyone that will listen that everything the company puts out is gold, and they can do no wrong.  MVPs as a group aren’t close to being evangelists.  MVPs are some of the most vocal critics of the products which we are MVPs of.  While some MVPs do evangelize Microsoft products, they are the in the minority.

The fact that MVPs are very critical of Microsoft’s products is one of the reasons that Microsoft has the MVP program.  They want out critical feedback so that they can make our products better.  If we sat around saying how awesome there products are Microsoft wouldn’t get any benefit out of the program and it would simply be a waste of money to them.

Within the SQL Server group (which is the product which I’m an MVP for) there isn’t a week that goes by where we as a group haven’t found another bug which we have sent to Microsoft, and in some cases railed on publicly.  Now a portion of the complaining happens in private, but enough of it happens in public that it would be pretty easy to figure out that we as a group are very critical of Microsoft.

Based on the tone of the article that Cade Metz wrote it appears to me that Cade doesn’t hold the MVP program in very high regard.  Based on the comments on the article, neither do some of his readers.  And that’s fine, everyone is entitled to there opinion.  However if you are going to write an article on behalf of a company (like that article is) you might want to veil your personal feelings a little bit better so as not to come across like a total punk.

For the record everything I post on this blog, while hosted on a tech target site is my own opinion and isn’t censored or approved by Tech Target in any way.


October 2, 2009  7:14 PM

Join me on Oct 21st for a Clustering with iSCSI Presentation

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On October 21st, 2009 at 11am (Pacific) / 2pm (Eastern) I’m going to be presenting a free Webcast on how to setup a Windows 2008 Cluster when using iSCSI.  Additionally I’ll be going over some tuning tricks you can use to improve the performance of your iSCSI network. Continued »

October 1, 2009  11:00 AM

HA and DR require the same techniques right?

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While many of the technologies used for HA and DR are similar (or even the same) HA and DR are two different types of events which should be handled differently. Continued »

September 30, 2009  5:27 PM

Slide Deck and Recording from todays webcast

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For those that weren’t able to join the presentation, I’m posting the slide deck and a recording of the presentation.

The slide deck only has a couple of slides in it, so my it self it isn’t all that interesting.  The recording has taken via Net Meeting.  It’s the first time I’ve recorded something via Net Meeting directly, so if it isn’t great sorry.  I’ll try better next time.

The recording works in IE, I don’t think Firefox likes the format.


September 29, 2009  6:26 PM

Join me tomorrow as I talk about virtualization

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Join me tomorrow September 30th, 2009 as I talk about virtualization with the PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter.  I’ll be presenting my presentation entitled “Diving into Server Virtualization, Deciding if Virtualization is a good choice for your SQL Server“.  The presentation starts at 9am (Pacific) / 12pm (Eastern).  (This link goes to the live meeting site.) Continued »

September 28, 2009  11:00 AM

No, I will not do your homework for you

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If you are a computer science major, or taking a computer class of some sort, then by all means use the Internet for research.  That’s what it’s there for.  If you’ve written some code and it’s just not working correctly then by all means post your question on a forum (with the code) and ask what you are doing wrong.  Someone will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Continued »

September 24, 2009  6:40 PM

It takes a big man to admit when you’re wrong.

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It’s been pointed out to me just how screwed up yesterdays post was.  I’m a big boy, I can admin it when I muck something up, especially something that badly.

Sorry about that, apparently I needed a lot more sleep (or a lot more coffee) when I wrote that post.  I’ve corrected yesterday’s post so that it’s actually accurate now.


September 24, 2009  11:00 AM

Understanding what the WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE does

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

Based on some questions on forums and some of the responses that people have been giving there appears to be done misunderstanding about what the WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE option does when added to the ALTER DATABASE command.  My goal here is to try and clear up at least some of the confusion. Continued »

September 21, 2009  11:00 AM

DENY overwrites GRANT, most of the time

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

SQL Server rights are pretty easy to work with most of the time.  You grant a bunch of rights to an object, then you deny rights to those objects and the user looses the rights.  Pretty easy.  Now the catch is that if you use the fixed database roles, those roles overwrite any denies that are in place. Continued »

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