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October 14, 2010  11:00 AM

Where did my Default GateWay go?

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Apparently some people (myself included) have reported that Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are loosing their default gateway settings after installing Service Pack 2 onto the machine.  The basic symptom is that after putting in the default gateway everything works fine, until you reboot.  The kicker is that after changing the default gateway the computer prompts you to reboot for basically no reason. Continued »

October 11, 2010  11:00 AM

Using the wrong data type can have same major problems.

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Apparently this weekend a small company which does something very important discovered the upper bounds of the INT datatype (or the equivalent in what ever database platform they are using).  This makes it very clear that whoever designed the database for them didn’t do a very good job designing the database, because if they had they would have found this little problem a while ago and fixed it well in advance.

In case you didn’t click through to the slash dot article, or passed it to the actual article the company which holds the contracts with 49 states parole agencies for parolee GPS monitoring wasn’t able to record where the people being monitored were for about 12 hours.  The /. article says that the had a little over 2 Billion records in the table.  A little thinking and that sounds an awful like the upper bounds of a 32bit integer (aka the INT data type is you start at 1 instead of the lower bound of the data type).  If the database designer had selected to use a 64bit integer (aka BIGINT) then the table would have been able to store 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 records (assuming they started at 1and not the lower bound of the data type).

Now I’ve got no idea how long the database has been collecting data, but how ever long it was, it probably wasn’t all that long (maybe 5 years tops) and using the 64bit integer would have let the system last for much, much longer.

Thus endith the rant.


October 7, 2010  11:00 AM

Are you going to SQL Connections? Better sign up soon.

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This year I’ve got the pleasure of being accepted as a speaker at the SQL Connections conference in Las Vegas, NV the first week of November.  Registration is still open for the conference.  When you sign up for SQL Connections you also get access to ASP & Silverlight Connections, Visual Studio Connections, SharePoint Connections, Windows Connections, Exchange Connections and DOTNETNUKE Connections all for registering for SQL Connections.

There will be some top notch speakers at the conference this year (there are every year) including Todd McDermid (Blog | Twitter), Paul Randal (Blog | Twitter), Kimberly Tripp (Blog | Twitter), Allen White (Blog | Twitter), Buck Woody (Blog | Twitter) and Glenn Berry (Blog | Twitter) among others so it should be a great week.

While I’m pretty sure it’ll be a little smaller crowed than the PASS Summit (which is being held the next week) I’m sure it’ll be a great time with the group that will be there.


October 4, 2010  11:00 AM

Speaking at Microsoft User Group in Irvine, CA

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

Workbridge Associates is starting a new Microsoft Users Group which will be meeting at their offices in Irvine, CA on October 19th, 2010.  I’ve been asked to be the speaker at the first meeting, and since I’ve got sucker written on my forehead I’ve accepted.

As this is a new User Group, I’m breaking out a new slide deck and presentation for the meeting.  I’ll be talking about data encryption, the ways to encrypt data at the various levels of the application, the pros and the cons of all the techniques.  This deck is actually inspired by a chapter from my upcoming book on SQL Server security which I’ll be talking about a little as well.

Workbridge Associates will be providing pizza, and there is the possibility that cold frosty beverages will be provided (don’t quote me on that, management can always get in the way of that).  There is a small parking fee for the lot, but I’m not sure if the lot will be open to the public or not for free at night, so bring a few bucks for parking just in case.  Everyone is invited, and since they are a recruiting company they will be inviting a lot of hiring managers, so it may be a great way to run across that new position you’ve been looking for.

The meeting will start at 6:30pm at 4675 Macarthur Court Suite 960 Newport Beach, CA 92660 (they say that their address is Newport Beach, but I’m pretty sure they are in Irvine, it right across from John Wayne Airport).

Hopefully I’ll see you there.


September 30, 2010  11:00 AM

VMware 4.1 VMware Tools upgrade fails

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Just after upgrading our hosts from VMware 4.0 to 4.1 I ran across a little problem.  None of the guest machines could get the VMware tools upgraded automatically.  I had to log into each machine and upgrade the tools (ok I only did 2 or 3 manually).  It turns out that if the VMware tools had been upgraded on the guests before they would have c:\windows\temp\VMwareToolsUpgrader.exe and this file needs to be deleted before the upgrader will run automatically.

So I didn’t really want to log into 80 machines to delete this file manually, so I came up with a quick batch file to delete this file on every machine in the company.

for /F %%a in (cp.txt) do attrib -r %%a\c$\windows\temp\VMwareToolsUpgrader.exe
for /F %%a in (cp.txt) do del %%a\c$\windows\temp\VMwareToolsUpgrader.exe

Export the list of computers being hosted by VMware and save them as cp.txt.

This batch file removes the read only attribute from the file, then deletes the file. That’s right the file is read only so you can’t just delete it.

Just take the code above, stick it in a batch file and run it from a domain account that has rights to every server.


September 27, 2010  11:00 AM

Slide Deck from my PASS Virtualization VC

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

Last week I gave a presentation to the PASS Virtualization VC on how to decide if virtualization is a good choice for your SQL Server.


September 23, 2010  11:00 AM

Speaking at the Performance Virtual Chapter in October

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

So on October 5th at noon eastern (9am Pacific) I’ll be giving a presentation on getting better performance from your storage solution to the SQL PASS Performance Virtual Chapter.  The Live Meeting info isn’t up on the site yet, but I’ll send something out when I get than info as well.  Until then, save the date.

Like the session that I’m doing in September for the Virtualization VC this will be a bit of a teaser for the pre-con that I’ll be doing up at the summit in November.  I’ll see you on the 5th.


September 21, 2010  11:00 AM

Last weeks slide decks

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

Last week was a very busy week for me presentation wise.  So instead of putting out 4 blog posts, one for each event I waited and put everything in a single deck.

On Wednesday at the San Gabriel Valley .NET users group I talked about SQL Server Indexing.

On Thursday morning during the 24 Hours of PASS I talked about Storage as a preview of my PASS Summit pre-con.

On Thursday afternoon at the SoCal .NET Architecture User Group about SQL Server Basics.

On Saturday at SQL Saturday 55 I talked about Execution Plans and SQL Service Broker.

Thanks to everyone that came to my sessions through out the week.  For those that had questions at the 24 Hours of PASS session I’ll be posting them shortly.


September 20, 2010  11:00 AM

Get yourself a discount for SSWUG Virtual Conference

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

I’ve been given a handy discount code for those looking to go to the SSWUG Virtual Conference which is coming up in October (from the 20th to the 22nd), 2010.  The code to enter is F10VCDCherry.  You can enter the code on the registration page for the conference.  This code will get you a $30 discount on what ever the lowest cost that you can get.  That includes early registration, alumni discount, etc.


September 15, 2010  11:00 AM

Talking to the SoCal .NET Architecture User Group about SQL Server Basics

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

Later this week on September 16, 2010 I’ll be going and visiting the SoCal .NET Architecture User Group in Santa Ana, CA.  In this presentation we’ll be going back to the basics of SQL Server and focusing on the basic T/SQL DML statements, and object creation as without a good foundation to build that application on there won’t be a successful deployment in the long term.

The next SoCal IASA chapter meeting will be Thursday September 16, 2010 at Rancho Santiago Community College District, 2323 N. Broadway, Santa Ana. Meeting starts at 7:00 pm, pizza and networking 6:30 pm. Meeting cost is $5 to help us cover the cost of food and beverages. RSVP by emailing to mike.vincent@mvasoftware.com if you plan to attend.

In addition to the presentation, I’ll be bringing along a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate to give away to one lucky winner courtesy of Stephen Rose the Senior Community Manager for Windows 7.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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