SQL Server with Mr. Denny:

April, 2016

April 27, 2016  4:00 PM

Differences between data types between SQL Server and Oracle

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry
Data Types, Oracle, SQL Server

Recently there has been some talk online about how SQL Server processes data type conversions compared to how Oracle’s method for type conversion. I figured that I would clear up some of the confusion that’s out there. When concatenating a number (like an INT) to a string (like a VARCHAR)...

April 20, 2016  4:00 PM

Does your User Group need a free WordPress hosting platform?

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry
community, Community service, SQL Server, User groups

Is your user group currently hosting their website that isn't giving you the features that you need? Is your user group currently paying to much (or anything) for your website? Would your user group to be able to be hosted for free, on a WordPress platform where you can have basically any...

April 12, 2016  4:00 PM

And with that, SQL 2005 is out of support

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry
performance tuning, SQL Server, SQL Server 2005

As of today (April 12, 2016) Microsoft no longer supports SQL Server 2005. If something goes wrong with your SQL 2005 database server at this point, there's not going to be anyone at Microsoft who can help...

April 1, 2016  6:15 PM

Microsoft Gold Partner was so much fun, we did it again.

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry
Microsoft Partner Network, Microsoft partners, Partner programs, SQL Server

A while back we at Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting became Microsoft Gold partners for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.  Well, we've had so much fun being a Gold Partner for Cloud Platform that we decided that we needed to...

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