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June 5, 2018  8:17 PM

5 reasons the Microsoft, GitHub acquisition makes sense

Darryl Taft Profile: Darryl Taft

After weeks of speculation and rumor, Microsoft has agreed to acquire GitHub, the hosting service for version control using the Git version control system developed by Linux creator Linus Torvalds, for $7.5 billion. There are various views on why this move may not work, but here are several reasons...

May 31, 2018  7:15 PM

Missing out on software conferences? Here are four worthy alternatives

Ryan Black Ryan Black Profile: Ryan Black

Developers, testers and QA professionals all like to fill the seats at software conferences. While there are ways to convince your employer to send you, sometimes travel is just not in...

November 28, 2017  5:53 PM

Why a former veteran is now offering pro Scrum Master training

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

Greg Gomel is an Agile consultant and a veteran of the Coast Guard Reserve. So when he and fellow Agile consultant Ravi Verma were brainstorming earlier this year about what they could do to help military veterans it wasn’t surprising their minds turned to Agile software development. “We...

October 25, 2017  2:44 PM

Is your software automation testing framework working?

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

When it comes to software testing automation, it seems we all still have a long way to go. A look at a new survey from Logigear looks at the state of your software automation testing framework, and all that surrounds it, and it’s easy to understand why everyone struggles. First, just 56% said...

September 14, 2017  1:05 PM

10 tech terms the business side needs to know

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

Scott McCarty, head of technical product marketing for containers at Red Hat, thinks we all just need to get along, and for that to happen we need to understand each other better. With that in mind he's pulled together a list of 10 tech terms the business side needs to understand. Perhaps you'll...

August 4, 2017  2:41 PM

Is Agile stuck? Looking for answers at Agile2017

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

It's hard not to ask the "Is Agile still relevant?" question today. And it's harder to still to hear some of the answers, ranging from straight up "No" to "too much focus on process" to "they're their own worst enemies." That's why, in advance of

July 12, 2017  1:59 PM

Is the future of Agile actually BizDevOps?

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

It's easy to think every organization has DevOps on the corporate brain but in reality, interest in -- and commitment to -- Agile remains high, particularly in the enterprise space. Of course, that doesn't necessarily make it easy to do. And it doesn't mean DevOps isn't having an impact. With...

April 30, 2017  3:01 PM

We’re not as automated as we think we are

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

Test automation is not as far along as we'd thought, Agile and DevOps aren't making software development easier and management is still everyone's biggest problem. Those are just some of the results of a survey done by software test company LogiGear. And this wasn't just any survey -- 10 years...

April 10, 2017  2:23 PM

Software salaries — it’s still very good news

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

Job site just posted its top 25 highest paying jobs in America and 11 of those jobs were in high tech. And more than half of those, 7 actually, were software related. It's a really good time to be in development, clearly, with software salaries rising almost as fast as demand. But...

February 22, 2017  2:14 PM

Another perspective on H-1B reform

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

As is widely know, the White House is considering making sweeping changes to the H-1B visa program. These changes could make it far more difficult for companies to bring foreign workers over to the US, perhaps by making it too costly to...

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