Software Quality Insights:

June, 2016

June 28, 2016  3:44 PM

App too slow? Let’s just blame Brexit

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

Developers, slow applications are really not your fault. And I've got two examples to prove it. Performance analytics company Soasta has finally quantified what we've all secretly hoped -- slow apps really might not be poor development. According to a study...

June 17, 2016  3:07 PM

About DevOps and Bernie Sanders

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

Yes, you read that title right. Too bad I can't take credit for the pairing. Way back when I worked for a daily newspaper, the most exciting times of all were of course the election cycles. The late nights, the meet and greets, the feeling of change in the air...good times. It's another...

June 7, 2016  10:31 PM

A new site for IT operations pros

Scott Wallask Scott Wallask Profile: Scott Wallask
ALM, containers, DevOps, IT operations, Skills, Software development

Ask any application-development decision maker or programmer: Emerging technologies force enterprise IT shops to rethink not just which new products and services to adopt, but even more importantly, the very nature of how they do their jobs. For this reason, TechTarget's expanding its coverage of...

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