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October, 2012

October 19, 2012  7:34 PM

Electric Cloud, Wind River team up for faster testing and deployment of Android apps

Melanie Luna Melanie Luna Profile: Melanie Luna

As the Android marketplace continues to grow at a rapid pace, Android developers face the problem of maintaining software quality while also meeting the time constraints for deployment. Electric Cloud, a DevOps optimization company,...

October 18, 2012  1:58 PM

Requirements: Are we there yet?

jdjlent Profile: jdjlent

There is a tendency to want to plow through the requirements phase of an application development project, as in the sooner requirements are set, the sooner the coding, and then testing, can get underway. But the requirements process doesn’t proceed in a linear fashion, and nor should it, says...

October 12, 2012  2:53 PM

Developer to tester: Cannot reproduce the error…

jdjlent Profile: jdjlent

How do test professionals deal with developers who insist there are no defects in their code? I talked about this with a test professional I met at the STARWEST Conference in Anaheim last week. This situation has come up so often for her that she has figured out some good ways to work around it....

October 5, 2012  6:15 PM

Fourteen ways it takes courage to be a good tester

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

by Jennifer Lent Courage may be an unlikely topic to come up at a testing conference. But in a Lightning Strikes the Keynotes session at STARWEST, Bob Galen, of RGalen Consulting, talked about the ways in which courage should guide the work of test professionals.

  1. The...

October 5, 2012  6:10 PM

When software testing becomes unmanageable

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

by Jennifer Lent At a breakfast at the STARWEST 2012 conference I met tester Laurie Lantgen, who works at a financial services firm in Sioux Falls, S.D. I asked her about the most challenging aspects of her job, and here's what she told me:  

"The most difficult...

October 5, 2012  6:03 PM

Hackers at work: Security testing at STARWEST

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

by Jennifer Lent Frank Kim opened his STARWEST Conference session Security Testing: Think Like an Attacker by asking attendees how many of them were familiar with the concept of a cross-site scripting error. Virtually every hand in the room of 60 to 70 test professionals shot up. But...

October 4, 2012  6:59 PM

STARWEST 2012: What keeps you from being an awesome test manager?

Melanie Luna Melanie Luna Profile: Melanie Luna

By Jennifer Lent In her keynote address "Becoming a Kick-*** Test Manager" at STARWEST 2012, Johanna Rothman of the Rothman Consulting Group asked the audience: "What prevents you from being an awesome test manager?" She offered...

October 4, 2012  2:20 PM

STARWEST keynote address: Emotions matter in mobile testing

Melanie Luna Melanie Luna Profile: Melanie Luna

by Jennifer Lent Of the many things that test professionals must take into account, the emotions of the person using the app isn't usually one of them.   But for mobile apps, emotions matter, test consultant Jonathan Kohl said in his keynote...

October 2, 2012  5:03 PM

Serena survey reveals current state of Agile

Melanie Luna Melanie Luna Profile: Melanie Luna

At the recent Agile2012 conference, Serena Software conducted a survey amongst attendees to take the pulse of Agile development within the Agile community. Serena polled approximately 100 IT...

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