Software Quality Insights:

September, 2012

September 20, 2012  2:45 PM

Vulnerability management tool ThreadFix facilitates development and security efforts

Melanie Luna Melanie Luna Profile: Melanie Luna

Application developers and security analysts can communicate and collaborate more easily using Denim Group's new open source vulnerability management tool ThreadFix. In a recent announcement, Denim Group explained that "ThreadFix imports...

September 13, 2012  3:37 PM

Agile survey spurs debate: Consultant responds to voke findings

Melanie Luna Melanie Luna Profile: Melanie Luna

voke, inc.'s recent survey of Agile use, discussed in two reports: "Market Snapshot Report: Agile Realities" and "Strategic Brief on the Cost of Rework for Agile and Non-Agile Projects," caused a bit of controversy in the Agile world.

September 10, 2012  9:09 PM

Serena announces updates to Orchestrated IT tools, supporting IT agility

Melanie Luna Melanie Luna Profile: Melanie Luna

Business and IT are becoming more closely linked and collaborative. Serena announced Monday that they have updated their Orchestrated IT tools, which facilitate IT agility and enable enterprises to better utilize mobile, social and cloud technologies. In an interview with David Hurwitz, senior...

September 4, 2012  6:08 PM

DevOps supports true agility, quality and performance, says HP

Melanie Luna Melanie Luna Profile: Melanie Luna

HP has embraced the concept of DevOps. "The idea of creating true agility" is to ensure that applications function exactly the way they were designed to, explained Matt Morgan, VP of hybrid IT and cloud, product marketing, HP software, in a recent interview. Earlier this summer, HP announced the...

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