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January, 2010

January 29, 2010  4:40 PM

Networking your way to QA expertise

Yvette Francino Yvette Francino Profile: Yvette Francino

Ah! I love that feeling of starting fresh. New year. New job. I started last week as the site editor for at TechTarget, and I absolutely love the job. How did I get it? I was blogging about...

January 26, 2010  2:10 PM

Software quality lessons learned from a cruise line

Matt Heusser Matt Heusser Profile: Matt Heusser

Three years ago, my wife and I went to a  pitch for a timeshare. The project was awful, and we would not recommend the company to others.  I should say that we would actively recommend people not deal with that company. Yet, at the same time, last year we booked a cruise that cost more than...

January 21, 2010  2:39 PM

Status reports can help provide software testing focus

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

Recently, I found myself struggling on a program to help plan and manage the testing effort for a couple of different concurrent projects. For both projects, testing is a critical path, and resources are tight. For both projects, there's a mix of planning and execution activities happening within...

January 18, 2010  4:28 PM

Running, debugging and analyzing load tests using JMeter

Daniel Mondello Profile: Daniel Mondello

In a recent tip series, resident site expert Mike Kelly explored JMeter, a popular and free -- open source load testing tool. He uses JMeter frequently because of its easy of use and supports several programming languages, including HTTP/HTTPS, SOAP, JDBC, LDAP and JMS. In the first tip,...

January 15, 2010  3:13 PM

Capturing feedback during sprint reviews

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

After sitting in a number of different sprint review meetings, with a number of teams, I've noticed that not all teams have a formal way of capturing feedback obtained in sprint review. Feedback can be any of the following:

January 11, 2010  7:17 PM

Rapid prototyping for faster collaboration

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

This weekend, I was building houses for developers. As we were framing the first house, I suggested that the location of the door might be improved if it were shifted from where the original plans stated it should be. After a very...

January 11, 2010  4:27 PM

Testing estimates in Scrum, taking it one story at a time

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

I really enjoy like doing small projects where I get to put hands on a keyboard and execute tests. Ideally for me when I'm doing this, I'm either doing exploratory testing or performance testing. There's a challenge that comes with doing this however. For these small projects to work well for both...

January 4, 2010  3:23 PM

Top Agile development tips of 2009

Daniel Mondello Profile: Daniel Mondello

In 2009, tips about Agile got more traffic than expert advice on any other topic on SearchSoftwareQuality. That didn't surprise our editors, because our surveys showed double-digit increases in our readers' adoption of Agile practices. Yet, while Agile adoption is on the rise, using Agile isn't...

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