Software Quality Insights:

December, 2009

December 22, 2009  11:48 PM

Why you don’t need to buy a testing tool, except when you do

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

I consult with a lot of teams that think they need expensive tools. Some teams do need the features offered by expensive test tools. But most teams I've worked with don't, they just think they do. Likely they could have gotten by with a workflow tool like JIRA or Bugzilla and some simple scripting...

December 10, 2009  5:21 PM

Adam Goucher, Mike Kelly look inside “Beautiful Testing”

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

A little over a month ago O'Reilly released the book Beautiful Testing: Leading Professionals Reveal How They Improve Software. The book offers 23 essays on software testing, with 27 different...

December 7, 2009  5:53 PM

Fix expensive Web security weaknesses at a lower cost

Daniel Mondello Profile: Daniel Mondello

Fortify's new Fortify on Demand service offers penetration and static testing...

December 7, 2009  3:52 PM

Excluding certain elements while recording JMeter tests

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

In a recent article on JMeter, I related some tips for recording JMeter tests using the proxy recorder. Sometimes when you're recording tests, you want to exclude certain transactions like images,...

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