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July, 2009

July 31, 2009  9:27 PM

Software testing blog digest: Bug, team woes; memes; Ford Motors

Jan Stafford Jan Stafford Profile: Jan Stafford

If you don’t read software testing blogs, you’re missing some great advice and thoughtful ramblings on testing philosophies. I tap into those blogs daily, and here I’m sharing the wealth with this reader’s digest of the testing posts I enjoyed this week. Why bugs are hard to...

July 29, 2009  4:29 PM

Tester’s view: IBM buys source code analysis company

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

In a press release yesterday, IBM announced it would be acquiring Ounce Labs Inc., whose software helps companies reduce the risks and costs associated with security and compliance concerns. IBM will integrate Ounce Labs products into its Rational software business. For those who might not be...

July 27, 2009  7:35 PM

Moving away from NAT for testing

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

For test and development systems, one practice over the years to allow developers to build test systems or applications has been to use network address translation or NAT. NAT basically puts some device in front of other systems. Development teams can use NAT a number of ways. These include running...

July 22, 2009  4:19 PM

Using taxonomies to help with test planning

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

A year ago, I was working on a project where we were doing a failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) related to failover and recovery. As I was thinking about how to best start my analysis, I recalled that in the past while doing performance testing work I looked at many of the same aspects of...

July 15, 2009  1:23 AM

New DevSuite 8.0 tools aim to aid multi-project collaboration

Jan Stafford Jan Stafford Profile: Jan Stafford

TechExcel, a decade-old maker of development tools, released new features to its application lifecycle management software package, DevSuite 8.0. Included are MyWord dashboard engine and wiki tools promise improved team...

July 11, 2009  1:41 AM

CAST 2009: Taking a new look user acceptance testing, an interview with Michael Bolton

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a part of most testing plans and projects, but when you ask people what it is, they have a hard time defining it. You quickly find that it isn't obvious what user acceptance testing means. I talked to Michael Bolton about his views on UAT this week. He'll...

July 11, 2009  1:30 AM

Mike Dwyer at CAST 2009: New simulation helps teams learn Agile

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

A common criticism of Agile development practices is that they are difficult to scale with large teams. Another common challenge faced, is figuring out where testers can fit in an Agile context. At this year’s Conference for the Association for Software Testing (CAST), July 13-16th in Colorado...

July 11, 2009  1:01 AM

Two experts: Why not to skip some software testing phases

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

Is software testing really necessary? Do we do it just because everyone else does it? Why is software testing important? While ideas about testing vary, the motive is generally the same: someone believes it has value. We test because someone wants us to test. They may be managers, developers,...

July 11, 2009  12:33 AM

CAST 2009 preview: Positioning software testers as service providers

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

Presenting correct information isn't just a function of how you write your report at the end of a software project. Instead, it is the result of a complex process that starts with analyzing the needs of your stakeholders, moves on to gathering accurate and timely data from all your multiple project...

July 11, 2009  12:10 AM

Eight days, 80 testers: Exploratory testing case study at CAST 2009

MichaelDKelly Michael Kelly Profile: MichaelDKelly

Software consultant Henrik Andersson implemented an exploratory testing training project in an 80-tester group in only eight days, and he lived to talk about it. Next week, he'll outline the steps he took to quickly set up a pilot program and train testers in exploratory testing theory and...

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