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to "CA Technologies"
"Cait O'Riordan" to "enterprise server express"
"Equality and Human Rights Commission" to "Institute of Physics"
"Institute of Web Science" to "Morrison & Foerster"
"moshe kam" to "silicon stilettos"
"silicon valley" to "women in IT"
"Women in IT: the Facts" to .gix to 10BASE-T
10GbE to 5G technology
5LINX Enterprises to abuya
Abwehr to AccuRev
ACD to ActiveX Controls
ActiveX Data Objects to Adobe CS5
Adobe Flash to Agile Methodologies
Agile Project Plan to Alpha testing to Analysis Manager
Analyst reports to ApComms
Aperi to Application of 3- D graphics
Application operations to Argos
ArgSIS to AS/400 Fields
AS/400 file field usage to AS/400 TimeStamp
AS/400 to Linux OS to Ascential
Asch to Atlassian
ATM to Autocorrection
Autodesk to Axcient
axed to BAM
Banana to BB10
BB3 to Best Western Hotels
bet to Bit & Box
Bit bucket to Bletchley
bletchleypark to bomb
bombast to brands
Bras to BS3
BSA file to Business Content
Business Continuity to C++
C-CDA to CallManager
CallManager Integration to carta
cartel to Cd
CD Burner Drivers to Cerner
CERT to check constraint
Check for License Compliance to CIA
CIA triad to Cisco ADSL WIC
Cisco Aironet to Citrix HDX
Citrix ICA Client to Client Access V5R2
Client Access/400 to cloud encryption
Cloud engineering to CLScan
clumsy to Codec
Codecademy to COMMON
Common Internet File System to computer knowledge
Computer Literacy to connecting networks
Connecting to SQL SERVER FROM C# to Continuous Data Protection
Continuous delivery to Corero
cores to CPF4169
CPF4174 to CRM applications
CRM careers to Crystal Reports fields
Crystal Reports Filtering to Customer engagement
customer experience to CyberWar
cyberware to data breach notification
Data breach notification laws to Data integrity
Data intelligence to Data structures
Data Sync Manager to Databricks
databse to DBCA
DBCC to Decryption
DEDCC to Dell PowerVault MD1000
Dell PowerVault MD3000i to desktop vitualization
desktop workspaces to DID's
diesel to Direct Console
Direct Project to Distribution Groups
Distribution Lists to Documentum
docushare to Double-Take Software
Doug Fridsma to DSADD
DSC to Duracell
Durban to e-nose
e-participation to Ecommerce
Ecommerce applications to EHR Association
EHR attestation process to Email address book
Email Administration to EMM tools
Emmeline to enterprise applications
Enterprise Architects to Equinix
Equipment Reports to Essex
evo:rack to Exchange 2007 Mailbox Manager
Exchange 2007 mailbox quotas to Exchange SCL
Exchange security to export Crystal Reports subreport to excel
export email to Failover Clustering
Failures to Feltham
FEMA to file server migration
File servers to Firmware
firmware update to Folder Sharing
Folders to foursquare
fourth Industrial Revolution to ftc
FTC Act to galaxy note
Galileo to Gesture recognition
GET command to Gmail accounts
GMON to GovNet
Govrnance to Gridstore
GridView to hacktivist
HACL to HD Host
HD video to hertfordshire
Hertz to HMG