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Mar 7 2008   11:31AM GMT

VMware user on Oracle VM: Hell no, we won’t go!

Alex Barrett Alex Barrett Profile: Alex Barrett

Abbie wouldn't have switched to Oracle VM eitherOracle doesn’t officially support its products running on VMware, but it will happily support you if you virtualize on its Xen variant, Oracle VM. But at least one large Oracle PeopleSoft customer with which I spoke recently refuses to play along and will maintain its VMware status quo.

“We looked at Oracle VM, but it’s where VMware was two or three years ago,” the systems administrator said, who asked that he and his organization not be named.

Not only did this system administrator find Oracle VM to be technically inferior to ESX Server, but also he didn’t want the burden of having a second virtualization environment to run and manage. “We’d rather not do that,” he said.

The other alternative — to switch from PeopleSoft to a competing product that’s supported on VMware — isn’t an option. “Our investment in PeopleSoft is too great,” he said, and “in the grand scheme of things, running it on dedicated hardware is a drop in the bucket.”

It’s a shame, he said, because in the past six months, his group has begun actively virtualizing not only “the low-hanging fruit,” but increasingly more production workloads. “This whole Oracle-hating-VMware thing has really put a crimp in our style,” he said. Meanwhile the organization’s CIO has approached Oracle and told the vendors, “We’d like to [virtualize Oracle applications], but with terms that don’t involve unilateral demands that we use only your software,” the administrator reported. As of yet, no word back from Oracle, but as far as he’s concerned, there’s no deal to be made.

“[Oracle] can either change their mind, or we’ll keep buying physical hardware. We’re not moving to Oracle VM.”

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  • Kenjan
    i like the article it goes about the business of making the CIO take charge and not allow the vendors to push the product they like to the customer. If anywhere in the business world the old adage "customer is king" should apply this is one such case.
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  • Ftravers
    I work for Oracle, and this is definitely not a post regarding their opinion, just mine. I agree that VMWare, is further ahead. The irony is that Oracle's is an open-source virtualization technology, while VMWare's isn't. It's also free, except for support, which if you call and want someone to answer should be considered fair. So this article only argues from a capability perspective. I.e. Xen isn't as good as VMWare... Can you point out the areas where it needs improvement...then maybe we can push the wave forward for XEN as well and then everyone benefits. From what I know, which isn't a huge amount, XEN isn't that bad. Bare-metal performance like ESX...I haven't tried the OVM Manager, I just use the command line, but I think you can hot swap it to new hardware....could be wrong. The other point is about homogeneity (like milk) that is so passe. Just like the OS wars, we don't want any one vendor to have the entire market cornered in any I know Oracle DB is close there, but we also have MS, and IBM playing well there. At the end of the day it's a bit of a mixed can't have one throat to choke that has ALL the best pieces from the bottom up. You also can expect support to support a hodgepodge mix of technologies...Those guys have the hardest job in the world I tell you. Anyway, love to hear your feedback! Its a crazy wonderful world we live in! Take care.
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  • Alex Barrett
    Hi ftravers, One thing, this post is over a year old, so presumably Oracle VM has gained some ground since then, performance-wise. I don't recall the specifics of what the user didn't like about Oracle VM. As far as the homogeneity/one-throat-to-choke argument, it may be passe, but judging by the conversations I have with IT folks, it's still very relevant. IT guys don't want to complicate their lives more than they absolutely have to. Who can blame them? Thanks for reading, Alex
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