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October 23, 2008  1:51 PM

An eggceptional virtualization analogy

Alex Barrett Alex Barrett Profile: Alex Barrett

I'm always looking for ways to explain virtualization to the nontechnical people in my life, and just came across a really good analogy, courtesy of Luke Kanies, the author of Puppet system administration tool: A virtual...

October 23, 2008  11:01 AM

The first 45 days of using the virtual machine expiration date

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

In prior posts, I mentioned that determining how the expiration of a virtual machine (VM) will be managed and...

October 20, 2008  9:01 AM

Defining a nomenclature for storage allocations

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

The relationship between the virtualization administrator and storage administrator can sometimes be less than cordial. Yet it can become less contentious when approached in a certain manner. One way that administrators can work closer with storage teams is to identify a nomenclature for shared...

October 15, 2008  4:13 PM

Out-of-band boot order configuration with Sun xVM VirtualBox

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

The configuration for virtual machine (VM) tasks that involve booting from anything other than the virtual disk can be inconvenient. Sun xVM VirtualBox offers a functionality that allows the boot order to...

October 9, 2008  10:24 AM

VMware releases update to VirtualCenter and VMware Converter

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

Last week, VMware released VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 3. The release fixes issues with Update 2 (build 104263), which was released in July, before the infamous...

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October 8, 2008  10:50 AM

Still mulling over a Greene-less VMware

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

It's been covered to death, but something about Diane Greene's ousting from VMware's top spot still doesn't sit right with me. Not the ousting itself but the chatter about why. There have been conversations about why she was let go, ranging from EMC's CEO

October 7, 2008  4:26 PM

My favorite schwag item from VMworld 2008

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

As I sat in my cozy office, drinking from a VMware mug, wearing a t-shirt under my dress shirt, saving drafts of a SharePoint training presentation to a 1GB USB stick emblazoned with eG's logo and watching...

October 6, 2008  2:10 PM

Did VMworld 2008 satisfy attendees?

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

While VMworld 2008 left some attendees and contributors to

October 3, 2008  4:38 PM

Take the time to learn direct disk access to a virtual machine

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

Recently I had the opportunity to go through a series of tests revolving around the use of a raw disk or dedicated logical unit number (LUN) to a virtual machine. I think that any virtualization administrator should go through the drill. The basic principle is to seamlessly move storage on a...

October 2, 2008  10:21 AM

EG’s software a hit

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

EG Innovations took a Best of VMworld award for the application and infrastructure management category, and as one of the judges, it's my pleasure to tell you why ... eG gets it, and it gets IT. The "it" the company gets is business. There were a lot of entries in the category, ranging from desktop...

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