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March 19, 2007  8:44 AM

Spiceworks with VMware

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

I'm a big fan of free... free as in beer and free as in speech. Sometimes that even means free as in ad-supported. NOT Adware-supported, mind you, but ad-supported free software runs second in my book to truly free open-source software. Anyone remember Pointcast? Yeah, it was a bandwidth hog in an...

March 16, 2007  8:25 AM

Proprietary ERP on Open Source Virtualization

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

It looks like the ERP business is finally starting to catch on to the fact that their customers want to use server virtualization to cut costs, reduce downtime, and do all of those nifty things that come with SV. Novell and SAP seem to have sat down and sorted this out. It's almost too bad it was...

March 15, 2007  2:17 PM

Server Virtualization Blog joins Technorati

Ryan Shopp Ryan Shopp Profile: Ryan Shopp

We're trying to build our reader base, so I added us to Technorati. Fun times. Technorati Profile 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

March 15, 2007  12:24 AM

Xen and the Theory of RHEL-ativity

Shayna Garlick Shayna Garlick Profile: Shayna Garlick

(Editor's Note: scrosby is Simon Crosby, CTO of XenSource) As the enterprise Linux Distros go to market with integrated Xen virtualization,  the jockeying for position based on the promise of integrated virtualization is going to heat up. You may recall that last year, when Novell...

March 7, 2007  12:54 AM

VMware ROI Calculator

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

For those who enjoy calculating potential ROI, VMware put out a new ROI calculator at In general, I'm not fond of TCO/ROI/FUD calculators, since they're undoubtedly biased in...

March 7, 2007  12:53 AM

The debut of Virtual Iron 3.5 – Hype or Huzzah?

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

From Virtual Iron's Website:

"Virtual Iron Software (, a provider of server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management software solutions, today announced the general availability of Version 3.5 of its...

March 7, 2007  12:51 AM

Something else fishy about that MS/Novell Deal

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

The huge cash infusion, the keeping-mum on a lot of deeper details... I think there's something else going on aside from just a move by MS to set itself up for IP Power-Plays against Red Hat, Ubuntu, Linspire, etc. etc. I'd have to really re-read the fine print, well, ok, what little there is, but...

March 7, 2007  12:42 AM

A Parallels Universe

Kutz Profile: Akutz

I am (was) the unofficial Microsoft Entourage support person for my organization.  Susie Q. is having a problem with Entourage losing her e-mail, "Call Andrew" her office-mate would say.  Those days are no more.  I now use Outlook 2007 on my Mac and let users know that until the next version of...

March 5, 2007  12:36 PM

Windows Server virtualization calculator

Ryan Shopp Ryan Shopp Profile: Ryan Shopp

I was doing some blog-surfing the other day and came across Christian Saborio's virtualization blog. He mentions this really cool tool published by Microsoft that helps IT directors figure out costs of...

March 3, 2007  6:34 PM

VMware VI3, Microsoft Virtual Server, XenSource XenServer, Virtual Iron: Living Together in Harmony

Kutz Profile: Akutz

Do you know how there are some questions that at first glance seem like they may generate long and complicated answers? Recently I was pinged with such a question, but then I came to realize that the my original answer, and in fact the question itself were both over thinking the situation. The...

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