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September 2, 2010  8:25 PM

Kicking the tires on vShield Edge

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

By Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer

SAN FRANCISCO — VMware demonstrated its new vShield Edge routing virtual firewall on the VMworld 2010 conference floor, and passersby stopped to give it a look. Most attendees were intrigued by the concept but worried about the cost and complexity of another virtual layer for networking security.

“The complexity of managing VPNs and different networks is always difficult,” said Tony Stauffer, manager of end user services for an automotive manufacturer in the Midwest. “I’ll be testing it out to see if it’s really as simple as what’s been demonstrated.”

Ed Symanzik, information technologist at Michigan State University, said his shop has a virtual stack running 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), but it’s bottlenecked by a 1 GbE edge firewall.

“If I had this, I might be able to do an end-run around that physical firewall,” he said.

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September 2, 2010  8:18 PM

VCloud Director: The fine print

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

By Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer

SAN FRANCISCO — After the splashy, high-level announcement of VMware’s vCloud Director on Tuesday morning, reality set in at a VMworld 2010 session by Kevin Lees, VMware’s global vCloud delivery team lead. Lees detailed the lessons learned from beta deployments at a handful of enterprise and service-provider customers.

He emphasized repeatedly that users looking to deploy vCloud director should “take a stepwise, evolutionary approach.” He advised attendees to start simple by equating one back-end virtual data center with one vSphere cluster. He also recommended that ESX clusters running management utilities and the Oracle vCD database should be separated from resource pools in virtual data centers.

Lees also said careful planning is crucial for organizations looking to deploy vCloud Director at this stage. In particular, he advised users to follow a “60% rule,” particularly if they are setting up an Oracle vCD at a service provider data center.

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September 2, 2010  8:08 PM

After Integrien, what’s next for VMware?

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

By Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer

SAN FRANCISCO — After Tuesday’s VMworld 2010 keynote, there were few details on how VMware would integrate Integrien’s performance analytics code into its products. The next day, Raghu Raghuram, general manager of virtualization and cloud platforms for VMware, filled in some of the blanks and hinted at where VMware might look to broaden its portfolio.

Raghuram said VMware chose the relatively unknown company because Integrien’s algorithms are able to analyze time-series data, which means the product has “broad applicability.” VMware plans to fold a version of Integrien’s dashboard into its vCenter management console and will also offer a standalone version that will have broader coverage of virtual data centers. The product has some significant overlap with AppSpeed, Raghuram admitted, but AppSpeed offers transaction-level analysis of application performance, something Integrien doesn’t do today.

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September 2, 2010  6:03 PM

Microsoft takes its perennial shot at VMware

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

It’s not quite the “Poker Chip Incident” of 2008, but Microsoft made its presence known at this year’s show with a full-page ad in USA Today, which was delivered directly to hotel rooms belonging to attendees at the show.

Photo after the jump.

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August 31, 2010  5:17 PM

VMware acquires Integrien

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

SAN FRANCISCO — VMware is acquiring Integrien, an infrastructure management vendor.

CTO Steve Herrod just made the announcement during his VMworld 2010 keynote. He didn’t say much about the acquisition, but Integrien’s real-time infrastructure monitoring, analysis and alerting capabilities clearly fit in with VMware’s virtual data center/cloud computing vision.

The company’s flagship product is Integrien Alive for Enterprise, which integrates with dozens of monitoring tools and analyzes the data they collect. And just today the company introduced AliveVM, a VMware-specific management product.

August 31, 2010  5:13 PM

VCloud Director unveiled at VMworld 2010

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

SAN FRANCISCO — The market’s worst-kept secret is a secret no longer. VMware officially announced vCloud Director at this morning’s VMworld 2010 keynote.

VCloud Director lets you manage multiple instances of vCenter — internally, across multiple data centers and even in external service providers’ data centers. The goal is to create entirely virtual data centers, with the end game being private or hybrid clouds.

CEO Paul Maritz said a management tool that’s compatible across internal and external data centers is a necessity if cloud computing is to catch on, because multiple tools “end up costing you money” instead of bringing savings.

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August 31, 2010  4:32 PM

VMworld 2010 by the numbers

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

SAN FRANCISCO — Rick Jackson, VMware’s chief marketing officer, kicked off today’s VMworld 2010 keynote and shared some interesting numbers about the show and its history:

  • 17,021: Registered attendees at VMworld 2010, up from 12,500 last year
  • 85: Countries represented by attendees at VMworld 2010
  • 1,400: Attendance at the first VMworld in 2004
  • 55: People who have attended every VMworld
  • 100,000: VMs deployed to support 20,000 labs at VMworld 2010
  • 4,000: VMs running per hour, on average, in those labs

August 30, 2010  10:32 PM

Embotics to support Hyper-V

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

SAN FRANCISCO — In IT, a trend isn’t really a trend until vendors get behind it.

Case in point: mixed virtual environments. We’ve done a lot of talking about organizations running VMware and Hyper-V together. But I’ve been asking vendors about it since last VMworld, and their answers are always the same: “We’ll support it when there’s demand, and we don’t see enough demand.”

Now that’s at least starting to change. As senior news writer Beth Pariseau reported last month, the number of Hyper-V ISVs is growing. Now we can add another to the list: virtualization management vendor Embotics, which will demonstrate Hyper-V support on the VMworld 2010 show floor and make it available by the end of the year.

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August 30, 2010  7:16 PM

Distributed Virtual Network: The future of VMware networking

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

SAN FRANCISCO — VMware is working on a new platform designed to improve network virtualization.

We got a glimpse of the company’s long-term strategy at this morning’s VMworld 2010 session called “Future Direction of Networking Virtualization.” The Distributed Virtual Network vision, as it’s called, aims at many of the networking problems that virtualization admins face, such as IP address assignment for newly created VMs.

“The line between servers and networking becomes very blurry,” said session speaker Howie Xu, VMware’s research and development director. “There’s no more black and white.”

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August 30, 2010  1:37 PM

Citrix to acquire VMLogix

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

SAN FRANCISCO — Citrix Systems is acquiring VMLogix.

Citrix made the VMLogix acquisition announcement today, the first day of the VMworld 2010 conference. The acquisition is expected to close later this quarter, Citrix said.

VMLogix makes LabManager and StageManager, tools designed to help create and manage test/dev and pre-production environments. Since making XenServer free last year, Citrix has put its money-making focus on management tools and other advanced features, and the VMLogix acquisition is another step in that direction.

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