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May, 2008

May 15, 2008  7:06 AM

Changing the default web access page in VMware VI3

Eric Siebert Eric Siebert Profile: Eric Siebert

The page that displays by default when you enter the hostname of an ESX or VirtualCenter server has links that some administrators like to suppress. In addition to the option to log into the server, there are also links to download the installation program for the VI Client application and the VI...

May 14, 2008  9:20 AM

VMware pushes desktop virtualization on management and security benefits

Bridget Botelho Profile: Bridget Botelho

VMware Inc. Senior Director of Enterprise Desktops Gerald Chen visited our office on Tuesday morning to discuss the different types of desktop virtualization and answer common questions about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), for example, how it...

May 13, 2008  9:36 AM

Burning in virtual server RAM prevents headaches

Eric Siebert Eric Siebert Profile: Eric Siebert

When system administrators receive new servers, they are often anxious to get them unpacked, in the rack and loaded up with ESX so they can start creating virtual machines. But an important first step should be done before proceeding with virtualization software...

May 12, 2008  7:51 PM

Savings from a green data center takes time to grow

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Last month, blogger Eric Siebert discussed the cost benefits of virtualization, which stirred some discussion about the role these savings play in the...

May 9, 2008  11:18 AM

VMTN and ITKE communities offer free support

Eric Siebert Eric Siebert Profile: Eric Siebert

VMTN, VMware’s support forums are an excellent resource: You will find a very high level of participation in the forums from users all over the world with many experienced and talented users who volunteer their...

May 9, 2008  10:52 AM

Staying vigilant about virtual security

Eric Siebert Eric Siebert Profile: Eric Siebert

With all the talk about virtual security these days , you would think that people actually are addressing the concerns over security in virtual environments. However, many administrators resist implementing strict and proper security measures in their environments...

May 8, 2008  9:10 AM

Citrix XenServer now shipping in Dell PowerEdge servers

Bridget Botelho Profile: Bridget Botelho

Citrix Systems, Inc.’s XenServer hypervisor is now shipping in

May 6, 2008  8:11 AM

ClearCube spin-off focusing on desktop virtualization

Bridget Botelho Profile: Bridget Botelho

Austin, Texas-based ClearCube announced today that its desktop virtualization software business is being spun-off into its own company, VDIworks. VDIworks will provide the VDIworks Sentral Virtual...

May 5, 2008  8:15 AM

Ericom desktop virtualization now available on Oracle VM

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

Today, Ericom software announced the availability of Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect for Oracle VM desktop virtualization (VDI) software as a free...

May 5, 2008  7:54 AM

Microsoft extends virtualization management footprint with enhancements

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

Microsoft announced that the beta release of Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM 2008 ) will now provide the ability to manage Microsoft Virtual Server, Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and VMware ESX platforms as part of the expanding 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

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