The Virtualization Room:

February, 2008

February 20, 2008  9:28 AM

FastScale Composer lives to see Version 2.0

Alex Barrett Alex Barrett Profile: Alex Barrett

This summer, wrote about a large VMware shop that uses an application virtualization and provisioning tool from FastScale Technology Inc. to...

February 15, 2008  2:54 PM

Stressing the value of virtual test environments

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

We all know that test environments are an important part of the quality process within IT. Unfortunately, we may not always follow through and provide good test environments. Virtualization changes all of that. This tip will share some of the strategies that I have found to truly enable robust test...

February 13, 2008  9:49 AM

Dilbert gets orders to virtualize!

Ryan Shopp Ryan Shopp Profile: Ryan Shopp

Scott Adams isn't the first to create a cartoon about virtualization (see VirtualMan helps IT pros explain virtualization's benefits). Even...

February 11, 2008  5:11 PM

VirtualMan helps IT pros explain virtualization’s benefits

Ryan Shopp Ryan Shopp Profile: Ryan Shopp

VirtualMan blog posts co-authored by Hannah Drake and Matt McDonough. Trying to grasp the basics of server virtualization? Or, do you face the even more challenging task of explaining and/or pitching server virtualization projects to non-IT execs? Definitions from

February 8, 2008  1:40 PM

Linus: wake up and smell the coffee

Ryan Shopp Ryan Shopp Profile: Ryan Shopp

This post is from Mark Schlack, VP/Editorial for TechTarget. Linus Torvalds dismisses virtualization in a recent interview with the Linux Foundation: "It's been around for probably 50 years. I forget...

February 8, 2008  11:13 AM

Virtualization: Changing the OS game, or not?

Ryan Shopp Ryan Shopp Profile: Ryan Shopp

Every morning, I sign onto my corporate email account and start plowing through emails. This morning, our media group had been alerted to an interesting blog post on The Linux Foundation blog. It's a transcript of an 5 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

February 7, 2008  1:13 PM

Installing the VMware Server MUI on Centos 5.1 x86_64

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

As a follow-up to my prior post on getting CentOS 5.1 (x64) to host VMware server, this is a short instruction on what to do to get the MUI installed on your...

February 7, 2008  1:10 PM

Virtualization strategies for the SMB

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

The small and medium businesses (SMB) are unique in their approach to virtualization. In attending a recent VMware Users Group (VMUG) meeting it became clear that virtualization is much easier to embrace for the large enterprise, whereas the smaller IT shops have an entirely different dynamic....

February 6, 2008  1:04 PM

Fixing the network in Dom-Us for Ubuntu hosts running Xen

Kutz Profile: Akutz

I ran into problem recently where the network would not come up in a Dom-U after the initial domain creation. All subsequent reboots would result in an unprivileged domain without network connectivity. Here is an example of the error that would occur if I attempted to restart the network...

February 6, 2008  12:49 PM

Virtuozzo 4.0: Worth considering

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

If your company is buying into the virtualization game, you may want to consider Virtuozzo 4.0. I work in a VMware shop (one of these days I'll post on my 3.5 experiences) but I follow the virtualization market, and since SWsoft/Parallels released Virtuozzo 4.0, I think there's  room for...

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