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November, 2007

November 29, 2007  12:20 PM

The penny pincher’s guide to virtualization: Virtualization Log

Alex Barrett Alex Barrett Profile: Alex Barrett

Server consolidation via virtualization can save an organization so much money that people sometimes forget about ways to stretch a virtualization budget further. Not so for Rick Vanover, a tip writer and systems administrator, who offers his thoughts on the most cost-effective

November 28, 2007  4:38 PM

Forging past the server incrementally

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

Today marks an host-oric day, as the first virtual desktops are ready in the lab for my most forward-thinking users (and, as temporary machines, any who happen to suffer hardware failure). As my company is a mid-sized firm, taking this plunge is a bit of "bleeding edge" for us, but it's too...

November 27, 2007  7:07 PM

Why managing VMs is hard: Virtualization Log

Alex Barrett Alex Barrett Profile: Alex Barrett

There are a lot of vendors talking about virtualization management, but their pitches can sound frightfully similar. One exception is ManageIQ, whose co-founder Joe Fitzgerald lays out some concrete examples of what makes

November 27, 2007  2:13 PM

VirtualBox – Another Open Source Virtualization Product

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

VirtualBox, built by a German company called Innotek, is the underdog of the virtualization market. They are receiving very little press and very little market share, yet it's a fairly...

November 27, 2007  11:35 AM

Dell offers VMware alternative: Virtualization Log

Alex Barrett Alex Barrett Profile: Alex Barrett

Here's one that slipped through the cracks last week: Dell has signed on to resell Virtual Iron, following in the footsteps of Hewlett-Packard and IBM. Virtual Iron's...

November 27, 2007  10:34 AM

VMware Server 2.0 – GPL v3 Compliant

Kutz Profile: Akutz

A while back I reported on what was a sticky issue for many people: VMware Server 1.0.4 did not work with the latest Linux kernel (2.6.23+) because the VMware Server memory module used the dumpable bit which had been removed in 2.6.23+ in favor of the GPL v3 exported set_dumpable and get_dumpable...

November 27, 2007  10:33 AM

VMware Server 2.0 at First Blush

Kutz Profile: Akutz

They say the best laid plans of mice and men rarely succeed. It is clear to me then that some of the development team that VMware has working on Server must be what Mulder and Scully were searching for -- not the truth, the other thing, human/alien, (wait, scratch that,) human/mouse...

November 27, 2007  10:27 AM

Why You Must Evaluate Citrix XenServer

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover

With two clear players emerging in the premier virtualization space, VMware's ESX Server platform and the Citrix XenServer, every serious virtualization shop needs to evaluate XenServer for fair comparison. Why? Well, right now ESX is the top product in the popular opinion, but after attending a...

November 21, 2007  2:24 PM

Client-side virtual desktop technology: Unnecessary?

Ryan Shopp Ryan Shopp Profile: Ryan Shopp

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article about VMware ACE virtual desktop alternatives Kidaro and vThere. Michael Brennan, a reader and a principal at the...

November 21, 2007  10:49 AM

The Xengine Keeps on Chugging Along

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

Just a few days after my last post about Virtual Iron and their wheeling-and-dealing, they sign an OEM agreement with Dell. This little train is starting to sound more and more like a serious...

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