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August, 2007

August 8, 2007  3:30 PM

XenSource’s Bold Storage Play

cwolf Profile: cwolf

XenSource recently announced a partnership with Symantec that paves the way for Veritas Storage Foundation to be embedded in XenEnterprise 4.0, expected to ship Q307. Note that the OEM includes a fully licensed, unrestricted version of Storage Foundation. The majority of enterprises today rely on...

August 8, 2007  2:36 PM

Xen vs. KVM, the pros and cons, from LinuxWorld 2007

Jan Stafford Jan Stafford Profile: Jan Stafford

Software engineers Jeremy Fitzhardinge of XenSource Inc. and Avi Kivity of Qumranet Technologies laid out the pros and cons of Xen and KVM in a LinuxWorld 2007 session, titled “Xen and...

August 7, 2007  9:16 PM

Virtuozzo 4.0 at LinuxWorld

Ryan Shopp Ryan Shopp Profile: Ryan Shopp

LinuxWorld vendor news SWsoft is previewing Virtuozzo 4.0 at LinuxWorld. The new version, slated for release later this year, has a new, customizable interface and includes additional management tools (management tools trend, anyone?). Virtuozzo 4.0 can perform cross-platform...

August 7, 2007  8:45 PM

Novell announces new data center management solution: ZENworks Orchestrator 1.1

Ryan Shopp Ryan Shopp Profile: Ryan Shopp

LinuxWorld vendor news The cry for better virtualization management tools has not gone unheard -- at least not by Novell. Today at LinuxWorld, Novell announced a new release of its data center management solution: ZENworks Orchestrator 1.1. Not only does it improve management for a...

August 7, 2007  8:15 PM

Some Common Sense Ideas When Designing a Virtualization Environment

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

This is my attempt at putting together something that every sysadmin and supervisor should have when they look at whether to take the next step in virtualization - a Common Sense (tm, patent-pending, sm, r) guide to putting virtualization in place. Truth be told, it works with any server...

August 7, 2007  9:59 AM

Confirmed: VMware and NetApp sitting in a tree

Alex Barrett Alex Barrett Profile: Alex Barrett

Not to brag, but my recent story, 'VMware and NetApp in cahoots?' has been corroborated this morning by a 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

August 2, 2007  1:22 PM

The case for chargeback and virtual appliances

Alex Barrett Alex Barrett Profile: Alex Barrett

One of the nice things about covering a hot topic like virtualization is that you get to talk to people who are really enthusiastic. Yesterday, Alex Bakman, founder and CEO of a new company called V-Kernel came to my office, and he was as fired up about the virtualization...

August 1, 2007  1:50 PM

Virtualization and the Singularity

Joseph Foran Profile: Joe Foran

I'm waxing philosophical for a bit here... What is the future of virtualization? What role will it play in the unfolding technological evolution of our society? Is the Technological Singularity really coming, and...

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