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July, 2010

July 26, 2010  12:23 AM

What is mine and what is yours? It’s a different question now.

Roger King Roger King Profile: Roger King

I received a comment on my last blog entry, where I talked about the fact that it's hard for students to steal material for their 3D animation projects because I poke around on the Internet pretty aggressively myself, looking for tutorials, as well as example models and scenes.  The comment I...

July 15, 2010  7:02 PM

The challenge of cheating in a Web-centric world

Roger King Roger King Profile: Roger King

I teach courses in two very different areas: information systems and 3D animation.  The first is my area of expertise.  The second is a glorified hobby, and I teach it only because I was asked repeatedly by students to do so.  There is a high demand for animation classes, but very, very few...

July 3, 2010  3:08 AM

More on Mozy, the backup web app

Roger King Roger King Profile: Roger King

A while back I posted a couple of negative reviews of Mozy, the online backup service.  See this and

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