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June, 2010

June 21, 2010  4:02 AM

The new web and 3D animation

Roger King Roger King Profile: Roger King

I teach 3D animation in a computer science department.  I've been asked why.  After all, shouldn't fine arts people be teaching this stuff?

Here's the reason: it has a lot to do with speed.

There's a debate that has gone on in the computing world for the past few...

June 13, 2010  8:59 PM

2D and 3D animation: not just for artists

Roger King Roger King Profile: Roger King

Animation is everywhere.


I teach an introductory 3D animation class...

June 5, 2010  4:32 AM

The challenge of learning – and teaching – modern media management, Part 3

Roger King Roger King Profile: Roger King

This blog is dedicated to emerging technology for Web 2.3/3.0, the Semantic Web, and multimedia management.  Two postings...

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