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November, 2009


November 22, 2009  10:06 PM

New Office for Some

Tdudeguy John Tränkenschuh Profile: Tdudeguy

Office 2010 beta is released to us'un's.  Neat.  Lots of neat features in the offing.  Some will claim now is the time to try Open Office.  You know, the 'free' alternative.  It's kind of like getting a free printer, or somewhat free, or at least for the price of a replacement toner/ink...

November 12, 2009  10:01 PM

What We All Need to Do

Tdudeguy John Tränkenschuh Profile: Tdudeguy

Yesterday, I sanctimoniously proclaimed that we all must manage our accounts better.  Tonight, let's explore another angle:  the growing convenience factor decreasing actual security. Wired had an excellent article on a hacker who was, he alleges, an FBI informant.  In this story, one I can't...

November 11, 2009  9:06 PM

What I Need You To Do

Tdudeguy John Tränkenschuh Profile: Tdudeguy

People rebel against the thought of Internet Accountability.  Nothin' doin', I'll do what I want.  No harm if I don't change my email password.  It's my email, and I don't care who sees it.  Mumble, Grumble. But think outside of your own sphere of self-involvement, huh?  Right now,...

November 1, 2009  7:01 PM

What do people know about you just now?

Tdudeguy John Tränkenschuh Profile: Tdudeguy

I enjoy reading Dilbert, the cartoon.  It's fascinating to what degree Scott Adams, the writer (and illustrator, of sorts) of the comic.  The other weekend, I was deeeee-lighted to read how Dilbert and Wally convinced the pointy-haired boss to post everything, his very whereabouts even, on...


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