Jeff Cutler's Keys to Security:

May, 2014

May 29, 2014  1:20 PM

Stand up for your craft – Security and Log Management

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler
CTO, HR, IT, Log management, provisioning, Security, Skills

The other day, I was asked by a friend of mine to do some work for him. The work was right in my wheelhouse - professional content creation - but the sticking point was he didn’t want to pay me. This led to a whole discussion over what anyone’s time is worth and why the most...

May 22, 2014  2:22 PM

eBay – Now Auctioning Off Your Data

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler
Data breach, Data security standards, Ebay

OK, that headline was a bit inflammatory…but it’s true. Any site worth its salt has been selling customer data for ages and making a pretty good living doing so. EBay is no different, except now the practice takes on a new twist with the recent data breach of their...

May 15, 2014  2:31 PM

Saving Your Reputation after a Data Breach

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler

It’s common sense. When a data breach, hack or DDOS attack occurs, you are going to immediately look bad to your customers, clients and the rest of the world. Even if there was nothing you could have done to prevent the loss, you still better get on the stick and think about your reputation....

May 9, 2014  2:36 PM

Johnny Manziel and Security Awareness – Lessons from the 2014 NFL Draft

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler

The reason people use sports analogies in business and life is because they’re boiled down, easy-to-understand snippets of actions. I’ve been banging the drum of security awareness here for some time now, but the message of constant vigilance sometimes feels stale. Therefore, after watching...

May 2, 2014  12:10 PM

Taking care with updates – don’t get eaten by the bear!

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler

I know IE is in the news. I know people are still using this archaic browser. I’m just not ready to hop on the soapbox yet. Today I want to talk about mobile OS and application updated.

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