Jeff Cutler's Keys to Security:

April, 2014

April 23, 2014  7:25 PM

Are you communicating with clients properly about data breaches?

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler

As the security landscape continues to change - especially with fallout from Heartbleed still raining down upon businesses from coast to coast - your best first step in protecting yourself and your clients from damage is awareness. By that, I mean if you’re aware of a breach you can respond and...

April 16, 2014  11:52 AM

Creating and keeping a safe password system

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler

On the heels of Heartbleed, folks are up in arms about getting a new workflow when it pertains to passwords. The old ones aren’t strong enough or have been compromised. The new ones are...

April 10, 2014  12:09 AM

Heartbleed – All Your Sites Are Unsafe

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler

It's finally happened. No need to be running Windows XP. No need to be running around leaving your credit card receipts on the ground outside 7-Eleven stores. No need to leave the keys in your car ignition. Now, it's just enough for you to be a 4 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

April 3, 2014  2:28 PM

A Security Lesson from the U.S. Government

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler

[edit - Some readers didn't recognize the referenced site as a parody Gov site. It is, but lessons taken from it are still valid.] There's a new tunnel at the White House. I can't tell you where. Not because I don't know, but if I told you then I'd have Secret Service people and the NSA gumming...

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