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Jan 30 2014   1:41AM GMT

That’s it! No more! I quit!

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun

This will be short and sweet.

It’s bad, you know.

I’m fed up. Through with it. Officially done. Permanently withdrawn.

Don’t try to talk me out of this because it won’t work; don’t try to talk me into something else, either, because that won’t work…um, either. Neither will I be seduced by the lure of unlimited knowledge that I will supposedly be abandoning.

If I listen to all the pundits, everything I think, do or say is monitored by the NSA, FBI, CIA, IRS, local police, my wife, children and the next-door neighbor–and probably anyone with that nifty little program that turns my laptop camera and microphone on without my knowledge.

I can have no secrets. Even that blemish I’m picking at as I stare in my bathroom mirror is probably being broken down into packets, transmitted around the world and filed in multiple redundant databases just waiting for the day when I am busted for possession of galena crystals and used paper towel rolls (these can be used to build clandestine radio receivers, you know).

I can hear the neighbors now: “He was so nice. I never thought he was capable of such things. But, he had a blemish, you know!”

I can’t take it anymore, this steady stream of bad news about surveillance states and how we have no privacy. I’m disconnecting from the bad news. Every site that publishes such bad news goes on my black list.

That’s it! No more! I quit!

[Until I change my mind]

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  • Mars00
    This may very well be a midlife crisis, but let's go over some theoretical events and how they may affect our future.

    Say everyone has followed your steps in.. "disconnecting from the bad news", what will happen?
    Peoples' (already semi-muted) voice will diminish completely, governments will literally enslave you.. us.. instead of the functional slavery all countries currently are applying.

    Privacy will not be of any weight anymore to decision makers.

    You and I are thus forced to give up every bit of privacy we enjoy.

    Based on 3, free speech will be an absolute no-go.

    Security (real and virtual) will largely be diminished and people are living in fear.

    Productivity will diminish due to fear, and working people will provide minimal amount of "acceptable" workload.

    Let's go over some specific events that will result out of those bigger ones:
    Just from the top of my mind: in tech: patents are of no value. Economy is significantly reduced based of that.
    In political relations: Countries will ban most high-value citizens from traveling to other countries so the origin country secrets are not exposed to the other country.

    And so on and so forth.

    In other words: Welcome to hell.
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  • Ken Harthun
    Good points. It took me a minute to realize you are talking a future scenario, not present. I'll recover from my distress in a few days and get reconnected. As for "midlife," I'm quite a bit beyond that point.
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