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December 25, 2014  5:38 PM

(Warning: Language) Is Elf on the Shelf a secret plot to brainwash children into accepting a surveillance state?

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun
NSA surveillance, Surveillance

Some people just can't resist attempting to ruin Christmas by spreading FUD. To those people I dedicate the song "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch." Since when has the magic of Christmas and all things wondrous and imaginary connected with it...

December 9, 2014  6:42 PM

Internet privacy? Fuggedaboudit

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun
online privacy, Security, Surveillance

The Internet has become a surveillance state--probably the whole world, too, but more on that later. Like it or not, we're being tracked all the time. Google, Facebook, iPhones, iPads, and surveillance cameras are everywhere and every one of them tracks you in some way. There was a time, in the...

July 17, 2014  4:15 PM

Stop electronic surveillance with typewriters?

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun
Security, Surveillance

In the wake of recent news about Germany's considering using typewriters instead of computers to thwart electronic surveillance, one has to ask the obvious question: Huh? Oh, they have to be manual typewriters. Electric ones just won't do (you can plug in a keylogger to an electric one,...


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