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November 10, 2014  2:03 PM

The Home Depot stolen emails are already spawning scams

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun
Inheritance, Scam emails, Security

And so it begins. Here's a link to a WCNC (Charlotte, NC) news story about how scammers are using the emails from the Home Depot breach in an inheritance scam:

November 10, 2014  12:45 AM

Home Depot announces 53 million email addresses stolen

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun

According to CNET: "An investigation of what may be the world's largest credit card breach reveals hackers didn't just grab 56 million credit card numbers -- they stole tens of millions of email addresses, too."

Both my wife's and mine are among them. My wife got this email on Friday and...

November 8, 2014  11:29 PM

Security is more attitude than technology

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun

There is certainly a lot of technology associated with security. We have firewalls, anti-virus, malware blockers, intrusion detection/prevention systems, security badge access systems, alarm systems, and you-name-it. And most of that is adequate most of the time. But the wrong attitude about...

October 31, 2014  7:52 PM

Security Need Not Be Scary – Happy Halloween!

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler
Data, IT, Security

We all have habits when it comes to accessing and sharing our data. And some of these habits have scary consequences...which is especially poignant as we wait for little creatures to come asking to get treats or tricks at our door this Halloween night.

October 23, 2014  2:34 PM

Protecting Your Data in Any Storm

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler
Data, IT, Security

Luckily we still have power as I write today’s column. The winds have been gusting to about 55MPH and the rain is lashing the windows of my office. In some ways, it’s akin to being at sea without the added fear that we might capsize. Regardless, the power and Internet are still up...

October 16, 2014  12:28 PM

Password Mindsets and Landmines

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler
Authentication, computer, Data breach, Hackers, Security

The history of the password takes a few paths…none of which really makes sense if you’re focused on usability. But let’s jump in…

Once upon a time it was enough to be able to remember your first pet’s name and use that as your password for everything. Who...

October 8, 2014  4:22 PM

Photos that Expire – New App from MSFT

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler
Android, Data, IOS, Microsoft, Security

A news story just came across my desk touting the benefits of photos that expire. Just like a Mission Impossible assignment, the data shared expires after a short period of time....

October 3, 2014  1:40 PM

JP Morgan Chase – Security Tactics 101

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler Profile: Jeff Cutler
Client, Data breach, Security

A new credit card came in the mail today. An actual card. Not an offer, not a temporary or fake card, but an actual, ready-to-activate credit card from a major financial institution.

What am I supposed to do with it? It feels great to be...

September 30, 2014  8:12 PM

According to employees, Home Depot was vulnerable for years

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun
Data breach, Security, Software vulnerabilities, vulnerability management

On top of that, Home Depot hired a person who had been fired from another company for sabotaging their network. According to this article on ars technica,

Home Depot...

September 30, 2014  6:57 PM

Shellshock bug bashes Bash

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun
Bash, Enterprise Security, patching, Software vulnerabilities

For the first time in a very long time, I'm not writing about a Windows vulnerability. Though Windows is infamous for its insecurity, there are other operating systems that also have have security holes, Unix, Linux and MacOS (based on Unix) being the top three. iMacs and MacBooks aside, most of...

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