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Feb 26 2013   12:25AM GMT

Could you pass this LAN Engineer test?

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun

Back in July, 2009, when I found myself looking for a new gig, one of the firms I contacted gave me written test as part of their recruiting and interview process.  Part of that test included a hacking skills challenge (something I have included here in quite a while). I thought you, dear reader, would be interested in taking the test, so I’m posting it here. There are some questions that require correct answers and some that are more subjective. Try out your skills and email your answers to kenharthun <at> gmail <dot> com. I’ll post my answers tomorrow (and my answers were good enough that I got offered the job after my interview). Good luck!

  • Q1.  A company believes that a workstation on their network has a worm because everyone’s Internet access is slow and their T1 utilization is high.  You only have remote access to their firewall.  How would you figure out what traffic on the Internet connection is causing the slowdown, what IP address the traffic is coming from, and how would you prevent that traffic from causing problems until the workstation causing the issue is disabled?  Assume that the firewall that is in place is one you are familiar with, and note that information in your response.
  • Q2.  Please provide a few lines of a Windows network login script that you have created.  Please explain what the script accomplishes.
  • Q3.  A user connects remotely to a Citrix MetaFrame 4.0 server.  The user just purchased an HP 1150 Laserjet printer and has it connected locally to their workstation.  The server doesn’t have this driver on it.  What are 3 different ways you could get the printer to work, and which one would you choose, and why?
  • Q4.  A company is assigned the network for a T1 to the Internet.  The ISP sets the router at  The company sets up a workstation at with a default gateway of, but can’t get to the Internet.  What is the most likely issue?
  • Q5.  A company has a network with 30 servers and 500 workstations. They are still running a Windows NT domain with a PDC and a single BDC.  The company has purchased a new server and 3 licenses of Windows Server 2003.  The company operates 24 hours per day and can’t take the network down.  Please list the steps you would go through to convert the NT Domain to AD in Native Mode with 3 DCs.
  • Q6.  A company has a network of 200 Windows XP workstations and 5 Windows 2003 servers.  Active Directory is running in Native Mode and all of the workstations have been added to the domain.  The network administrator would like to apply all of the critical MS updates to all of the workstations and force the workstations to automatically apply updates nightly.  If possible, he would also like to have one of his servers download the patches and have the workstations pull from that server.  How can this be accomplished without going to every desktop?
  • Q7.  A company decides to get a point to point T1 to connect their main office to an office across town.  The T1 will be connected to a Cisco 1841.  All of the servers and workstations at the main office currently have a PIX 501 on a DSL connection set as their default gateway.  The PIX is running 6.3(5).  How would you reconfigure their network to route Internet traffic out the DSL line, and traffic bound for the remote office over the T1?
  • Q8.  A company has an Exchange 2003 server and remote users needing to synchronize their e-mail securely.  The remote users are running workstations with Windows XP SP2 and Outlook 2003.  How can this be accomplished?
  • Q9.  Please describe a time where you solved a difficult problem.
  • Q10.  Optional – Extra Credit – Create an account on and complete levels 1 through 4 of the Basic Web Hacking Challenge and explain how you figured out each level. [We’ve covered all those in this blog, but go ahead anyway.]

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