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December, 2017

December 29, 2017  6:58 PM

Official TLS 1.3 release date: Still waiting, and that’s OK

Peter Loshin Peter Loshin Profile: Peter Loshin

"Measure twice, cut once," is a good way to approach new protocols, and TLS 1.3 is no exception. When it comes to approving updates to key security protocols, the Internet Engineering Task Force may seem to move slowly as it measures the impact of changes to important protocols. In the case of...

December 28, 2017  9:15 PM

After 2017, data breach fatigue should be a thing of the past

Rob Wright Profile: Rob Wright

After the number of major data breaches in 2017, it wouldn't be surprising to see some measure of data breach fatigue set in for both the general public and enterprises. Such an occurrence, however, would mean we missed valuable lessons from some of this year's worst breaches. First, a...

December 7, 2017  1:57 PM

OWASP Top Ten: Surviving in the cyber wilderness

Peter Loshin Peter Loshin Profile: Peter Loshin

If you think the latest iteration of the Open Web Application Security Project's Top Ten list of the "top" web application security risks has important news for your organization, well, you may be disappointed. And that's fine because that's not what the OWASP Top Ten is intended to do. The 2017...

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