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June, 2012

June 28, 2012  1:08 PM

Putting the mobile botnet threat in perspective

Jane Wright Jane Wright Profile: Jane Wright

Mobile device security threats are taking center stage as IT managers strive to protect and control these nimble creatures that contain company information and access the company network.  But looking at...

June 27, 2012  9:55 PM

Operation High Roller: Server-side automation in online bank fraud

Marcia Savage Marcia Savage Profile: Marcia Savage

I’ve covered a lot on online bank fraud in the past – there seems to be no end to the increasingly sneaky techniques cybercriminals develop to siphon money out of victims’ bank accounts. This week, McAfee Inc. and Guardian Analytics Inc. released the findings of their investigation into a...

June 21, 2012  12:50 PM

Review your security contingency plan during the 2012 Olympic Games

Jane Wright Jane Wright Profile: Jane Wright

As the opening day of the 2012 Olympic Games nears, IT teams in the U.K. are busy expanding their companies’ security policies and reviewing their security contingency plans. They are preparing for 17 days of Games, which will surely produce crowded transportation systems, overloaded Internet...

June 14, 2012  2:49 PM

Opinion: LinkedIn hacking incident betrays users’ trust

Jane Wright Jane Wright Profile: Jane Wright

Security awareness training often teaches the importance of password length and password complexity, but these best practices, as it turns out, may be creating a false sense of security. Even worse, users who cooperate and create

June 8, 2012  4:13 PM

CSO chat: The BYOD trend, big data security and cloud

Marcia Savage Marcia Savage Profile: Marcia Savage

Wednesday's Cornerstones of Trust Conference featured an interesting CSO discussion of some of the hottest topics infosecurity pros are dealing with today, including the

June 7, 2012  2:43 PM

Location is key to hiring for information technology security jobs

Jane Wright Jane Wright Profile: Jane Wright

Unemployment is at 0% for information security professionals! This good news was reported this spring in CompTIA’s 9th annual Information Security Trends report. The report cited U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) research conducted in the spring of 2011, which also noted the unemployment rate...

June 1, 2012  7:12 PM

Stuxnet details should prompt call to action over cyberwarfare impact, not words

Robert Westervelt Robert Westervelt Profile: Robert Westervelt

Security experts have warned about the potential problems caused by military cyberstrikes. Experts say cyberwarfare is difficult to plan and worse, it puts innocent people at risk. 1 Comment     RSS Feed     Email a friend

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