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August, 2007

August 31, 2007  5:38 AM

Attackers compromise Bank of India, embassy sites

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

It hasn't been a good week for the Bank of India and a number of embassy IT shops around the world. According to several researchers, embassy Web sites are getting compromised and the Bank of India Web site has been taken over as a launching pad for malicious exploits. According to Computerworld,...

August 31, 2007  5:12 AM

Windows users react as Vista SP1 comes, AutoPatcher goes

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

Bill BrennerThis...

August 30, 2007  8:23 AM attacks: Worse than first thought

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

Early last week I wrote about some aggressive phishing attacks against users in which 1.6 million bank account records had been stolen. In an interview with Reuters, Monster Worldwide...

August 29, 2007  3:49 PM

FBI’s DCS-3000 wiretap system exposed to the light of day

David Schneier David Schneier Profile: David Schneier

The FBI has delivered a treasure trove of documents on its DCS-3000 electronic surveillance system, which paint a fairly distressing picture of the system itself and the ways in which it is used. The system comprises a massive nationwide private...

August 29, 2007  7:08 AM

Symantec eyes smaller acquisitions

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

Symantec Chief Executive John Thompson has gambled his company's success in part on some large acquisitions in recent years, most notably the

August 28, 2007  11:58 AM

How to run arbitrary code on a VMware guest OS

David Schneier David Schneier Profile: David Schneier

The folks at VMware have been in the news quite a bit of late, thanks to their big IPO and their discreet acquisition of Determina a couple of weeks ago. Now, the company's core virtualization product is getting some attention, but not the kind company executives will like. Mark Burnett, an...

August 28, 2007  9:03 AM

Storm malware’s latest trick involves YouTube

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

The bad guys have been using the Storm malware quite successfully all year through a variety of social engineering tricks. Researchers say the latest example involves YouTube. Researcher Vinoo Thomas writes in the

August 24, 2007  4:52 AM

The day(s) the Skype universe stood still

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

Bill Brenner Up...

August 22, 2007  11:37 AM

Jim Bidzos back as chairman of VeriSign

David Schneier David Schneier Profile: David Schneier

Hey kids, it's 1995! Well, sort of. Jim Bidzos is back as the chairman of VeriSign. Bidzos helped found the company in 1995 and spin it off from RSA Security, where he was the CEO from 1986 to 1998. The company started as a certificate authority, selling digital certificates at a time when not...

August 22, 2007  11:04 AM

Forrester: SIM market to level off around $1.18 billion in 2011

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

Forrester Research has just released a new report that might be of interest to those who like to track where the security market is headed. The picture painted by Forrester analyst Paul Stamp [with help from analysts Jonathan Penn, Eric G....

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