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July, 2007

July 6, 2007  7:59 AM

Fidelity breach illustrates the insider nightmare

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

The latest data breach to make headlines is the best place to start the blog rundown this week. This time, the affected company is Certegy, a...

July 5, 2007  2:55 PM

Storm worm gets patriotic

Robert Westervelt Robert Westervelt Profile: Robert Westervelt

Maarten Van Horenbeeck at the SANS Internet Storm Center has been tracking the spam subject lines associated with the Storm worm. "Happy B-day America," "Independence Day Party" and other lines to dupe email...

July 3, 2007  11:30 AM

Blue Pill claims tough to swallow, expert says

David Schneier David Schneier Profile: David Schneier

The hits just keep on coming in the discussion surrounding the rootkit detection challenge session at the Black Hat conference next month. The latest to join the fray is Keith Adams, a VMWare engineer who wrote a blog post Monday in which he describes

July 3, 2007  6:55 AM

Attackers target top execs

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

According to new intelligence from MessageLabs, it's not always good to be the king -- or the king's family, for that matter. The security company says it has discovered "highly targeted" C-level and senior management email attacks in larger volumes than it has seen before. "On June 26,...

July 2, 2007  2:57 PM

Fake Grand Theft Auto ad downloads malware

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

Attackers are using YouTube to dupe gaming enthusiasts into downloading malware, FaceTime Security Labs is warning in its SpywareGuide blog. The YouTube video is safe, just the bait to get users to click on a...

July 2, 2007  10:12 AM

The iPhone is more secure than other smartphones

David Schneier David Schneier Profile: David Schneier

The iPhone has been out for less than 72 hours and I'm already breaking my vow never to write about it. But it's with good reason. The guys at Errata Security have posted a short initial analysis of the iPhone and have come to the conclusion that the

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