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June, 2007

June 27, 2007  7:38 AM

Fake Microsoft patch bulletin circulating

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

The SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) warns on its Web site that a fake Microsoft patch bulletin is circulating. According to ISC handler Donald Smith, several people reported receiving an...

June 25, 2007  12:39 PM

Newsmaker podcast: Gary McGraw

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

June 25, 2007  8:33 AM

Apple fixes more Safari-Mac flaws

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

For the second time in as many weeks, Apple had to seal some security holes in Mac OS X and the new beta of its Safari Web browser. This time, the fixes are for a memory corruption flaw attackers could exploit to hijack a Mac, and...

June 22, 2007  4:31 PM

Congress warms to the idea of ditching SSNs as identifiers

David Schneier David Schneier Profile: David Schneier

After years of screaming and yelling from privacy advocates, consumer groups and others with some common sense, the Congress is finally coming around to the idea that using Social Security numbers as...

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June 22, 2007  5:16 AM

Sick of those 100% virus-free claims? Read on

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

As an information security writer, my email and voice-mail inboxes are constantly flooded with vendor pitches promising everything from...

June 21, 2007  9:34 AM

Harry Potter and the Hokey Hacker

David Schneier David Schneier Profile: David Schneier

We've seen zero days in Windows, Mac OS X, various Linux distributions and even BlackBerrys. Now comes the first zero day in a book. (Actually, it's more like grand larceny, but that doesn't sound as scary.) A post on the Full Disclosure mailing list Tuesday revealed what the author claims are the...

June 21, 2007  7:41 AM

HP’s other security announcement

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

When writing about HP Tuesday, our main focus was on its acquisition of SPI Dynamics and what it means for the industry as a whole. But HP did make another major security announcement this week...

June 20, 2007  9:10 AM

Cybersecurity hearing set on DHS weaknesses

Robert Westervelt Robert Westervelt Profile: Robert Westervelt

We'll be keeping an eye on the House Homeland Security Committee today. Its subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity and Science and Technology is holding a hearing to identify the failures of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure its information networks. Scott Charbo, CIO of...

June 19, 2007  8:05 AM

Flaw fixed in Trillian IM program

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

Cerulean Studios has released version of its popular Trillian IM application, fixing a flaw attackers could exploit to run malicious code on targeted machines.

"iDefense Labs has notified us of a security vulnerability in Trillian 3.x, and we worked last week to resolve it...

June 19, 2007  7:55 AM

Google launches Safe Browsing API

Leigha Leigha Cardwell Profile: Leigha

Google has launched a new tool for downloading its list of suspected phishing and malware URLs -- the Safe Browsing API. The

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