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July, 2011

July 30, 2011  9:42 PM

vmstat Parser

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

Sharing a script here that I wrote to parse vmstat information. I know this informational program can change its output from system to system, so I can't gurantee that it will work for you. However, this was written on Ubuntu, so I'm sure it'll work for at least all of the Debian-based systems. The...

July 30, 2011  8:31 PM

Central Management: Worth I.T. or Not?

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

I've always been one to dislike central management systems. Monitoring systems are nice. If there wasn't a central system to maintain servers it would make life a lot more busy. However, if you have a cluster and you decide to manage all the slaves, as well as the master, via control panel only,...

July 29, 2011  7:25 PM

BrowserID Response

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

Yesterday, I wrote an article on Mozilla's new BrowserID (aptly titled, "BrowserID"). When I woke up in the morning, someone on Twitter had responded to my Tweet...

July 28, 2011  7:25 PM


Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

Browsing through various articles, there was one on Linux.com that caught my eye. It talked about Mozilla's new "security feature" that is meant to, what seems like, take over the (rather limited) market that OpenID has created. Granted, it doesn't directly take aim at it, but is the best way to...

July 26, 2011  10:22 PM

Distro Review: OpenSUSE 11.4 (1/2)

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

For the better part of two years now, I've been looking at various flavors of Linux, trying to see which one(s) are right for my needs.  For servers, I stopped after finding Arch Linux, as it gave me the freedom to use as much of my resources as possible, without the overhead of a GUI and such....

July 25, 2011  5:18 PM

Improved Network Security

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

With Linux 3.0 coming up around the corner, I thought it would be good to discuss some (possible) future improvements and additions to the kernel.  While this is already in the 2.8 branch (which was created before the official 3.0 was announced), it'll be interesting to see what is carried over....

July 18, 2011  5:23 PM

Encryption Strengths

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

There's a lot of talk saying that you need to use at least 1024-bit keys for encryption to be beneficial now, due to the power of technology and what's been developed. While I agree that the lower the bit strength, the easier it CAN be to break, I do not think there's a set "standard" of sorts of...

July 12, 2011  8:32 PM

I.T.: Meet, the Cloud

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

For a while now, I've been trying to think of what to write about on here. There's the "new" Linux 3.0 kernel coming out later this year, but everyone's already jumped on that bandwagon and rode it to high heaven. Lulzsec has broken up, but DDoS'ing is not considered a hack to me, just more of...

July 5, 2011  8:23 PM

Fetching real available memory

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

When running "free -m", I would see my "Free" memory go down further, even after closing out programs and such. While I didn't know why this was before (but knew that free also involved disk caching), I looked into it and saw that basically the "-/+ buffers" line was your actual used and free...

July 5, 2011  3:27 PM

MongoDB PAM Module

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

I waited for a little bit to post this, but I recently ventured into the realm of writing PAM modules, and my first project has been finished. This is a MongoDB authentication module. In short, it allows you to authenticate users to a MongoDB database that the user has access to (for added...

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