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June, 2011

June 29, 2011  11:46 AM

New checksum method

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

I got an interesting article in my inbox today in regards to using extended attributes to create checksums. While I don't know if this will pick up to be a de facto standard way of distributing checksums, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

June 28, 2011  9:48 PM

PAM module compiling

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

This is going to be a short article, but one I think will be quite useful for people who venture into making their own PAM modules. This might not work for your system, but for mine (and others it seems too), it does. Note too though that I will most likely be writing a series of articles on...

June 28, 2011  4:13 PM

Can We Leave the Children Play at Home, Please?

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

It's really no secret now, with all the news/media coverage, of the hacks on Sony and other companies, that some people are quite upset about things in this world. The way I look at it is it's like a teenager acting out. They don't know how to do it calmly or rationally, so they do it the only...

June 24, 2011  2:51 PM

Simple battery check script

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

Like most people, I have Linux installed on my laptop. However, with the way I have it set up, I don't have a readily-available battery monitoring widget/app/etc... to tell me when my battery's going to die. Even though my laptop is almost always on the charger now, I still decided to cook up a...

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