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2015: The Year Laptops Took Over -- With Help From the Cloud

Blog  Once upon a time there was a little computer you could carry around with you in a briefcase or in a smaller, specialized piece of luggage. You could open this little computer up so that its keyboard sat on your lap and its screen faced you, although it was usually more comfortable to use if it was o...

Last updated: Jan 6, 2015   4:42 PM GMT  |  Blog: Cheap Computing   |      Chromebook, cloud, laptop
Amazing What You Can Achieve With A 3G Dongle

Blog   ... as the actress said to the IT-aware bishop.So, just back from more travels in the UK which - given that we were scheduled to fly out of Toulouse during the French "greve nationale" - went every bit as smoothly as you'd expect in those circumstances, but more on that later.Thanks to, let's say, ...

Last updated: Oct 26, 2010   2:43 PM GMT  |  Blog: Networks Generation   |      3, Blue Coat, Certero
Phones Are the New Thin Clients

Blog  I hope you read the review of LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone that was published today. This is a great app and one that I've been using for years, not just on my iPod touch but also on a variety of Windows phones. This is the best example of thin-client computing I know of, as it lets you use one not ...

Last updated: Mar 14, 2010   5:15 PM GMT  |  Blog: Brighthand Bytes
Plug and pay

Blog  The long weekend gave me a chance to tidy up the house, clear out the clutter and try to make the most of the stuff that I had managed to collect over the years. Well one such item was a NetGear MP101 wireless media player. I once had an idea of streaming MP3 audio around the house to Hi-Fi's in di...

Last updated: May 7, 2008   8:54 AM GMT  |  Blog: Cliff Saran’s Enterprise blog   |      rants
The new Sony Xperia range

Blog   I found out last week that you don't have to be in Barcelona at MWC to enjoy the latest mobile news, sangria, paella and mazy runs from Messi. The important bit here is that I attended a Sony Xperia introduction event, not that afterwards I went home to make sangria and paella w...

Last updated: Mar 5, 2012   9:46 AM GMT  |  Blog: Inspect-a-Gadget   |      Android, HDMI, SmartTag
NetBooks What are they good for?

Blog  Ive been following Netbooks closely, not too close, but close enough :) Jenny, yes our Jenny, asked me a couple notable questions. Answering that question will inform people that there are options out there to make the Netbook experience a joyful one. "I enjoyed your coverage on Netbooks earlie...

Last updated: Feb 12, 2009   3:09 AM GMT  |  Blog: The Real (and Virtual) Adventures of Nathan the IT Guy
Funding Full Fibre Networks - what if BT cannot afford its share?

Blog  On February 2nd the chairman of BT Openreach finally admitted that they have seriously under-invested in upgrades and maintenance over recent years . On February 3rd Mike Kiely blogged on how much they have been overcharging local authorities and are liable to refund. His figures look similar to...

Last updated: Feb 3, 2017   2:47 PM GMT  |  Blog: When IT Meets Politics   |      Arqiva, Broadband, BT
Transforming broadband across the UK - not just Bristol

Blog   The transformation of the UK broadband market over the past year is illustrated by presence of BT, CISCO, Microsoft, Virgin and Vodafone as well as City Fibre, Gigaclear, Hyperoptic ITS, Metronet, Callflow and Satellite Internet at an event that was originally intended to help use enhanced take-up ...

Last updated: Aug 24, 2015   2:52 PM GMT  |  Blog: When IT Meets Politics   |      B4RN, Bristol, BT
Print security: The cost of complacency

Blog   Quocirca research reveals that enterprises place a low priority on print security despite over 60% admitting that they have experienced a print-related data breach.Any data breach can be damaging for any company, leaving it open to fines and causing damage to its reputation and undermining customer...

Last updated: Apr 23, 2014   7:45 PM GMT  |  Blog: Quocirca Insights   |      Data breach, Data-security, MFP
Monitoring Tools - Discover Objectives

Blog  Over the past few months, I have had several monitoring tool discussions with various clients. I am going to pull together some ofmy thoughts, experiences, and discoveries to walk through a framework for identifying monitoring needs and objectives. Hopefully this can help you think a bit out o...

Last updated: Apr 9, 2009   3:16 AM GMT  |  Blog: Getting past the Geek Speak
How to design IoT products and services strategically

Blog  The internet of things has reached mainstream status on the evidence that corporate managers and business unit heads from established businesses (as distinct from startups) are responding to the strategic implications of IoT. All too often, however, their approach is technology led. It is reminisce...

Last updated: Apr 27, 2017   7:19 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Data Management, Development, Enterprise IoT
Microsoft WPC 2011: A newbie's top ten list

Blog  By Pat Ouellette, Associate Editor LOS ANGELES -- Its been an eventful 24 hours since Ihit the tarmac at LAX Sunday to attend my first Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). From Dodger Stadium and its army of police officers to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer explaining why his all in...

Last updated: Jul 12, 2011   1:35 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
Paranoia and Personal Security - Redux

Blog  I got a lot of feedback for my last column of 2014 and not all of it was complimentary. You see, some of the theories I shared and opinions I voiced were based on a decade of being an early adopter of new technology. It placed me in a land where my perspective was polluted because I was too familiar...

Last updated: Jan 1, 2015   8:29 AM GMT  |  Blog: Security Corner   |      Data, Mobile, Security
The great broadband race - has BT's broadband infrastructure spend been overtaken by that on 4G?

Blog   Bill Broadband pointed out that "spending over three billion pounds on SFBB is a lot of money" when I retweeted a BBC article on the extra billion that BT has just committed to its content operations . The top and bottom rated comments in response to Robert Peston's analysis on whether BT overpai...

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013   7:09 AM GMT  |  Blog: When IT Meets Politics   |      4G, Arqiva, BBC
Securing joined-up government: the UK's Public Service Network (PSN)

Blog   A common mantra of the New Labour administration that governed the UK from 1997 to 2007 (when the 'new' was all but dropped with the departure of Tony Blair), was that Britain must have more joined-up government. An initiative was kicked-off in 2007 to make this a digital reality with the launch of...

Last updated: Jun 29, 2015   8:04 AM GMT  |  Blog: Quocirca Insights   |      Uncategorized
Bumps in the Road to Self-Driving Car Storage

Blog  Everybodys all excited about self-driving cars, but not too many people are talking about self-driving cars data. What sort of data will be collected, how much will be stored on the car, where it will be sent from the car, and what sort of security that data will have from hackers, law enforce...

Last updated: Nov 24, 2016   5:58 AM GMT  |  Blog: Yottabytes: Storage and Disaster Recovery   |      Storage
The three tiers of a successful enterprise IoT system

Blog  I once heard the internet of things referred to as a cyber-physical system. This really hit home for me, as it encapsulated everything I understood it to be but had not yet found a way to articulate. It described the system as one which relies on actuators and sensors to automatically collect data f...

Last updated: Apr 20, 2017   3:53 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      architecture, cloud, Data Center
On Test: Google Pixel XL Smartphone

Blog  In this contribued blog post David McClelland reviews the newGoogle Pixel XL smartphone In brief The Google Pixel XL is a solid 5.5-inch smartphone with high-end specs and a top-end price. Aesthetically the Pixel does little to set itself apart from any other plus-sized smartphone, instead letting...

Last updated: Oct 31, 2016   12:02 AM GMT  |  Blog: Inspect-a-Gadget   |      Android, Applications, Google
Could smart roads mean no potholes?

Blog  Our surroundings are getting smarter every day. Our homes are more connected all the time, and our digital assistants can order us a pizza, get our groceries, check the weather and even answer the door. Our cars are smart enough to drive -- or at least parallel park -- themselves. We are even seeing...

Last updated: Mar 23, 2018   5:06 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications
When everything is connected, the art of network planning gets complicated

Blog  While the age of mobility brought its own set of networking challenges, it also brought a degree of homogeneity. However, this degree of consistency won't last much longer; with the rise of the internet of things, network planning is going to get a whole lot more complicated. Here comes IoT One of t...

Last updated: Dec 19, 2017   3:50 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Bandwidth, Data Management, Internet of Things
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