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Is IoT taking us back to the garage? The 'hardware renaissance'

Blog  It's now been almost six years since Marc Andreessen coined his famous phrase, "Software is eating the world." What seemed prescient in 2011 is now present in our everyday lives, as software continues to turn one industry after another on its ear. Familiar examples like Uber or Airbnb, of course, c...

Last updated: Jul 13, 2017   6:53 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Hardware, Hardware and software, Hardware relocation
On the tenth day of Christmas my true love (did not!) give to me... A Livescribe Sky Smartpen

Blog   The Livescribe Sky Smartpen vs Murdoch and BSkyB Recent news has caused me to debate whether I should include a review of the Livescribe Sky Smartpen on Inspect-a-Gadget anymore, because sadly, the company has recently removed its products from British shelves following a complaint from BSkyB over...

Last updated: Dec 18, 2012   10:01 AM GMT  |  Blog: Inspect-a-Gadget   |      bskyb, Christmas, Evernote
Securing joined-up government: the UK's Public Service Network (PSN)

Blog   A common mantra of the New Labour administration that governed the UK from 1997 to 2007 (when the 'new' was all but dropped with the departure of Tony Blair), was that Britain must have more joined-up government. An initiative was kicked-off in 2007 to make this a digital reality with the launch of...

Last updated: Jun 29, 2015   8:04 AM GMT  |  Blog: Quocirca Insights   |      Uncategorized
Review: BlackBerry Storm 2 - More of a drizzle than a storm

Blog   This is not the first Storm that I've got to know intimately, I had something of a hate/hate relationship with the original model. Actually, there were only three things I really loathed about it: the lack of WiFi, the slow web browsing and the godawful touchscreen on a spring that RIM seemed to th...

Last updated: Dec 9, 2009   8:11 AM GMT  |  Blog: Inspect-a-Gadget   |      BlackBerry
Healthcare plan = big bucks for VARs

Blog   While many VARs may not agree with the now-approved healthcare legislation, those with a healthcare bent see it as a potential goldmine. This according to one member of the Advisory board. Here are the top five takeways from yesterday's quarterly advisory board call: 1: Bu...

Last updated: Mar 25, 2010   5:17 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
IoT security tips: Five ways developers can help thwart IoT malware threats

Blog  Leonardo Lima, Spec Lead of the JSR 363, shared an eye-opening talk at JavaOne 2016 about the Internet of Things and the potential hazards of living in a world with perhaps too much connectivity. The fact is that many popular devices that people use every day are simply not secure. Leonardo highligh...

Last updated: Oct 12, 2016   7:10 PM GMT  |  Blog: Coffee Talk: Java, News, Stories and Opinions   |      Uncategorized
Three's Huawei MiFi (E5331) - 29 plus 15.99 per month for 5GB of data

Blog   I am constantly adding devices to my life that are in need of fast connections to the internet in order to perform at their best. Gartner research stated that apparently we will carry an average of seven devices by 2015. We failed to be able to count seven in the office, but at moment, I do have at...

Last updated: Sep 5, 2012   2:14 PM GMT  |  Blog: Inspect-a-Gadget   |      Gartner, Huawei, Internet
Amazing What You Can Achieve With A 3G Dongle

Blog   ... as the actress said to the IT-aware bishop.So, just back from more travels in the UK which - given that we were scheduled to fly out of Toulouse during the French "greve nationale" - went every bit as smoothly as you'd expect in those circumstances, but more on that later.Thanks to, let's say, ...

Last updated: Oct 26, 2010   2:43 PM GMT  |  Blog: Networks Generation   |      3, Blue Coat, Certero
Ofcom got it right: BT is likely to give better service whole but scared of being broken up

Blog   The hints that BT is to restart investment in fibre to premises and to upgrade services to premises previously deemed uneconomic indicates that the Ofcom Strategic Review almost certainly reached the right conclusions. Back in the early 1970s Michael Beesley told his students at London Business Sch...

Last updated: Mar 14, 2016   10:41 AM GMT  |  Blog: When IT Meets Politics   |      Broadband, BT, Fintech
Phones Are the New Thin Clients

Blog  I hope you read the review of LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone that was published today. This is a great app and one that I've been using for years, not just on my iPod touch but also on a variety of Windows phones. This is the best example of thin-client computing I know of, as it lets you use one not ...

Last updated: Mar 14, 2010   5:15 PM GMT  |  Blog: Brighthand Bytes
A smart city should be a prepared city

Blog  If you want to see an urban emergency manager sweat, just mention one name: Katrina. Among the most destructive and deadly hurricanes in American history, the 2005 storm is likely the definition of "disaster" for anyone who watched it unfold in news coverage and over social media -- as much for the...

Last updated: Mar 14, 2017   5:06 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Disaster Preparedness/Recovery, Internet of Things, iot
Bumps in the Road to Self-Driving Car Storage

Blog  Everybodys all excited about self-driving cars, but not too many people are talking about self-driving cars data. What sort of data will be collected, how much will be stored on the car, where it will be sent from the car, and what sort of security that data will have from hackers, law enforce...

Last updated: Nov 24, 2016   5:58 AM GMT  |  Blog: Yottabytes: Storage and Disaster Recovery   |      Storage
Telematics: Making the case for data enrichment

Blog  Any given minute of any given day, at least one of the objects you interact with is probably communicating data about you. Your smartphone is telling Apple or Google which apps you use most often. Your television is telling Netflix that you watch historical dramas more often than documentaries. Even...

Last updated: Jun 16, 2017   3:57 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      "Automotive industry", "car insurance", Data
The new Sony Xperia range

Blog   I found out last week that you don't have to be in Barcelona at MWC to enjoy the latest mobile news, sangria, paella and mazy runs from Messi. The important bit here is that I attended a Sony Xperia introduction event, not that afterwards I went home to make sangria and paella w...

Last updated: Mar 5, 2012   9:46 AM GMT  |  Blog: Inspect-a-Gadget   |      Android, HDMI, SmartTag
The need for network assurance in a world of connected healthcare

Blog  In an environment of ever tighter budgets and resources, where providers are increasingly expected to do more with less, advances in technology are proving to be a boon in the delivery of healthcare services. Secure, real-time access to a patient's electronic medical records (EMR) and test results ...

Last updated: Apr 11, 2018   6:38 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Connected Health, Internet of Things, iot
Cisco Systems released Cisco IOS Software updates for Cisco Catalyst 3750-E, 3750, 3560-E, 3560, and 2960 Series Catalyst Switches

Blog  Cisco Systems announces the release of Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(50)SE for Cisco Catalyst 3750-E,3560-E,3750,3560 and 2960 Series Switches. This new release from Cisco Systems introduces Energy wise technology and adds several enhancements in the areas of identity-based networking services ...

Last updated: Mar 14, 2009   5:22 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends
Mistakes That Startups Make #4: NDAs

Blog  I have talked to thousands of startups over the last 15 years. And most of them make mistakes that dramatically limit their overall potential for success. An unbelievably small fraction of startups succeed and there are good reasons why.There are few people that will tell you more firmly than I will...

Last updated: Feb 27, 2012   0:37 AM GMT  |  Blog: Innovate the Future: Breaking Out of the Box   |      angels, Funding, innovation
How green actions cut businesses' costs

Blog  Lets end up 2009s National Green Week with some tips on greening your business. Here are green practices that can cut business costs, compliments of two project management consultants, Cheetah Learnings Michelle LaBrosse, founder, and Erica Edmond, CAPM. They're urging project managers, who...

Last updated: Nov 20, 2009   11:04 PM GMT  |  Blog: Software Quality Insights
NetBooks What are they good for?

Blog  Ive been following Netbooks closely, not too close, but close enough :) Jenny, yes our Jenny, asked me a couple notable questions. Answering that question will inform people that there are options out there to make the Netbook experience a joyful one. "I enjoyed your coverage on Netbooks earlie...

Last updated: Feb 12, 2009   3:09 AM GMT  |  Blog: The Real (and Virtual) Adventures of Nathan the IT Guy
Apple gets its formula totally wrong

Blog   Well not its marketing formula anyway. I know this is not an outsourcing story but I couldn't resist putting it on the blog. I am sure a few of you are thinking about getting an iPhone 4 so this should make interesting reading. It is also a lesson in customer service and proof that Apple can really...

Last updated: Jul 2, 2010   3:02 PM GMT  |  Blog: Investigating Outsourcing   |      AMR, Apple, Gartner
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