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How can I create a virtual network interface in Microsoft Windows?

Answer  Now I know on Linux that it's possible to create a TUN interface (using a TUN driver) that can provide almost a "network interface psuedo-device" that's treated as a regular network interface. Can I do this programatically in Microsoft Windows? Can I do it without writing my own driver?

Last updated: Apr 11, 2014   6:00 PM GMT   |    Microsoft Windows, Virtual networking
How do I run GUI tests in remote ESXi Virtual Machine?

Answer  I've been trying to setup automated GUI tests with ESXi VMs using TestComplete. From what I know already, when there's no desktop remote connection to ESXi VM, it's not possible for TestComplete to get screen captures / automate GUI testing.How can I solve this? Do I have to use a third-party comput...

Last updated: Nov 7, 2013   5:37 PM GMT   |    GUI, VM, VMware ESXi
New Cert Survey Now Features Virtualization Among an Otherwise Familiar Cast

Blog  In the latest "Between the Lines" for ZDNet, TechRepublic guest blogger Bill Detwiler reports on the "Top five technical certifications by salary." Based on an IT salary survey conducted in tandem between Global Knowledge and TechRepublic (the third year in an ongoing series--see their joint 2010 IT...

Last updated: Mar 16, 2010   4:03 PM GMT  |  Blog: IT Career JumpStart
What are your can't-miss IT conferences, real or virtual?

Blog  Each year, the legions of IT professionals fan out to hit up the conference circuit to learn more about their craft, whether it's at a pricey Gartner Summit or an easy going, free-to-attend Security BSides event. One thing we haven't seen, however, is a good breakdown of when these conferences are h...

Last updated: Nov 4, 2010   4:11 PM GMT  |  Blog: Enterprise IT Watch Blog
From the virtual mailbag: Should "soft skills" be called "people skills?"

Blog  We had a note from Kate Nasser responding to our definition of soft skills: a)Bravo for having this message out there b)Love your analogy that soft skills are skills you use everywhere yet hard skills tend to be focused on one area/task c)SUGGESTION - you might considering an "also known as" "Soft...

Last updated: Jan 6, 2010   4:44 PM GMT  |  Blog: Our Latest Discovery
Windows 7 and Virtual PC and XP Mode Beta Part 2

Blog  Well I didn't find a program that don't run on Vista or Win7 but I did install Connectwise within theXP ModeBeta and then launched the shortcut off my Start Menu and had the application run on my Win7 laptop seamlessly with no problems. I like the idea of how this works and the possibilities it ...

Last updated: May 26, 2009   11:39 AM GMT  |  Blog: SBS 2003 and beyond
How do I install an internet browser on an encrypted virtual drive?

Answer  I created a EVD using Truecrypt. I opted not to encypt the entire harddrive, as I am a neophyte using this kind of software. I am assuming that in order for my internet browsing to be protected by the encrypted drive, that the browser has to be installed on the encrypted drive. If that is corre...

Last updated: Nov 12, 2012   5:50 PM GMT   |    Encryption Software, TrueCrypt
Do You As A Project Manager Fail To Manage Your Virtual Team

Blog  Do you feel physical presence of your team around you is important and is the only way to manage them or control them. Do you think that your team should report to you and keep you making feel important all the time because you are Project Manager and as per your perception you are one of the key pi...

Last updated: Jan 20, 2012   6:46 PM GMT  |  Blog: Quality Assurance and Project Management
Our Default SMTP Connector (Virtual Server) is not connecting to remote server

Answer  We are using Exchange Server 2003 as our Mail Server with a Front end and two clustered Back-end Servers.From past few weeks our SMTP connector is getting disconneted and the external mails are getting stuck in the queue.When we check the queue information it says that "SMTP Connetor cannot connect ...

Last updated: Nov 9, 2008   11:20 AM GMT   |    Clustered servers, Exchange 2003 SP1, Microsoft Exchange 2003
Join me and Marathon Technologies as I talk about Consolidation and Virtualization

Blog  Join me Wednesday March 9th at 8am Pacific (11am Eastern) as I join Marathon Technologies as I present a webcast titled "Controlling SQL Server Sprawl: The Consolidation Conundrum and Availability Imperative". During this session I'll be talking about some of the benefits and risks consolidating S...

Last updated: Mar 7, 2011   2:00 PM GMT  |  Blog: SQL Server with Mr. Denny
Can use of virtual reality be a full stop for cyber attacks?

Answer  I recently read about it somewhere, anyone here to share views? I'm curious from a security perspective.

Last updated: Jun 22, 2018   4:57 AM GMT   |    Cyberattacks, cybersecurity, Security
Channel news: Sun sales rise; HP buys virtualizer; Dell sells no-OS PCs

Blog  Sun burns brightest in latest IDC server study In the last quarter of 2006, Sun's server revenue grew nearly 15 percent, while Hewlett-Packard took the top blade vendor spot from its longtime rival IBM, according to a study by IDC. [eWEEK] HP pays for PolyServe while IBM and Dell watch Cluster a Go ...

Last updated: Feb 27, 2007   1:37 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
Windows Server 2008 R2 and Published Apps and Virtual Desktops P1

Blog  I know I haven't posted much lately as I have as my wife's says been ignoring her even and diving into the Windows 2008 Server R2 RC and Windows 7 RC and getting lost into whatever world I go to when I get something new to learn. Hmmm wonder what she means by that. But anyways as I mentioned earlie...

Last updated: May 9, 2009   12:35 AM GMT  |  Blog: SBS 2003 and beyond
Opps! Upgrading VMware Tools in a virtual desktop causes PCoIP connections to fail

Blog  Or put a little more accurately. Updating vSphere4 to vSphere 4 Update 2 which also updates VMware Tools can stop PCoIP connections to fail Of course, you not silly and upgrade to a latest version of vSphere4 without waiting for things to shake out like me for example Looking at th...

Last updated: Jun 15, 2010   9:05 AM GMT  |  Blog: RTFM Education – Virtualization, VMware, Citrix
Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 Cluster with VMware Virtual Machine using RDM

Blog  So you want to move your Server 2003 Servers to a clustered environment in VMware. First thing I must mention is that it is supported by VMware but not Microsoft. So it should be pristine before and after migration. The problem I had been facing was that I would have a two node cluster with SAN at...

Last updated: Dec 11, 2012   2:38 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Real (and Virtual) Adventures of Nathan the IT Guy
Does System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) require Active Directory and if so why?

Answer  Does VMM require Active Directory and if so why? This question was asked during the Microsoft System Center live chat on IT Knowledge Exchange in January 2010.

Last updated: Mar 1, 2010   8:08 PM GMT   |    Active Directory, Microsoft System Center, System Center Virtual Machine Manager
How do I use the serial port in Sun virtual box with Windows XP

Answer  Ok here is my question. I have a windows host and another windows VM (XP). In the VM I want to access the serial port, com1, but it asks me to give the port path, I get lost there.

Last updated: May 7, 2009   10:51 PM GMT   |    COM1, Port, Serial ports
Me & Apple From a UK Perspective [Updated 27/05/2011]

Blog  About a year ago I made the switch from being a WindowsPC guy to AppleGuy. It wasnt a Road to Damascus conversion. I basically had enough free money to go all in with Apple, and I frankly I was bored with the Windows world, and just fancied the change. It was a bit like I was bored with wearing m...

Last updated: Apr 26, 2011   2:53 AM GMT  |  Blog: RTFM Education – Virtualization, VMware, Citrix
Here is the great opportunity to attend virtually the Cisco News Conference at CES 2009

Blog   Dear Friends what a gift from Cisco Systems to its lovers for the New Year 09. Cisco will unveil new consumer products and initiatives during a news conference at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Convention Center on January 7, 2009. Banner Courtesy: Cisco Syste...

Last updated: Dec 28, 2008   11:16 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends
ESX 4.0 Update 2 (in)Compatibility with Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module

Blog  Now this one isnt much of an issue. Basically, if you upgrade to U2, you have to download and upgrade the VEM that makes up the Cisco Nexus 1000V implementation. But hey, thats something your network team will be able to handle, eh? :-P

Last updated: Jun 16, 2010   7:44 AM GMT  |  Blog: RTFM Education – Virtualization, VMware, Citrix
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