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Community FAQ: What you need to know about virtualization

Blog  Virtualization has been a hot topic across the IT industry since 2005 and continues to make major strides in three areas: networks, storage and servers. Each year, companies such as VMware and Microsoft release new products and features pertaining to virtualization. What does the future hold? Searc...

Last updated: Jan 17, 2013   8:44 PM GMT  |  Blog: ITKE Community Blog
The IT Watch Blog's Guide to Virtualization

Blog   Looking to beef up your virtualization knowledge, or just boot up some virtual desktops? We're compiling the top resources you need to stay at the top of your game. The Best Guides on Virtualization Strategies Looking for a comprehensive primer on server, storage, network or desktop virtualizatio...

Last updated: May 20, 2010   8:46 PM GMT  |  Blog: Enterprise IT Watch Blog
TechNet Magazine Online: October Edition

Blog  Virtualization: An Introduction to Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 The introduction of Hyper-V makes virtualization an even more compelling solution for IT environments. Get an overview of todays virtualization market and see how Hyper-V improves the manageability, reliability, and security of vir...

Last updated: Sep 26, 2008   3:35 PM GMT  |  Blog: Network Administrator Knowledgebase

Blog  In computing, virtual is a digitally replicated version of something real. The replication, which is created with software, may not be an exact copy of the actual item, but it is similar enough, in essence, to be described as a digital rendition. Continued Quote of the Day "The mindsets that use...

Last updated: Mar 7, 2017   5:19 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from   |      Desktop virtualization, Digital assistant, virtual
Your Guide to Virtualization Blogs

Blog  Aside from simply sounding cool, virtualization is the most efficient way to, well, be efficient: Server virtualization cuts down on how many servers you have laying around, desktop virtualization can cut helpdesk overhead and network virtualization helps keep it all organized without the messy wire...

Last updated: May 12, 2010   2:37 PM GMT  |  Blog: Enterprise IT Watch Blog
Reflex Security releases Virtualization Management Center for VM management

Blog  This post was written by assistant editor Caroline Hunter At VMworld 2008, virtualization security leader Reflex Security Inc. will release Virtualization Management Center (VMC), a product that makes virtual machine (VM) activity visible to security administrators. By pro...

Last updated: Sep 16, 2008   2:34 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
virtual storage area network (VSAN)

Blog  A virtual storage area network (VSAN) is a logical partition in a physical storage area network (SAN). Continued Quote of the Day "The first thing that you must understand about virtual SAN is that the phrase can mean different things depending on which vendor's products you are using." - Brien ...

Last updated: Oct 11, 2017   7:52 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from   |      Virtualisation
VMware and Defragmentation

Blog  I am not just talking about defragmenting VMFS but the actual Virtual Machine virtual disks. Like real hard drives performance can suffer due to fragmentation. See the insert below from Defragmenting Virtual Disks Like physical disk drives, virtual disks can become fragmented. Defragment...

Last updated: Oct 26, 2010   12:01 AM GMT  |  Blog: The Real (and Virtual) Adventures of Nathan the IT Guy
Storage Virtualization: The Multimedia Guide

Blog  Storage virtualization is still a pretty new technology, considering virtualization is still being worked and figured out in enterprise IT departments. Whether you want to diminish the amount of hardware or maximize your experience with server or desktop virtualization, storage virtualization may be...

Last updated: Apr 14, 2011   6:37 PM GMT  |  Blog: Enterprise IT Watch Blog
Microsoft and Citrix play the VHD card

Blog  At a press event on Monday, Sept. 10, Microsoft Corp. told reporters that Citrix has agreed to use its Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format as the basis of its virtualization products, including its desktop server and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) connection broker. That should come as no surprise...

Last updated: Sep 11, 2007   1:36 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
Sun xVM VirtualBox has easy install, small footprint

Blog  Of the major hypervisors, I am particularly intrigued by Sun xVM. In this blog, I'll give a quick tour of Sun xVM VirtualBox and show how to make a virtual machine. Setting up Sun xVM The download and install are quick and easy. VirtualBox has a small 23 MB download for Windows x86 platforms, and t...

Last updated: Jun 9, 2008   2:24 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
Welcome to the Red Hat Live Chat

Blog  [kml_flashembedmovie="" width="300" height="600" wmode="transparent" /] Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is an enterprise-grade solution for mission-critical workloads. How do you migrate your physical Red Hat Enterprise ...

Last updated: Feb 7, 2012   6:22 PM GMT  |  Blog: Red Hat Live Chat
VMware Workstation vs. Sun VirtualBox: Workstation wins

Blog  Sun VirtualBox is not quite a newcomer to the virtualization arena but it is definitely newer than VMware Workstation, and since it is free it is gaining quite a bit of traction. But is VirtualBox worth using? Is it a replacement for VMware Workstation? I have used both products, and the bottom lin...

Last updated: Jan 30, 2009   9:31 PM GMT  |  Blog: Virtualization Pro
Installing DOS additions under VPC 2007

Blog  MS-DOS is no longer officially supported under Virtual PC 2007, as such the DOS Virtual Machine Additions are not included with Virtual PC 2007. However - if, like me, you want to run DOS on Virtual PC 2007 - you can get the DOS Additions by following this easy process: Download Virtual PC 2004 ...

Last updated: Nov 3, 2007   7:03 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network Administrator Knowledgebase
Overheard: A virtual appliance isn't something you buy on Second Life

Blog   So what is a virtual appliance? A virtual appliance is a virtual machine that can be distributed (like any file) and deployed onto some hypervisor (a server that runs virtual machines). Because a virtual appliance is an entire virtual machine, the appliance developer has control of the entire as...

Last updated: Nov 11, 2008   7:33 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from
Virtual networks: Fully representative and protected

Blog  Many IT environments of all sizes are enjoying virtualization in some capacity to save on costs, provision systems quicker and consolidate equipment. While the time to market availability for virtual systems is much quicker, there are built-in safeguards that can be rolled into any test, development...

Last updated: Apr 30, 2009   8:42 PM GMT  |  Blog: Software Quality Insights
Red Hat has it both ways with Hybrid Mode

Blog  Red Hat revealed a future feature of KVM and Red Hat Enterprise Linux at VMworld 2011 that will allow native non-virtualized applications to run alongside virtual machines and virtual desktops on a host. Called Hybrid Mode, it will eliminate latency issues associated with running workloads inside vi...

Last updated: Sep 6, 2011   2:47 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
Virtual machine creation in Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V

Blog  We continue our first look at Hyper-V technologyin Windows Server 2008 . While Windows Server 2008has beenreleased, Hyper-V is still in pre-release form. Hyper-V is scheduled to be officially released later this year. For now, we're really looking at a beta version of Microsoft's new virtualiz...

Last updated: Mar 18, 2008   5:33 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
Server virtualization: Three top methods, plus pros and cons

Blog  Currently, there are three main styles of server virtualization, and each has its benefits and drawbacks, according to open source consultant and author Bernard Golden, a presenter at the Red Hat Summit, happening right now in San Diego. His lowdown on the three ways to virtualize provides a handy ...

Last updated: May 10, 2007   4:32 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
How to enable duplicate MAC addresses on Virtual Server 2005R2

Blog  By default Virtual Server 2005R2 will detect if you have virtual machines on the same box configured with duplicate MAC addresses and stop you from starting them up at the same time. Now for 90% of cases this is the correct thing to do. However, if you really, really, really know what you are do...

Last updated: Oct 28, 2007   2:12 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network Administrator Knowledgebase
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