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The budget category conundrum

Blog  Successful patterns of behavior are repeated. That adageisas good a reason as any as to why storage managers are reluctant to change their storage buying or management practices. Yet fundamental changes in how underlying data storage technologies work are forcing a subsequent change in storage m...

Last updated: Oct 10, 2007   7:32 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
Storage awoken by a status quo rocker

Blog  Software runs the world, open source is eating the world, software-defined infrastructure control runs the planet's liquid core and so, therefore, software-defined storage management forms part of the Earth's crust. But sleepy old storage (Ed- some people call it 'snorage', snigger) is more impor...

Last updated: Feb 15, 2016   9:14 AM GMT  |  Blog: Open Source Insider   |      Uncategorized
Aptare expands storage management software

Blog  Storage software vendor Aptare is branching out to managing file storage. The vendor today launched Aptare StorageConsole File Analytics, which helps discover and analyze unstructured data. Or, as Aptare CEO Rick Clark puts it, now Aptare tames the beast of big data. The File Analytics app jo...

Last updated: Dec 6, 2011   10:33 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
IT Pulse shows importance of storage in IT

Blog   Im always looking at how storage is perceived by the IT industry and its customers. Its obvious to me that storage is critical for successful IT, but that understanding seems to wax and wane with others. One positive indicator of the importance of storage was the IBM Pulse event a few...

Last updated: Mar 16, 2011   8:36 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
What do you know from storage management?

Blog  Getting the most out of database storage management means keeping up with the myriad data storage tools, techniques and concepts that continually pop up in the IT marketplace. It's especially important for DBAs to keep up with best storage management practices because, according to the Independen...

Last updated: Mar 20, 2007   3:56 AM GMT  |  Blog: Eye on Oracle
Three emerging storage mega-trends

Blog  It may be a little early in 2007 to start prognosticating about what is going to occur in 2008 and beyond. However, there are some major trends -- I would almost classify them as "mega-trends" -- that I see taking shape. These trends indicate that, at a higher level, storage management is shifting f...

Last updated: Nov 1, 2007   2:37 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
Storage specialists giving way to IT generalists

Blog  When I meet with IT personnel or speak at events, I always try to find out what people are doing in their positions in IT. Finding out what their daily work entails gives a good barometer on what is happening in IT and helps to identify where the problems are. One trend I notice is there are fewer s...

Last updated: Jan 17, 2011   1:46 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
cloud object storage

Blog  Cloud object storage is a decentralized approach to storing digital information in a cloud service provider's data centers. Continued Quote of the Day "Cloud object storage is transitioning from simply a cheap place to store data to include more uses such as governance." - Archana Venkatraman Le...

Last updated: Jul 3, 2019   8:12 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from
Lab management strategies for fibre channel networks

Blog  When it comes to lab management, administrators and infrastructure managers frequently think of workload provisioning tools such as VMwares Lab Manager, VMLogix LabManager or Windows Deployment Services to provision servers. When it comes to the hardware side of lab management, we frequently thin...

Last updated: Jun 30, 2010   3:47 PM GMT  |  Blog: Software Quality Insights
Violin turns to Symantec for solid-state software stack

Blog  Flash arrays already have spinning disk drives beat for performance, but they will require data management software for flash to become the medium of choice for enterprise storage. With that in mind, startup Violin Memory is partnering with storage software veteran Symantec to bring a data managemen...

Last updated: Aug 13, 2012   7:55 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
XenSource’s Bold Storage Play

Blog  XenSource recently announced a partnership with Symantec that paves the way for Veritas Storage Foundation to be embedded in XenEnterprise 4.0, expected to ship Q307. Note that the OEM includes a fully licensed, unrestricted version of Storage Foundation. The majority of enterprises today rely on Ve...

Last updated: Aug 8, 2007   8:30 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
Digital Transformation Achieved with Dynamic File Management

Blog  I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cuong Le, Senior Vice President of Field Operations for Data Dynamics to discuss what has become a very hot topic digital transformation. He shared with me his thoughts on the challenges being faced by those hoping to reap digital transformat...

Last updated: Oct 13, 2017   5:23 PM GMT  |  Blog: Quality Assurance and Project Management   |      Digital economy
BMC automates storage asset management

Blog  BMC already could map servers and networks. Now the software vendor has discovered storage. BMCs new Atrium Discovery for Storage automates the discovery and mapping of storage resources and their relationship with servers and the network. Raphael Chauvel, BMC's senior director of product manag...

Last updated: Nov 20, 2014   7:00 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup   |      Storage
Featured Guest Post: The Storage Economics Practice, by Devang Panchigar

Blog  We're pleased to welcome Devang Panchigar of StorageNerve into the community with this guest post on storage spending. The Storage Economics Practice We all buy storage, either in the SMB Space or at an Enterprise level. We use storage to run our business, to store structured and unstructured data...

Last updated: Nov 19, 2009   3:41 PM GMT  |  Blog: Enterprise IT Watch Blog
Catalogic copy data management tool gets Pure

Blog  Copy data management specialist Catalogic Software has added two all-flash arrays to its rosterof supported platforms. In separate moves, the Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey-based software maker rolled out its ECX Instant Copy Data Management tool for Pure Storage FlashArray//m Series and IBM FlashSys...

Last updated: Aug 30, 2016   8:15 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
EMC rivals' venomous reactions to ViPR

Blog  LAS VEGAS -- Hitachi Data Systems and NetApp wasted little time sending reviews of EMCs new ViPR software. Both sent e-mails panning EMCs attempt at software-defined storage. You obviously woudnt expect EMCs competitors to have good things to say about ViPR, especially competitors who a...

Last updated: May 8, 2013   1:54 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
Storage islands leave data management plans adrift

Blog  A major problem that IT professionals have dealt with over time is the creation of islands of storage. A common cause of islands is when organizations purchase and deploy new systems with their own storage for a specific purpose. Storage islands create problems in these areas for administrators: ...

Last updated: Jun 29, 2015   3:59 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup   |      Storage virtualization
Veritas: the secret sauce is a smarter storage

Blog  Information management company Veritas Technologies is now self-styling itself as a multi-cloud data management and control specialist. Pretty soon the firms marketing department might be trying to re-position the corporate tagline as the smart technologies multi cloud information management...

Last updated: Sep 19, 2017   7:48 PM GMT  |  Blog: CW Developer Network
cloud storage

Blog  Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over a network (typically the Internet). Continued Quote of the Day "Public cloud storage providers help organizations offload their physical hardware and associated costs, inclu...

Last updated: Oct 20, 2017   4:46 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from   |      Cloud Computing, SaaS
Is Object Storage The Ultimate Solution To Data Management Challenges?

Blog  Do you think object storage is the ultimate solution to data management challenges? Well, some figures say so. A recent research says more than 35% of enterprises use object storage currently. The figure was 28% a year ago. We all know there is a phenomenal increment in unstructured data in most of ...

Last updated: Nov 9, 2018   5:12 PM GMT  |  Blog: Quality Assurance and Project Management   |      Data Management, Object storage
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