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Small Business Server and Anti Virus software

Answer  Could anyone recommend Anti Virus software for MS Small Business Server 2003 ? Which software would give the best price/quality relation: - reliable - not slowing down any file operatations - easy to keep up-to-date (automatic updates) Kaj Bredenberg

Last updated: Sep 18, 2004   5:31 AM GMT   |    backdoors, Current threats, Hacking
Norton WMI Update

Answer  I have a problem:- When I click the NAV icon in the system tray I get first window installer message, which dies and then an error message A product that requires Norton WMI update is still installed on this system". NAV seems to be working in the background, although I have to go to sheduled task t...

Last updated: Sep 27, 2004   2:57 PM GMT   |    backdoors, Current threats, Hacking
Norton Antivirus/Internet Security 2005

Answer  I have received several calls from users that their upgrade of Norton Antivirus or Internet Security 2005 fails. The natural reaction I had was to uninstall the previous version and install 2005. However after the 2005 upgrade even though the previous version is listed in Add/Remove programs, the ...

Last updated: Oct 11, 2004   12:52 AM GMT   |    backdoors, Current threats, Hacking
Running more than one anti-spyware tool

Answer  I've recently been talking to some IT security professionals about the absence of a single tool that can fix all of their spyware problems. It seems that to get most of the spyware off of a Windows system you need to run more than one spyware checker, and you need to run them in a certain order. Hav...

Last updated: Nov 29, 2004   3:32 PM GMT   |    backdoors, Current threats, Hacking
Spybot and

Answer  I recently installed spybot on my computer and set it to "Display dialog when blocking" bad cookies, etc. When I am on the website, I noticed that the frequency of messages informing me that "bad" cookies are being blocked increases significantly. My question is why this is so an...

Last updated: Dec 14, 2004   11:59 AM GMT   |    backdoors, Current threats, Hacking
Symantec Resources

Answer  Our company has just partnered with Symantec and being new to their products, I'm finding myself a bit overwhelmed. Are there any websites that offer mailing lists or online forums that can help with some of the issues I'm running into? This seems like an interesting concept for user-to-user suppo...

Last updated: Jan 9, 2006   10:14 PM GMT   |    Access control, Application security, backdoors
Norton 10.0.1 Tamper Protection Uninstall

Answer  I've looked everywhere and can't find how to get rid of tamper protection after a manual uninstall of the AV itself. Everytime I right mouse-click on the server it tries to reinstall itself, and gives an invalid msi no matter where I try to point it. It's driving me crazy. It's my fault that I did a...

Last updated: Dec 14, 2005   7:43 PM GMT   |    backdoors, Current threats, Hacking
Digital Certificates

Answer  Under what circumstances may an organisation decide to have its own Certification Authority(CA) rather than purchasing certificates from a commercial CA and its implications? Thanks in Advance

Last updated: Dec 19, 2005   9:51 PM GMT   |    Access control, backdoors, Biometrics
Loadsharing between two ISPs

Answer  dear sir, I am looking for a load sharing solution between 2 leased lines for 2 different ISPs the diagram goes lke this: LAN-->Cisco Pix-->Router-->2 leased lines. can load-sharing be done at the router without extra configuration at the providers side? can CEF (cisco express forwarding) b...

Last updated: Dec 26, 2005   10:15 AM GMT   |    Access control, Availability, backdoors
Digital Certificates-2

Answer  Under what circumstances may an organisation decide to have its own Certification Authority(CA) rather than purchasing certificates from a commercial CA and its implications? Thanks in Advance

Last updated: Dec 19, 2005   9:53 PM GMT   |    Access control, backdoors, Biometrics
Antivirus Renewal

Answer  From time to time I have Customers who feel as though I am taking money out of their pocket by informing them that they need to update their Anti-Virus Subscription and/or their Security Subscription (ie SonicWall). Can someone provide me with supporting documentation that speaks specifically to wh...

Last updated: Dec 7, 2005   3:59 PM GMT   |    backdoors, Current threats, Hacking
need an outsourced managed security vendor

Answer  Looking at a managed security service provider that can help with GLBA regulatory requirements

Last updated: Nov 28, 2005   2:49 PM GMT   |    backdoors, Career Development, Compliance
Looking for good HIP.

Answer  Hi, I am looking for a good Host-based Intrusion Prevention System to be implemented on Intel Servers in my Company. Is there anything you would recommend...?

Last updated: Dec 21, 2005   9:49 AM GMT   |    Application security, backdoors, Biometrics
Safe user sandbox?

Answer  *This question is from a reader: I'm in a position to redesign our IT systems (network, servers, PCs, software, etc.) this summer, and I am undecided on which path to take. I'd like to disconnect our systems from the Internet so that we don't have to deal with all of the g...

Last updated: Apr 11, 2005   2:15 PM GMT   |    Application security, backdoors, Biometrics
Melissa virus

Answer  Anyone have any stories about Melissa infections or other impacts caused by the virus when it ran rampant five years ago?

Last updated: Mar 22, 2005   3:10 PM GMT   |    Administration, backdoors, Current threats
picture on desktop that cannot be removed

Answer  Don't know if this is the right place, but cannot find an answer elsewhere. Using Windows XP media centre edition with SP2. belongs to a Lao woman in the office. Displays a picture of a naked woman on the desktop which can not be moved. causes great embarrassment. Found it in screensavers, named '...

Last updated: Jun 1, 2007   0:41 AM GMT   |    backdoors, Current threats, Hacking
browser says "I am spyware", no spyware or viruses identified

Answer  Hello - one of the computers in my office is appending the words "I am spyware" in the title bar of Internet Explorer. For example, when I go to, the title bar says " - I am spyware". I have scanned the computer with Norton 2006 and Ad-aware and neither application is identifyin...

Last updated: Jul 23, 2007   11:36 AM GMT   |    backdoors, Current threats, Hacking
Installation and updates

Answer  Howdy folks, Tryin to keep things going around here....need some advice. I have Win2003 servers and Active Directory.....single domain....approx. 100 client location. Am upgrading all computers from Office XP to Office 2003. My project: Install Office 2003 and all updates remot...

Last updated: Aug 2, 2006   9:36 PM GMT   |    Access control, Active Directory, Application security
Email Delivery Errors

Answer  Hello All, Someone is having problems sending emails to us which did not exist before. Our email server (Unix based) did not list his domain as spam according to our email technician. Also for troubleshooting purposes i've asked him to send to my hotmail account which resulted in the same manor not...

Last updated: Jan 27, 2007   4:47 AM GMT   |    Application security, backdoors, Brightmail
Running Syantec Antivirus on a Windows Domain Controller

Answer  I am currently in the process of deploying Symantec AntiVirus Corporate edition in my Windows-based network. In the manual it states, Do not install the primary management server on the following: Miscrosoft Exchange Server, Web server, or programs that prevent you from restarting the computer at a...

Last updated: Oct 4, 2006   9:53 AM GMT   |    Access control, Application security, backdoors
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