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Defence in depth

Blog   Two things drew my attention last week to the importance of defence in depth. One was a discussion about the economics of security, and the importance of ensuring that business cases take account of the need for additional layers of security from the outset. The other was a feature in Wired magazin...

Last updated: Mar 20, 2010   5:22 PM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      Security Solutions, threats
Waking up to the emerging cyber security threat landscape

Blog   My blog has been very quiet lately as I've been on vacation. I seem to have come back to a changed world, one which has woken up to the reality that industrial process supervisory systems are actually vulnerable to attack by sophisticated malware, such as the Stuxnet worm. It's a new scare to the a...

Last updated: Oct 4, 2010   11:32 PM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      risks, Security Solutions, threats
Security Forecasts for 2007

Blog  Its getting to that time of the Season when many of us look ahead to a New Year with mixed emotions of hope, fear, uncertainty or just plain boredom. What will 2007 bring? Will it be more of same? Will it herald a new age of prosperity or danger? Heres my Top 10 Security Trends of the coming ...

Last updated: Dec 29, 2006   11:26 AM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      Predictions, Professionalism, Technology
Laptop security - it's not that difficult

Blog  Yet another laptop theft story in the newspapers. This time a case of three stolen laptops containing payroll and pension details of more than 15,000 Met Police officers. Following on from the recent Nationwide incident its clear that the UK Media have this theme firmly in their sights. Its no...

Last updated: Nov 23, 2006   9:36 PM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      Laptops, threats, Users
Apocalypse soon?

Blog   Yesterday's ISC2 Security Leadership Seminar in London reflected a spectrum of contemporary thinking on the subject of information security, as well as highlighting some of the more extreme risks we can expect to encounter soon. It was an interesting blend of common sense, dj vu and doomsa...

Last updated: Mar 4, 2009   10:29 AM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      People, Predictions, threats
Today's threats require joined-up security

Blog   The security threats that we face today are complex and sophisticated and are designed to do real harm--stealing data, recruiting computers into botnets and committing fraud. Much of our business and personal lives rely on use of computers, and internet access and electronic messaging systems are c...

Last updated: Dec 1, 2010   11:14 AM GMT  |  Blog: Bloor Security   |      Cloud Computing, Email, Security
Advanced threats require advanced weapons

Blog  The threats we face today are no longer smash-and-grab raids, looking for instant gain. Rather, perpetrators are looking to get a deep foothold into the network. They use subterfuge to trick their way into the organisation that is being specifically targeted and, rather than exiting rapidly, they th...

Last updated: Nov 29, 2012   3:12 PM GMT  |  Blog: Bloor Security   |      endpoint protection, Security, Whitelisting
We need to speed up security

Blog   I'm finally back blogging after a delightful summer break. Surprisingly, not a lot has changed in the cyber security world. Big security breaches have been surprisingly thin on the ground. And most have resulted from predictable human failings or greed, rather than technical weaknesses. There have ...

Last updated: Sep 5, 2014   8:10 PM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      Security
Taking the offensive on endpoint security

Blog  Buzz phrases of the day include consumerisation of IT and BYOD--bring your own device. The former phrase refers to the use of increasingly powerful and feature-rich devices, be they PCs, smartphones or tablet computers, by consumers. The meteoric rise of the tablet computer embodies this trend. Acco...

Last updated: Feb 27, 2012   12:18 AM GMT  |  Blog: Bloor Security   |      Cloud Computing, Endpoint security, SaaS
Challenges and changes: A look at today's healthcare IoT

Blog  In recent years, the internet of things has drastically improved patient care in the healthcare industry. Whether monitoring temperature, automatically alerting physicians or doing something else entirely, these devices allow doctors and treatment facilities to track real-time data feedback more int...

Last updated: Apr 6, 2018   4:39 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Access management, Connected Health, Data
Never assume a security measure is foolproof

Blog   It's always interesting to observe the reaction of the media and cryptographic community to announcements that an algorithm has been broken. It says a lot about our perspective on security countermeasures. Too often, we regard them as either perfect or ineffective, when the truth is that they all h...

Last updated: Jan 11, 2009   11:12 AM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      perception, Security Solutions, Technology
How big data improves an information security strategy

Blog  I learned a new term the other day: data-driven security. I had been talking with Enterprise Management Associates security guru Scott Crawford about remote access security policies in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era -- yes, that's a mouthful. But then, in the ever-changing dynamics of IT, he fli...

Last updated: Mar 14, 2012   5:04 PM GMT  |  Blog: TotalCIO   |      CIO
Access Control Convergence - Part 2

Blog  Integrated policies improving access control are needed to increase safeguarding capabilities. Furthermore, due to technological and operational diversity, it is critical to have standard processes to control access that will permit economies of scale. Potential candidates for access control converg...

Last updated: Feb 5, 2009   9:38 PM GMT  |  Blog: IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Preaching in a security wilderness

Blog   Last week I was fortunate to be speaking at Cyprus Infosec 2011. It was a first class event with intelligent speakers, great debates and a smart audience. But yet again I seem to be the only speaker calling for a forward looking approach to security. Too many of our thought leaders are locked in t...

Last updated: Nov 5, 2011   4:03 PM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      Future Trends
Peer-to-Peer Networking - Part 2

Blog  Maybe, experientially, the small branch office with a P2P network has escaped a security incident since deployment. Even so, a functional P2P network unintentionally presents itself as a potential target waiting for someone capable of pulling the threat trigger to introduce a potent security disaste...

Last updated: Mar 3, 2009   4:05 AM GMT  |  Blog: IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Countering the Threat of Information Security Fatigue

Blog  Charles Pask's comments on my recent blog postings raise an interesting and realistic new threat: that our industry might lose credibility due to non-events, because we are simply too good at what we do, and the bean counters are out to squeeze our budgets. It's a good point. I've certainly noticed ...

Last updated: Jan 10, 2007   7:31 PM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      People, perception
RSA hack is a timely reminder of the need for richer authentication

Blog   Last week's admission by RSA that they had been the victim of a sophisticated espionage hack that could reduce the effectiveness of its authentication SecurID product, reminds us of the danger of placing too much reliance on a single authentication mechanism. Given the relentless and sophisticated...

Last updated: Mar 20, 2011   11:33 AM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      risks, Security Solutions
Out, out [darn] rootkit!

Blog  Antivirus, firewall protection and security solution provider GRISOFT announced a new free tool for rootkit removal this morning. As the press release says: "Rootkits are computer code that attempt to hide their actions and processes, making the job of detecting the code and the harmful processes v...

Last updated: Apr 10, 2007   3:23 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
The wit and wisdom of Dan Geer

Blog  Here's a mindbender for you: Not only have all of the security products that we've installed on our desktops and servers not made those machines secure, they have, in fact, made them less secure. Dan Geer, the dean of the security deep-thinkers' set, said in his keynote speech this morning at Source...

Last updated: Mar 13, 2008   4:25 PM GMT  |  Blog: Security Bytes
Measuring Security Progress in an Uncertain World

Blog  One feature of the Information Age that I find fascinating is how fast we are able to adjust to wild swings in levels of activity. We take huge falls in stock market capitalization levels in our stride, though they impoverish or enrich many citizens. We live with rapid changes in fashion - the Gartn...

Last updated: Feb 11, 2008   8:54 AM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      economics, Predictions, risks

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