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Network Security

Name: Network Security
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How MNOs can secure the multiple layers of IoT

Blog  Security online continues to dominate the headlines. Only a few weeks ago ransomware wreaked havoc on over 230,000 computers and spread its tentacles to over 150 countries. Prior to that it was the Mirai botnet that spread fear. The list of malware goes on and on, and businesses are trying their bes...

Last updated: Jun 27, 2017   8:19 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Authentication, Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT
10 Immutable Laws of Security Administration

Blog  My last post on this subject discussed the 10 Immutable Laws of Security. This one takes the next step--also a Microsoft "archived" essay, but still relevant today. These are so self-evident that I'm not even going to burden you with my thoughts. Print this out and hang it where you can see it as a ...

Last updated: Apr 29, 2009   0:33 AM GMT  |  Blog: Security Corner
WLAN Security Solution

Answer  Hello. I'm currently working on a project on WLAN security. I already addressed the issues of vulnerabilities in WEP which were supported by some experimental tests. Now I'm struggling to find a best proposed security solution which should be ideal for not only home network but also an enterprise ne...

Last updated: Apr 10, 2009   4:41 PM GMT   |    IEEE 802.11, WEP, WLAN
The network security market cashes in

Blog  As hackers are developing business models and customer service departments, it should probably come as no surprise that network security is doing well. According to a recently released Infonetics Research study, the network security sector has continued to grow through 2006 and is expected keep goi...

Last updated: Apr 5, 2007   9:14 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
IBM at InfoSec: security megatrends for application development

Blog  IBM the PC company that became IBM the laptop company, that then became IBM the IT services company and then transmogrified into IBM the cloud-focused socially collaborative tools company is (unsurprisingly perhaps) one more version of itself too... Welcome to IBM the security company! Well, in fa...

Last updated: Apr 25, 2012   3:47 AM GMT  |  Blog: CW Developer Network   |      Uncategorized
Want to Eliminate Data Breaches? Time to Deploy A Zero Trust Architecture

Blog  It is no secret that perimeter security is one of the greatest challenges facing todays security and network admins. Conventional methods for connecting and protecting on-premises sites and/or multi-cloud environments, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), have proven to be ineffective. In add...

Last updated: Nov 5, 2018   4:07 PM GMT  |  Blog: Quality Assurance and Project Management   |      architecture, data breaches, DH2i
Doing VoIP right, and keeping data in transit safe

Blog  Voice over IP is one of the biggest drivers for new network channel business today, and it isnt slowing down yet. VoIP services are expected to generate over $6 billion in revenue in North America this year, and are projected to grow to $13.3 billion by 2009, according to data from Infonetics Res...

Last updated: Mar 15, 2007   5:55 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
Bank of America rolls out new secure online banking tool

Blog   Bank of America has introduced a new security feature for customers the SafePass Card. Adding more protection to transactions, the SafePass Card is Bank of Americas next layer of secure online banking. Smartphones are being used as digital wallets, mobile online banking is occurring more fr...

Last updated: Dec 5, 2008   2:46 PM GMT  |  Blog: CIO Symmetry
Security Concerns of UC Networks

Blog  When voice was just voice, it did not pose a security risk to the data least not directly. It could be argued that there is still potential to exploit the voice network for social engineering purposes that result in a compromised data network, but that is a semi-convoluted argument and ...

Last updated: Nov 30, 2008   5:05 AM GMT  |  Blog: Unified Communications: Click to talk
Win this book: 'Build Your Own Security Lab: A Field Guide for Network Testing'

Blog's very own security expert, Michael Gregg, has written another book: Build Your Own Security Lab: A Field Guide for Network Testing. This how-to book not only gives you real-world scenarios you'll actually be able to relate to, but the materials you'll need to create your o...

Last updated: Oct 1, 2008   5:41 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Network Hub
Security is security is security

Blog  We in the high-tech industry (and media) love the word convergence. You've heard seemingly forever about the convergence of voice and data networks. More recently, the buzz has shifted over to how the physical infrastructure concerns of companies are merging with their technology infrastructure conc...

Last updated: Mar 31, 2009   2:48 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
Looking ahead: Security implications of 5G and IoT

Blog  The advent of 5G networks is about much more than just incredibly fast speeds and more reliable connections. When combined with today's powerful edge devices -- whether consumer-grade smart devices or the new generation of industrial-grade IoT devices -- the impact of 5G on business and networking s...

Last updated: Jan 11, 2019   5:35 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      5G, 5G and IoT, 5G security
IoT: Not as new as you think

Blog  IoT is a sexy topic these days. It's hard to open a magazine or blog without seeing statistics that project there will soon be more IoT devices online than there are teenagers on ClickChat. Like the growth of mobility and smartphones before it, IoT is a phenomenon that merits attention. But this tim...

Last updated: Mar 23, 2017   7:22 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Enterprise IoT, ICS, IIoT
Green security?

Blog  These days, "green" is being used to market everything from cars and light bulbs to cleaning products. Now security vendors are jumping on the bandwagon to promote their products as good for the environment. Astaro today issued a press release touting its unified threat management (UTM) appliances ...

Last updated: Jan 10, 2008   5:52 PM GMT  |  Blog: Security Bytes
Another look at Cisco's network security strategy

Blog  We put Cisco's security strategy under the microscope about six weeks ago after hearing from many, many networking pros who felt Cisco had lost its way, at least a little. I think Cisco was hearing that message a little bit as well, because it focused heavily on its network security business this ...

Last updated: Oct 8, 2010   7:52 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Network Hub
FTC probes P2P corporate data leaks

Blog  An FTC investigation found financial records, drivers license and Social Security numbers available for viewing on P2P networks. Monitor your network traffic, experts say. The FTC this week notified nearly 100 organizations that personal information, including sensitive data on customers and emp...

Last updated: Feb 23, 2010   4:55 PM GMT  |  Blog: Security Bytes
Answer a Question, Win a Free IT Book!

Answer  This week's free IT book is from Cisco: Network Security Auditing. How can you qualify to get the complete guide to auditing network security, measuring risk and promoting compliance? Simply answer one of the questions in this post and post a link to your answer in the discussion area below. I'll ch...

Last updated: Sep 7, 2010   1:35 PM GMT   |    Contests, Giveaways, IT answers
3 more emerging attack surfaces need greater security

Blog  This is the second part in a two-part series. Find the first part here. IoT is far from the only emerging attack surface being targeted and exploited by cybercriminals. As new networks and services that are designed to make life easier for organizations and their employees become more widespread, ...

Last updated: Oct 21, 2019   5:50 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      cybersecurity, Internet of Things, iot
Trust as the foundation of security

Blog  Trust is essential for building a sustainable business. Security is essential for building trust. To build trust in electronic networks, security needs to be built into a suitable framework, rather than being bolted on in a piecemeal fashion. The only way to make security equate to trust is to build...

Last updated: Sep 13, 2012   12:56 AM GMT  |  Blog: Bloor Security   |      Cloud Computing, Internet security, Security
air gapping

Blog  Air gapping is a security measure that involves isolating a computer or network and preventing it from establishing an external connection. Continued Quote of the Day "One of the most effective defenses against large scale cyberattacks on critical infrastructure is to establish separate, air-gap...

Last updated: Sep 8, 2017   8:45 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from   |      Faraday, malware, security awareness
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