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Branch Offices connection

Answer  How do I implement a new networking system in order to improve its operation. 24 employees are based at the Nottingham office and only 10 at central London along with 3 Database Developers who work from home. What are the server types and selection requirements we should use? What software and hardw...

Last updated: Dec 20, 2016   10:29 PM GMT   |    Branch Office, Networking
What should I study after doing MCP and Hardware & Networking?

Answer  Hi..I have done MA in English and then I studied Hardware & Networking from Jetking. After that I completed MCP(70-270). At present I am working as a Desktop Support in an MNC. I want to know that if I study MCA from Sikkim Manipal will do anything good for me???? Can I study MCA?? Please reply...

Last updated: May 9, 2010   3:16 PM GMT   |    MCP, MCSA, MCSE
Can't install printer

Answer  Hi, I am attempting to install an HP Laserjet 1320 pcl 6 printer, connecting to the pc using a USB cable, the PC is running Windows XP. When I launch the installation program from the CD and begin the driver installation, I get a Windows error message which reads: Cannot Install this Hardware T...

Last updated: Nov 5, 2007   4:05 PM GMT   |    Hardware, Hardware devices, Microsoft Windows
VMwares hardware compatibility list

Blog  VMware publishes a guide called the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). The HCL lists all of the hardware components that are supported by each version of ESX and ESXi. This very important guide is divided into different sub-guides, which include systems (server make/models), storage devices (SAN/iSC...

Last updated: Jun 17, 2009   4:55 PM GMT  |  Blog: Virtualization Pro
prpl: digital home IoT software needs portable software on virtualised architectures

Blog  The open source universe expands one spiral arm wider this week with the formation of a new non-profit foundation called prpl. Pronounced purple, prpl wants to endorse, encourage and embolden the usage of MIPS architecture across the "next generation datacentre" and in devices themselves. This, ...

Last updated: May 26, 2014   11:50 AM GMT  |  Blog: Open Source Insider   |      Uncategorized
OnApp CloudPOD Solution from Webair

Blog  Have you tried the new series of OnApp CloudPODs released by Webair. When you are a part of corporate or enterprise cloud solution team and are looking for tools that accelerate the deployment of the cloud with a considerable pace then you must try OnApp CloudPOD. The solution not only accelerates t...

Last updated: Mar 7, 2015   5:22 AM GMT  |  Blog: Quality Assurance and Project Management   |      cloud, Enterprise
Tech Data extends data center virtualization play

Blog  Hmmmm. First, virtualization management software, now a play in storage virtualization. Distributor Tech Data has signed up DataCore Software, which provides a series of enterprise applications that can be used to manage and provision storage devices attached to a SAN. So, instead of requiring a on...

Last updated: Jan 7, 2009   2:57 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
SBS 2003 Old Hardware to New Hardware

Blog  I wonder is it just getting that easy for me to move a SBS 2003 server from old hardware to new hardware or am I just getting the process down better? It use to be we would bring the new server in join the domain and then make it a DC and then once you had all of that unplug it off the network and...

Last updated: Jun 30, 2009   5:54 PM GMT  |  Blog: SBS 2003 and beyond
Convert RJ45 connection to wireless.

Answer  I have a pressure test rig that uses an RJ-45 jack to connect to our network. When the test rig was originally set up, it was stationary. We have changed our production method and now the rig is on wheels is used in 4 separate locations, thus I need a network cable at each of these locations, I wo...

Last updated: Feb 20, 2009   2:54 PM GMT   |    Ethernet adapters, RJ45, WAPS
Is it possible?

Answer  Is it possible to become an expert in antivirus protection management and configuration (to be able to fine tune your centrally managed antivirus software in a mixed environment that includes different types of systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux), complex network topology with LAN, WAN links, various typ...

Last updated: Oct 2, 2008   10:19 PM GMT   |    Active Directory, Career Development, Group Policy
What innovations are spurring opportunities for solution providers? Some insight.

Blog  I had the good fortune to travel to Los Angeles last week for a visit with the attendees of distributor Arrow's annual Net@Work conference. Ostensibly, I was there to give a presentation, "The Entrepreneurial Enterprise," which focused on technology trends that are spurring big-business innovation. ...

Last updated: Oct 11, 2010   1:27 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
Portal / Acknowledgment Wi-Fi Network Access for devices without an interface

Answer  My office is in a building where Wi-Fi is provided. In order to access the Wi-Fi there is a portal / acknowledgment page where I click to agree to the terms. The IP lease must be renewed every 7 days (internet stops working and the portal / acknowledgment page presents again). This is not an issue ...

Last updated: Dec 27, 2017   5:25 PM GMT   |    IP address, Network access, Networking
Software-Defined Interconnect Platform Luxon @Stateless_Inc

Blog  Think of a Software-Defined Interconnect Platform that has infinite interconnection service chains. What that means is that the new interconnects are easily created using any of the available combinations of security services, routing, data encryption, and so on. What if it has Increased connectivit...

Last updated: Sep 24, 2019   5:44 PM GMT  |  Blog: Quality Assurance and Project Management   |      Interconnect
What is virtual networking? Readers respond to “virtually everything.”

Blog  Virtualization was top of the mind for IT administrators and media alike last year. 2008 is no different. Just review the much-discussed recent survey, IT priorities in 2008. If a technology can be remotely related to any virtual, you can bet that vendors will do so. "Virtual insanity" isn't a 90s ...

Last updated: Jan 28, 2008   8:47 PM GMT  |  Blog: Our Latest Discovery
Virtualizing a windows nt 4.0 server with hyper-v

Answer  Hey guys, Currently we are running Windows NT 4.0 on our network and will be upgrading our hardware and software to Server 2012. In-order to do this we must virtualize our Windows NT server because we our still running a legacy database called PC-File. We our upgrading our database but right no...

Last updated: Sep 4, 2013   1:53 PM GMT   |    Hyper-V, Hypervisor, Server 2012
Marvin/Mystic = EVO: RAIL

Blog  SAN FRANCISCO -- VMware opened VMworld 2014 today by launching the product that had been known for months by its code names Projects Marvin and Mystic. While EVO: RAIL won't exactly rattle the Bay Area like the 6.0 earthquake that hit yesterday morning, it doesshed light on a product that VMware ...

Last updated: Aug 25, 2014   12:06 AM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup   |      Storage, VMware, vSAN
Ellison rips Schwartz

Blog  Never a dull momentfor Larry Ellison. Oracle's chairman is not shyabout rocking the boat, and this week took aim at former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz in a very public way. In an interview, Ellison blasted Schwartz for spending too much time on his blog (translated into 11 languages!...

Last updated: May 13, 2010   4:22 PM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
With SaaS-based AirWave, Aruba offers platform for managed WLAN services

Blog  Not long after I wrote about opportunities for selling wireless LAN managed services opportunities for networking VARs, Aruba Networks launched an software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of its AirWave Management Platform. Aruba bought last year AirWave, a cross-vendor wireless LAN management software ...

Last updated: Nov 6, 2009   10:51 PM GMT  |  Blog: Changing the Channel: Networking VAR news
Welcome to the Cisco Networking Blog!

Blog  Hello and Welcome to the Cisco Networking Blog! The aim of this blog is to update you on all that "is Cisco" and is related to Cisco. Here are some examples: - Cisco hardware like Routers, Switches, and firewalls - The Cisco IOS - Cisco Certifications & Training like the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE - ...

Last updated: Oct 3, 2007   2:32 PM GMT  |  Blog: David’s Cisco Networking Blog   |      Ethernet
Cisco offers new Catalyst 2975 Stackable Switches

Blog   Cisco has announced that they are offering new Catalyst 2975 stackable switches. Cisco claims that these new switches can help to lower your TCO for Ethernet switches. These switches offer: Integrated security, including network admission control (NAC) Enhanced quality of service (QoS) Resilie...

Last updated: Dec 28, 2008   5:46 AM GMT  |  Blog: David’s Cisco Networking Blog
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