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Bringing Consumer Technology into the Enterprise

Blog  Question: How does the widespread adoption of consumer technology affect the enterprise? What does an enterprise need to do to be prepared to benefit from implementing it? The widespread adoption of technology at the consumer level is having profound and unexpected effects on enterprise IT. After ...

Last updated: Mar 31, 2012   4:01 PM GMT  |  Blog: Ask the IT Consultant
IIoT Chip with Cryptographic RoT and Machine Learning by WISeKey

Blog  New IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) chip with embedded cryptographic RoT (Root of Trust) is launched by WISeKey. This chip has machine learning capabilities thus making it smart and fit for intelligent activities. The new chip will become an integral part of the company's IoT cybersecurity vert...

Last updated: May 31, 2017   11:12 AM GMT  |  Blog: Quality Assurance and Project Management   |      Cryptography, Cyber security, IIoT
IDC: hyper-converged platforms outgrows converged infrastructures

Blog  Recent IDC research shows hyper-converged platforms are quickly catching up to the converged systems market. For the third quarter of 2017, global revenue on converged systems increased nearly 11% to $2.99 billion, according to the latest IDC Tracker market data. Most of that growth came from hyper...

Last updated: Dec 28, 2017   11:17 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup   |      Converged systems
Overheard - The new vocabulary of cloud computing - glossary

Blog  Have you ever wanted to make up a word? Now's the time. Just make sure it has something to do with a cloud. Play a little Rolling Stones and get those neurons firing (Hey, hey, hey, hey -- get off of my cloud) I just want to jot these down before I forget. Seems like every day I stumble across more...

Last updated: Sep 18, 2008   7:51 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from
Verizon's CloudSwitch buy: Important Tier 1 move but not a panacea

Blog  Verizon has taken what may be a very important and evocative step toward maturing its enterprise cloud strategy with the purchase of privately held CloudSwitch. The significance of the move is hard to appreciate without an understanding of just what the heck CloudSwitch is, so I propose to start wit...

Last updated: Aug 26, 2011   1:02 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncommon Wisdom
e-dictatorships versus e-anarchy - national and global?

Blog  I have agreed to chair the session on "Ethical aspects related to the use of government on-line services" at the European Commission workshop on "Ethics and e-Inclusion" in early May. In parallel I am mapping "issues and players" for the new UK Internet Governance Forum. As with climate change it l...

Last updated: Apr 11, 2008   6:26 PM GMT  |  Blog: When IT Meets Politics   |      e-Inclusion
Skype again

Blog  There's a new book out entitled "Securing IM and P2P Applications for the Enterprise " (ISBN: 978-1-59749-017-7 ) where it's written: "Although Skype is well known for its voice communication, it is a very functional client for instant messaging via text and file transfers. Since it encrypts its inf...

Last updated: Sep 17, 2007   6:00 AM GMT  |  Blog: Risk Management with Stuart King and Duncan Hart   |      malware, risk, Skype
Edge computing and IoT product design

Blog  One of the hottest topics these days, along with the creation of IoT solutions, is the use of edge computing devices. As with many of the latest technology trends, it is important to dig past the hype to understand what is genuinely new and determine the value it provides. Simply implementing the la...

Last updated: Nov 4, 2019   7:20 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Edge computing, Internet of Things, iot
"AI First" the mantra for Google I/O 2017

Blog   Google's annual worldwide developer conference (Google I/O) kicked off at the Shoreline Auditorium in Mountain View, California on Wednesday morning. Seven thousand people are attending live, and others are viewing the event online at 400 Google I/O Extended events in 85 countries. This year's man...

Last updated: May 19, 2017   2:12 PM GMT  |  Blog: Coffee Talk: Java, News, Stories and Opinions   |      Uncategorized
How can IoT improve hurricane preparation and response?

Blog  Hurricanes, as we know, wreak havoc on the people and economies affected. In this age of technology, data and insight, preparation and response should be vastly improved, even if hurricanes are stronger and more common than in the past. These trends are pretty clear when we look at the 52 costliest ...

Last updated: Oct 25, 2017   3:43 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      drone, Internet of Things, iot
Upgrading my network

Answer  I own a heavy truck dealership with 2 locations, 75 employees and approx 35 computers. Currently all employees operate off there desk computers with files storage directly on there hard drives with no back up solution. Email is hosted by our internet provider currently works fine and we use Microsof...

Last updated: Jan 20, 2013   11:23 AM GMT   |    Microsoft Office, Office 365
Fighting pests with the internet of things

Blog  I read an article on the rat problem recently. It detailed an innovative solution to fighting rats that spread disease and devastate our crops. Until now, the primary solution has been to use poison and traps, but clearly that hasn't worked. Looking deeper, the root issue is that a pair of rats can ...

Last updated: Jul 12, 2017   4:23 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Agriculture, farms, Internet of Things
Consolidation ratios are yesterday's news

Blog  Ever notice that when you talk to someone about virtualizating, it always seems to come down to, "So, what's your consolidation ratio?" Everyone seems to care only about the number of virtual machines you can house on a single host system. While consolidation ratios are important, they're yesterday'...

Last updated: Apr 27, 2009   2:52 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
SuSE Linux at a Glance in View of Rechil Part-2

Blog  In my previous Blog (SuSE Linux at a Glance in View of Rechil Part-1), I have written a little about Linux. Don't worry, there are lots more to write here. It is universally known that, the core architecture (i.e. kernel) of any Linux flavor is same and kernel is the heart of any Linux system. SuSE ...

Last updated: Mar 17, 2011   12:13 AM GMT  |  Blog: FOSS and FLOSS
Nutanix .NEXT 2018: 'Sherlock' targets IoT data

Blog  Nutanix .NEXT 2017 focused on the hyper-converged infrastructure pioneers move to the public cloud with Xi Cloud Services. Nutanix .NEXT 2018 last week was a showcase for Nutanix Beam, the vendors software-defined networking service. Those launches went in directions most expected the vendor t...

Last updated: May 15, 2018   12:11 AM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup   |      Nutanix, Storage
Year in Review: ‘Tis the season for the top tech trends and tools of 2007

Blog  Ah, December. The first real snow has fallen here in Boston, the malls are full of holiday shoppers and the blogosphere and pages of industry mags are full of annual summaries of the best and worst of the year in technology. We'll be coming out with our own most notable word of the year, as you'd ex...

Last updated: Dec 4, 2007   7:54 PM GMT  |  Blog: Our Latest Discovery
Red Hat: the six most common container misconceptions

Blog  This is a special guest post for Computer Weekly written by Lars Herrmann, GM of theintegrated solutions business unit at Red Hat.Herrmann writes specifically for Open Source Insider to detail the six most common misconceptions that have arisen surrounding the subject of 'container' technologies...

Last updated: Aug 19, 2016   6:02 AM GMT  |  Blog: Open Source Insider   |      Red Hat
Intel's seven galaxy programming universe

Blog  Software application developers have (to a degree) been able to tap into greater power channels for their applications by relying on additional hardware resources (rather than refining their code as such) for some time now. Specifically, programmers have been able to "just throw another core at it"...

Last updated: Mar 13, 2013   3:39 PM GMT  |  Blog: CW Developer Network   |      Uncategorized
VMware pushes desktop virtualization on management and security benefits

Blog  VMware Inc. Senior Director of Enterprise Desktops Gerald Chen visited our office on Tuesday morning to discuss the different types of desktop virtualization and answer common questions about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), for example, how it differs from terminal services and cost issues. H...

Last updated: May 14, 2008   2:20 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
Seizing the benefits of AI and IoT through data security

Blog  As artificial intelligence and IoT applications are becoming more prominent, businesses must consider how to best process and analyze such data. Think of the countless business efficiencies and consumer-centric conveniences that have been offered up by the connected home or smart city. However, this...

Last updated: Jun 12, 2018   4:39 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      ai, Artificial intelligence, Cryptography
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