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Why the eGenera Patent is Dangerous

Blog, Gridtoday, the eGenera website, and a lot of other sources reported that eGenera has received a patent for an all-in-one N+1 tiered disaster recovery solution that combines grid technology and virtualization to provide a hardware-neutral Disaster Recovery product that takes your...

Last updated: Jun 20, 2007   3:31 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
VMworld 2014: What happened on Day 1

Blog   On Day 1 of its annual conference VMworld 2014 themed "No Limits", VMware unveiled its strategies around open cloud platform OpenStack and around container technology Kubernetes. It also launched new tools to extend its software-defined datacentre and hybrid cloud offerings. Open software-defined ...

Last updated: Aug 25, 2014   11:09 PM GMT  |  Blog: Ahead in the Clouds   |      Cloud Computing, Google, Open vSwitch
How DNS information can help cut millions from your infrastructure costs

Blog   A guest post by Chris Griffiths, director of new products and business development at Nominet.One of the hardest things about infrastructure planning in our web-enabled world is estimating capacity needs, especially from a network perspective. Having a piece of content go viral can mean the differe...

Last updated: Feb 3, 2016   3:28 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Full Spectrum   |      CIOs, Load balancing, Network capacity
Pay TV

Blog  For a few years I went without paying for cable or satellite television. It cost me some money up front, but I was able to save about 2500 dollars after all my expenses based on a 100 dollar per month cable bill and the amount of time that I was not paying. Recently, I have connected again. Managing...

Last updated: Oct 31, 2012   8:49 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Multifunctioning DBA
Cloud sweeps the field in new survey, while benefits questions arise

Blog  I sent out the survey material for our fall strategy sweep, and as usual I asked both service providers and enterprises to respond quickly with the answers to the following questions; Whats the hottest network issue, Whats your biggest surprise? and Whats your biggest conce...

Last updated: Sep 16, 2011   12:39 AM GMT  |  Blog: Uncommon Wisdom
If you can see it, the computer can see it too

Blog  If youre exploring IoT-enabled technologies for your enterprise, dont overlook an asset you might already have on site, such as video cameras. IP cameras, which are digital video cameras that use the internet to receive control data and send back image data, are one of the most powerful data-c...

Last updated: Jan 21, 2020   5:55 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Agriculture, AI and IoT, Internet of Things
IoT, cloud, security and the IT professional: Transforming traditional roles

Blog  Today's IT professionals must have it all: knowledge of scripting, networks, application development, artificial intelligence, architecture and more. But it wasn't always this way, as we're seeing the role of IT shift significantly with the proliferation of the latest technological advancements, suc...

Last updated: Jun 17, 2019   6:03 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Cloud Computing, cybersecurity, Internet of Things
When cars own the road: The future of IoT and connected vehicles

Blog  The automotive industry has one of the most advanced relationships with emerging tech, more so than most other sectors, such as healthcare and telecoms. The fact is, cars have been connected for at least 19 years, dating as far back as the onset of GM's OnStar service. Connected vehicles provide fea...

Last updated: Sep 6, 2019   6:15 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      automotive, connected cars, Connected vehicles
Of motherhood and mobile strategy

Blog  As we head into another weekend, we'd like to send best wishes to our readers who are also mothers. Come to think of it, being a CIO or IT leader is a lot like being a mom: Every day brings new challenges and changes, you're constantly trying to keep everyone satisfied, sometimes you just have to sa...

Last updated: May 11, 2012   9:44 PM GMT  |  Blog: TotalCIO
Dot Hill acquires Cloverleaf

Blog  Storage systems vendor Dot Hill acquired privately held storage virtualization software maker Cloverleaf Communications Inc. this week for $12 million in cash and stock as part of its plan to focus more on the management of its arrays. Cloverleaf's Intelligent Storage Network (iSN) products are des...

Last updated: Jan 6, 2010   6:08 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
Solution for %IP-4-DUPADDR: Duplicate address error log in your Cisco 6500 Switches running HSRP

Blog  Dear FriendsIn my previous post I was talking about the HSRP error generated in Cisco 6513 Switches with a Duplicate IP Address. I did open a TAC case with Cisco Systems. I should first of all salute Cisco for the great support to solve this issue. Cisco TAC Engineer Mr. Pradeep was in constant ...

Last updated: Nov 12, 2008   12:56 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends
Using the New P2V 2.1 CD

Blog  As you might know P2V 2.1 has been released Ive been playing with the BETA for a while. Theres little to report you be pleased to know that no unnecessary changes have been made. What is new is the P2V Boot CD itself which is based around the Knoppix Boot CD and loads an X-Windows UI. ...

Last updated: Nov 4, 2005   5:45 AM GMT  |  Blog: RTFM Education – Virtualization, VMware, Citrix
The dangers of unsupported iSCSI targets

Blog  In my training courses and sometimes because neccessity is the mother of invention Ive occasionally used open-source/free iSCSI target emulators such as OpenFiler or just Redhat Linux wih IET (iSCSI Enterprize Target). Those of you who know OpenFiler well know, that its iSCSI support is j...

Last updated: Feb 2, 2008   10:59 AM GMT  |  Blog: RTFM Education – Virtualization, VMware, Citrix
Combining compute with storage in a scale-out architecture

Blog  Scale-out storage solutions that use industry-standard hardware have some interesting capabilities since they include significant processing power in each storage node. For these grid-based architectures, having relatively abundant CPU physically distributed with the storage gives them the ability t...

Last updated: Jul 30, 2012   3:32 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Channel Pipeline
Everybody's going Green: Where's Kermit?

Blog  Everywhere I turn these days, and in much of what I do, green initiatives for IT are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. I recently wrote a white paper for a major messaging security service vendor that explained how using SaaS (Software as a Service) helps companies green up, and save on pe...

Last updated: Jun 10, 2009   5:14 PM GMT  |  Blog: IT Career JumpStart
Veeam Backup & Replication 7.0 R2 Update

Blog  If you are running vSphere 5.5 or Windows Server 2012 R2, then you need this patch! Here's what's new. VMware vSphere 5.5 support, including support for 62TB virtual disks and virtual hardware v10 virtual machines. vCloud Director 5.5 support. Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 ...

Last updated: Nov 15, 2013   1:11 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Real (and Virtual) Adventures of Nathan the IT Guy
Storage should take high priority

Blog  Few people argue that information is important. The value of information varies and changes over time but is the most critical resource for most organizations. Yet, we see storage products where the importance of storing, accessing, and managing information is not addressed effectively or is seemin...

Last updated: Jul 30, 2015   2:27 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup   |      Data storage, Information management
Channel news: NetApp: storage virtualization overrated; VMWare IPOs

Blog  NetApp VP says storage virtualization overrated NetApp's vice president of emerging products, Jay Kidd, discusses storage virtualization, competition with Isilon and NetApp's current identity crisis. []s VMware goes public with $100m plea Costs and CEO salary way up. [TheReg] Micro...

Last updated: Apr 27, 2007   12:06 AM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
Can a hacker catch your HP printer on fire?

Blog  There has been a furor today over some Columbia University researchers' claims that certain HP printers can be compromised by hackers via "Remote Firmware Update" and made to overheat or catch fire. This article on is the first one I was aware of and leads with: Could a hacker from...

Last updated: Nov 30, 2011   10:02 PM GMT  |  Blog: Security Corner
Technosium 2008: Virtualization takeaways for business continuity

Blog  I am blogging from the inaugural Technosium Global Conference and Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Ill be signing on intermittently to provide you with everything I consider beneficial to the virtualization space. First off is storage business continuity. I had an opportunity to attend...

Last updated: Jan 30, 2008   7:27 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
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