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Network Security

Name: Network Security
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Which is more secure: network or internet or remote desktop

Answer  which is most secure and best to access and reliable, networking computers, internet or using remote desktop?

Last updated: Jul 13, 2010   9:07 PM GMT   |    Internet, Internet security, Network
Cisco launches "Umbrella" Secure Internet Gateway

Blog  Cisco launches the industry first secure internet gateway (SIG) in the cloud with an intention to address the security requirements of todays; mobile, cloud-connected enterprise. And Umbrella happens to Cisco's Secure Internet gateway product. In past, organisations contained their services like em...

Last updated: Feb 10, 2017   8:12 PM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends   |      Box, Cisco, cloud
According to Opus One research, Cisco Email Security ranks as Industry leader in Anti Spam Efficiency.

Blog  Recently Opus One, an independent research firm released report for most popular anti-spam solution for the year 2014, where Cisco Email Security ranked as industry leader for the second year in a row. T Optus one tested all the anti-spam solutions in Gartners July 2014 Leaders, Visiona...

Last updated: Apr 3, 2015   7:58 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends   |      Cisco, Email, Email security
My current network challenge

Answer  Hi everyone, The following is my current task. Setup a network with 6 computers Must have file and printer sharing Internet access Things to consider SECURITY - some computers will be laptops (wireless) and some desktop (hardwired) Connectivity - at least one of these computer will be a mac...

Last updated: Feb 25, 2008   3:06 PM GMT   |    Network, Network security, Security
Change copier FTP anonymous access

Answer  Retina network security scanner shows FTP anonymous write access as a vulnerability. I only need FTP anonymous for a networked KonicaMinolta Di551 copier used for scanning documents to PDF file format into a folder on the server. Does anyone have any idea if a copier can scan to a network folder w...

Last updated: Feb 21, 2008   9:00 PM GMT   |    FTP, IP networks, Network
Securing LAN Network

Answer  Dear sir, I'm using Windows Server 2003 with a third party software install on it. Unfortunately this software become corrupt. Now I want to access my system to remote location using remote desktop feature. My question is that how I can secure my LAN network because whenever I tell remote user my IP...

Last updated: Dec 26, 2007   6:46 AM GMT   |    LAN, Network, Network security
Need advice on a career in IT?

Answer  I will be going to Depaul university this fall 2009 to pursue a degree in IT, majoring in Network security/telecommunications. As a student what advice can I get from you IT professionals to really excel in this field. should i get some certifications like A+, Net+, security+, MCSE, CCNA before I gr...

Last updated: Mar 12, 2009   8:00 AM GMT   |    a, CCNA, Cisco certifications
What Samsung's Smart TV is really saying about you

Blog  The recent publicity about Samsung's Smart TV listening in on private conversations has received a lot of public attention, but this latest privacy issue is nothing new to the technology community. The Internet of Things (IoT)--and the implications resulting from millions of Internet-enabled device...

Last updated: Feb 12, 2015   2:28 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Network Hub   |      Data, Data privacy, Internet of Things
Cisco launches ISE 2.2 with a promise of more visibility and control

Blog  Since the introduction of Internet in early 90's to general public, no one ever imagined that Internet will grow so fast, and vast majority of organizations and consumers will be interconnected using the internet. It has expanded exponentially and still its is growing at its greatest speed. The inve...

Last updated: Jan 29, 2017   7:10 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends   |      Cisco, Enterprise, Internet
What is Palo Alto Fuel?

Blog  Palo Alto launched a Fuel community in 2014 is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and is managed by a headquarters staff Basically Fuel is created for those professionals who are responsible for securing information and critical infr...

Last updated: Mar 15, 2015   4:55 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends   |      Network, Security
Connected devices and security: Protecting your devices and networks

Blog  Recently, I was reading about how voice records from an Amazon Echo's Alexa had been subpoenaed in a murder investigation. Police were trying to determine if the machine had picked up anything incriminating during a suspicious death, while Amazon argued that handing over the device's data would viol...

Last updated: Apr 25, 2017   3:37 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Amazon, DDOS, Internet of Things
Recommendation: system process using a mapped drive

Answer  My Setup: Server A: Win2k / Access2000 Server B: Win2k3 / Access2007 I have a syncing application that will look for changes on my ServerB database, and replicate those changes to the ServerA DB. This application is based around a mapped drive. What I am trying to secure is a method that will wor...

Last updated: Mar 14, 2008   12:37 AM GMT   |    Mapped drives, Network, UNC path
How should i segment this?

Answer  Hi, I have been given a project which basically entails segmenting hotel rooms in a hotel, on the network. The hotel is not built yet so im going to say for arguments sake there are 8 rooms on every floor, and there are 7 floors. Inside the rooms are various devices with Ethernet connectivity (a max...

Last updated: Nov 11, 2009   4:06 PM GMT   |    Cisco, Computers, Ethernet
What is BIG-IP Access Policy Manager?

Blog  A BIP-IP Access Policy Manager, popularly known as BIG-IP APM is capable of securing applications, network and even cloud environment in a flexible way, and even it provides high performance access to your applications and network. The BIG-IP APM also provides quite informative insight of who is on ...

Last updated: Apr 19, 2015   5:00 PM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends   |      APM, application, cloud
IoT from A to Z: How IoT devices impact enterprise mobility programs

Blog  In the world of mobility, acronyms seem to be created every day. To help decipher these terms and clear up some confusion around the industry, we recently partnered with Blue Hill Research to create the Enterprise Mobility Acronym Glossary. With that in mind, I thought an IoT Q&A about some of t...

Last updated: Apr 5, 2017   8:19 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Analytics, Business Intelligence, carrier
Evolving technologies will be part of all CCIE and CCDE Written exams

Blog  Cisco has announced a major revamp for their CCIE and CCDE written exams, starting July 26,2016 Cisco will include a new section titled "Evolving Technologies". Except CCIE Data Center all other CCIE Lab exams remains intact. So those who will be appearing for CCIE and CCDE written exam after Ju...

Last updated: Nov 29, 2015   11:18 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends   |      CCIE, Cisco, Cisco Press
Restore Win10 Private Network Status

Blog  In the wake of last month's Fall Creators Upgrade, aka Windows 10 Version 1709, some glitches have popped up. Today's reported item is minor and easy to fix, but could be vexing nontheless. That's why I hope my readers can benefit from what I recently re-learned. That is, a Windows 10 upgrade will o...

Last updated: Nov 20, 2017   4:38 PM GMT  |  Blog: Windows Enterprise Desktop   |      Network, Network security, Windows 10
CCDE must read , Series 1 - Review for "Optimal Routing Design"

Blog  When it comes to CCDE preparations one should master many concepts, one should refer to plenty of resources available in form of books, articles, Cisco validated designs, Videos,RFCs etc. For every journey there is a starting point, for CCDE I believe"Optimal Routing Design" is thepath tow...

Last updated: Oct 8, 2015   6:11 PM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends   |      BGP, Cisco certifications, EIGRP
Huawei may be one of the few winners of the NSA revelations

Blog   English: Huawei Technology in Shenzhen, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I attended an event at The Ritz yesterday - you have got to love making a posh place look untidy - hosted by Huawei, giving an update on its SoftCOM solution which offers up open, cloud-based technologies to bring software defin...

Last updated: Feb 13, 2014   1:17 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Full Spectrum   |      China, Edward Snowden, GCHQ
Challenges of Global MPLS Network Procurement

Blog  Companion resource: The Techtarget version of our free IT Managers step by step Global MPLS Network procurement Mindmap. Every risk, pitfall and opportunity outlined at a glance. In this article, I share my thoughts on successful WAN sales process surround creating a diagnostic environment. An app...

Last updated: Jan 30, 2015   4:31 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Network Hub   |      Network
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