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Overheard - Nanotech future so bright even a housefly has got to wear shades

Blog  Teeny tiny shades. This housefly is sporting a pair of two-millimeter-wide eyeglasses, engineered with fast-pulse laser technology. According the the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, there are now almost 600 consumer products made with nanotechnology, including computer processors by Intel a...

Last updated: Oct 3, 2007   2:35 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from
What are the dangers of using nanotechnology?

Answer  What could possibly happen/go wrong if nanotechnology is used as a medicine?

Last updated: Apr 1, 2014   11:11 AM GMT   |    health
Would nanotechnology improve our agriculture sector?

Answer  Recently, I came across an article naming "Nanotechnology and its role in agriculture". I am working on a same project for last 1.5 years and still did not succeed in creating a sustainable Intensification in Agriculture. I was wondering if my idea would bring a large improvement in agriculture sect...

Last updated: Jan 3, 2017   4:57 AM GMT   |    nanotechnology
MSM Monday Round-up

Blog  PCI compliance kicks up a notch today. Retailers apparently panicking. New nanotechnology could mean faster, greener semiconductors. A good list of open source office software you probably already knew about. Still, worth reading. Though I was shocked to learn that Microsoft Paint isnt...

Last updated: Jun 30, 2008   3:20 PM GMT  |  Blog: CIO Symmetry
Tech quiz of the day from How much do you know about buckypaper?

Blog  The Word of the Day is buckypaper. Tech Trivia What structure, similar to a geodesic dome, was the nanotube developed from? (Hint: It's also know as a "buckyball.") Answer Secret Word of the Day This term is used to describe what life on our planet might become if self-replicating robot...

Last updated: Nov 7, 2008   4:39 PM GMT  |  Blog: Tech Quiz of the Day
Looking forward to 2020 (part ii)

Blog  Have fun with this as there is a vast range of potential inputs including perhaps factoring in potential advances (or usage increases) relative to satellites (e.g. or e.g.) or nanotechnology (e.g.). The range of input is virtually endless as are the opportunities to help imagine a continually better...

Last updated: Nov 15, 2008   2:41 PM GMT  |  Blog: VIIP, beam it into your step
Townley Grammar's California girls: Trip to Silicon Valley Day 3

Blog   This is a guest blog from Desmond Deehan, head teacher at Townley Grammar School for girls in Kent. Each year the school takes its GCSE and A Level computer science students to Silicon Valley to visit San Francisco, LA, the Computer History Museum and Stanford University and businesses such as Micr...

Last updated: Feb 11, 2015   5:22 PM GMT  |  Blog: WITsend   |      "silicon valley", "women in IT", Education
Word of the Day: carbon nanotube

Blog  Word of the Day Today's Word of the Day is carbon nanotube (CNT), a hollow, cylindrical carbon structure with hexagonal graphite molecules attached at the edges. Nanotubes, which are grown in a laboratory, are strong and exhibit many thermal and electrical properties that are desirab...

Last updated: Oct 1, 2013   10:50 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from
Nokia's Morph travels back from future to save world, prepare lunch

Blog  I'd like to share a piece from Kate Dostart, associate editor for the networking group. She wrote this for's newsletter, and I thought it might be of interest. Please feel free to post comments here or send them to Kate in an email. If you enjoy this post, I also recommend ...

Last updated: Mar 5, 2008   5:54 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Network Hub
Intel 'Silvermont' Inside microserver microarchitecture

Blog  New software application development stream possibilities have come to light this week after news from Intel as the firm announces its Silvermont microarchitecture. This new technology targets tablets, smartphones, microservers, network infrastructure products, storage and other areas such as entry...

Last updated: May 10, 2013   5:56 AM GMT  |  Blog: CW Developer Network   |      Uncategorized
IBM reports atomic storage progress

Blog  IBM has reported two discoveries in its ongoing work in nanotechnology, both of which have implications for data storage of almost unimaginably tiny proportions. According to a Reuters report, scientists at IBM reported yesterday that they have determined how to move the magnetic orientation of an a...

Last updated: Aug 31, 2007   5:32 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
Obama's CTO of the USA

Blog   Barack Obama, if elected president, will be looking for a cabinet-level chief technology officer (CTO) a first in the White House. Job responsibilities will include ensuring the U.S. is caught up with technologies, infrastructure and services for the 21st century. A White House CTO would potent...

Last updated: Oct 22, 2008   7:43 PM GMT  |  Blog: CIO Symmetry
Overheard: Programmable Metallization Cell Memory

Blog   "All the current limitations in portable electronic storage could go away. You could record video of every event in your life and store it." Michael Kozicki There was a re-run of Dallas on today that had JR Ewing making a call from his car. He was wheeling and dealing on this big brick that w...

Last updated: Nov 1, 2007   5:43 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from
Arbitrator Awards Seagate $525 Million in Western Digital Trade Secrets Case

Blog  What the hell can one guy know that's worth half a billion dollars? That's Western Digital's reaction to a decision this week of an arbitrator to a case where a Seagate employee who joined Western Digital is accused of having brought trade secrets with him. Though it was Western Digital's idea in t...

Last updated: Nov 27, 2011   5:54 AM GMT  |  Blog: Yottabytes: Storage and Disaster Recovery
The Institution of Engineering and Technology opens awards for nominations

Blog   The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is on the hunt for individuals who are making advancements in science, engineering and technology for its annual IET Achievement Awards. The organisation is calling for people to nominate colleagues who work in research and development or for t...

Last updated: May 18, 2014   2:34 PM GMT  |  Blog: ITWorks   |      Uncategorized
At this rate the world will be green in a decade

Blog  Not a day goes by thatI do not hear from yet another storage or server vendor that their offering, whatever it is, is green. This mania started about a year ago in earnest. Prior to that, the green movement was pretty much restricted to organizations outside of the computer industry. So, what is r...

Last updated: Sep 20, 2007   5:15 PM GMT  |  Blog: Storage Soup
Tag: You're IT! Meet Pam Baker

Blog   Last week we tagged Pam Baker! 1. Pam, when did you first discover your love for technology? I'm the cat that curiosity is always stalking! I love to learn new things and technology is constantly about new things, so it's a natural match for my questing mind. There is much to accomplish but on...

Last updated: Aug 11, 2008   6:03 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from

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