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Internet Explorer goes private

Blog  Microsoft has unveiled Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 8, and this is an important release from a privacy perspective. The new InPrivate tools allow users to surf anonymously, delete their browsing history and restrict adware. Of course other browsers have offered enhanced privacy features for a while ...

Last updated: Sep 1, 2008   9:54 AM GMT  |  Blog: Identity, Privacy and Trust   |      privacy, technologies
Garlik honoured as technology pioneers at Davos

Blog  Privacy protection pioneers Garlik have been recognised for their innovation at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The powerhouse behind Garlik* is Tom Ilube, former CTO of online bank Egg. He and a team that includes the likes of Professor Nigel Shadbolt, Simon Davies and the greatest living Eng...

Last updated: Feb 4, 2008   10:14 AM GMT  |  Blog: Identity, Privacy and Trust   |      Finance, identity, privacy
Simplifying the Laws of Identity

Blog  Kim Cameron - Microsoft's Architect of Identity, identity guru and all round decent chap, has been working on a simplified 'plain english' version of his Laws of Identity. This is an important piece of work, since it sets a number of key principles into a language easily understandable by all. If yo...

Last updated: Aug 21, 2008   10:00 AM GMT  |  Blog: Identity, Privacy and Trust   |      identity, technologies
Phorm opens itself to independent scrutiny

Blog  Online advertising company Phorm has responded to its critics' demands by allowing an inspection of its plans by a respected security expert. Unfortunately, he doesn't like what he's seen. The debate over Phorm's online advertising service - Webwise and OIX - continues to rage, and the two sides ...

Last updated: Apr 9, 2008   8:46 AM GMT  |  Blog: Identity, Privacy and Trust   |      privacy, technologies
Reputational failure

Blog  Online auction house eBay's reputation-driven trust scheme is a much-admired and much-emulated model. Or at least, it was until recently when eBay made a significant change to its operation. Back in February this year, eBay announced changes to its Feedback system. Until that time, buyers and sel...

Last updated: Jul 8, 2008   4:05 PM GMT  |  Blog: Identity, Privacy and Trust   |      identity, technologies
Technology behind UltraSurf?

Answer  What technology does ultrasurf use to tunnel through firewalls? How exactly is it doing it?

Last updated: Sep 28, 2008   10:22 AM GMT   |    Firewalls, Internet, Proxy servers
Turkey or technology? - The Christmas dilemma

Blog   Picture the scene: you're sitting at the dining table on Christmas Day and you're faced with a tough decision. Turkey, or technology? According to a survey by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, 49% of UK adults would ditch the Christmas poultry in favour of TV, mobiles and surfing the net. Not ev...

Last updated: Dec 16, 2013   3:43 PM GMT  |  Blog: Downtime   |      Christmas, Holidays, Internet
The crash protected banks from technology disruption - but it won't last

Blog   It's clear today that the financial services sector has been protected from technological disruption as a result of the 2008 economic crash. While industries such as retail and media have been thoroughly disrupted by internet, cloud and mobile technologies, banking has seen relatively little of the...

Last updated: Apr 24, 2013   1:22 PM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Editor's Blog   |      Banking, cloud, commoditisation
Why didn't we celebrate the 40th Birthday of the Internet?

Blog   Is it because most of the closed community which controls the Internet wish to avoid taking responsibility for their actions/inaction by pretending it is an immature but precocious child? Why does each generation of technology devotees feel compelled to repeat the mis...

Last updated: Oct 20, 2009   9:24 AM GMT  |  Blog: When IT Meets Politics   |      Internet
The digital economy is the UK's future, not the banks

Blog   The European Union wants to impose a cap on banker's bonuses. Regardless of what you think about the reasonableness of legislators trying to regulate private sector salaries - I'd say it's a daft idea, no matter how much banks need to change the bonus culture - it is another sign of the shifting sa...

Last updated: Mar 1, 2013   11:53 AM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Editor's Blog   |      Banking, economy, government
Media firms should look to retailers for a glimpse of the future

Blog   I'm becoming more convinced that the media industry should look to the retail world for ideas on how technology will shape its future. I was recently asked to write an article for a media website called TheMediaBriefing, the essence of which was that the internet is not simplistically killing print...

Last updated: Dec 8, 2010   10:54 AM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Editor's Blog   |      E-commerce, Internet, journalism
IBM Internet of Things Foundation @IBMBluemix

Blog  If you have not heard or got to know about IBM Internet of Things Foundation, you must. It is a service that is completely cloud-based and is fully managed. There seems to be a lot of in-house research and hard work gone into this project from IBM. The service offers to draw out value from Internet ...

Last updated: Jun 14, 2015   3:54 PM GMT  |  Blog: Quality Assurance and Project Management   |      IBM, Internet, iot
EU cyber laws should target IT suppliers' security negligence

Blog   Cyber security has made its ultimate mainstream breakthrough. This week, a relatively minor hack targeted at Apple not only made the BBC 10 O'clock News, but warranted a lengthy studio discussion between presenter Sophie Raworth and a BBC security correspondent.Attacks of varying sophistication and...

Last updated: Feb 21, 2013   1:48 PM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Editor's Blog   |      Apple, China, Cyber security
Digital vs digitisation: learning lessons from retailers

Blog   As one of the industries most affected by the digital revolution, there is a lot that other sectors can learn from retailers. We've seen cold, hard evidence of what happens when established companies ignore the opportunities for innovation that come from the commoditisation of technology that is ex...

Last updated: Sep 26, 2013   4:38 PM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Editor's Blog   |      cloud, Digital strategy, Ecommerce
What would you ask Tim Berners Lee?

Blog   I saw this really interesting post on the Scobleizer blog today. What question would you ask Tim Berners Lee? I asked around in the office and I got some interesting responses. What would you do differently if you could do it all again? What does he think of the two-tier internet whereby the ...

Last updated: Nov 28, 2007   12:09 AM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Editor's Blog   |      Internet, Web
Whose governance do you trust most (or least): The Guardian, Google or GCHQ?

Blog   Recently I have been privileged to sit in on a number of discussions: - on security and surveillance in the post Snowden world and the effectiveness or otherwise of the various initiatives being touted by those with no more understanding of what is happening today than those who created the mess we...

Last updated: Dec 19, 2013   8:21 PM GMT  |  Blog: When IT Meets Politics   |      Google, Governance, governanceSecurity
Sometimes I hate the Internet...

Blog   When I first startedusing the thing called "the Internet", it was via something called America Online (AOL). At the time, it was mostly about sending email or reading message boards. There weren't very many websites at the time, and there was almost no business transactions happening. Several ye...

Last updated: Mar 21, 2016   11:40 PM GMT  |  Blog: From Silos to Services: Cloud Computing for the Enterprise   |      AOL, Cloud Computing, Internet
Inspiring the next generation of Britain's tech pioneers

Blog   This is a guest blog from Edwina Dunn, chair of the Your Life Campaign, which seeks to inspire young people by championing the range of career opportunities unlocked by studying maths and science. Last week, the very latest in cutting-edge technology from around the world was showcased a...

Last updated: Jan 15, 2015   4:40 PM GMT  |  Blog: ITWorks   |      ARPANET, Barack Obama, Bill Gates
Scalextric shows the way to winning the digital race

Blog   If, like me, your childhood featured the joys of Scalextric, then you can't fail to feel a frisson of excitement at the prospect of controlling the racing cars from your smartphone, and sharing race data with your friends.This is just one of the innovations being considered by Hornby, the owner of ...

Last updated: Jul 24, 2015   11:18 AM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Editor's Blog   |      digital, Internet, Startups
IBM's "new" Internet: full of toasters, earrings & electronic T-shirts

Blog  Embedded software application development could be a significantly increasing trend for 2012 and onward if IBM's latest thinking is borne out in tangible product development. This is the upshot of IBM's latest moves to produce what could effectively be a whole new Internet - or the "Internet of Thi...

Last updated: Dec 15, 2011   6:38 AM GMT  |  Blog: CW Developer Network   |      Communication, Data, devices
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