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Preparing for Cisco CCNA Certification - Great opportunity to attend Essentials of CCNA webinar

Blog   For all those folks working hard to achieve Cisco CCNA Certification, one of the most recognized certification in the IT Industry, good news is here. The Cisco learning Network is conducting a 90-minute webinar which highlights the technologies and topics an individual will need to know to achie...

Last updated: Mar 16, 2011   7:13 AM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends

Blog  CompTIA is a non-profit trade association known for its IT certification exams and test preparation courses.Continued Quote of the Day "Private equity firms and other people are more likely to provide capital today to companies that have good diversity numbers." - Todd Thibodeaux, CompTIA CEO ...

Last updated: Aug 11, 2017   5:34 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from   |      CompTIA
The IT job market - Linux vs Windows?

Answer  I got A+ certification and coursed network+.Im studying Linux administration now but Im not sure if Im doing the right decision. I would like to know what path will be better(for salary and job opportunity). Keep going with Linux or go back to Windows for networking administration career? Thank you

Last updated: May 26, 2009   9:19 AM GMT   |    IT careers, IT Job Market, IT jobs
IT Security Career Path

Answer  Hi, I am 30 years old and working as a Service Desk L2(Desktop) in CSC. I like to get into IT Security or Network Security. But I am not completely aware of that. So can any one help me in choosing my Security career path. I like to have the certifications list in order to become a Security professi...

Last updated: Nov 21, 2011   9:58 PM GMT   |    IT security
Establishing a Career Path in Information Security

Blog  I was on the masthead for Certification Magazine from 1999 to 2008, both as a contributing editor and for a while also as "Technology Editor." I probably wrote at least 200 articles for that publication during my tenure there, and the work was always interesting and rewarding at least for me, bu...

Last updated: Sep 8, 2010   2:52 PM GMT  |  Blog: IT Career JumpStart
Which virtualization certification is better: VCP or MCSA?

Answer  Hi Everyone, I'm Siddique. I have experience as a System Administrator working in Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V environment and certified only in Cisco and MCITP server 2008 R2. Now I'm planning to do certification in virtualization. Because I have past experience in VMware and currently working in Hyper-v...

Last updated: Jan 21, 2016   10:01 AM GMT   |    Hyper-V, Virtualization, Virtualization Certification
Architect Cert Landscape Undergoes Sea Change

Blog  Back in 2005, Microsoft was one of the first companies or organizations to introduce a software architecture certification in this case, the Microsoft Certified Architect or MCA. With a resurgence of vendor-neutral architect credentials like those from The Open Group and the International Associ...

Last updated: May 13, 2010   1:21 PM GMT  |  Blog: IT Career JumpStart
Move to SAP Basis or VMware

Answer   Hello experts, First of all thanks for giving this opportunities to ask question about SAP Netweaver. Currently I am working in company where we have in house SAP Basis team. My job role as an IT Engineer and we are responsible for IT Infrastructure support. My question is to move SAP Basis is r...

Last updated: Aug 23, 2018   5:46 AM GMT   |    SAP, SAP Basis, SAP certification
Which exams should I take for the CCNA and Mcitp path?

Answer  Hello, im new here, and i take this occasion to say what a helpfull website is this.... Basically im very confused!!!! I just got ccna certified today and i was very happy until i got home wondering to see what is my next challenge in my IT career education so i visited the microsoft web site a...

Last updated: May 26, 2010   5:08 PM GMT   |    CCNA Certification, CCNA exam, MCITP
Career Change-Dot Net Developer to Networking Associate Jobs

Answer  I am currently working as .net developer for couple of months only (as a H1B consultant at dallas, Texas). I have MCP (070-270)and CCNA (640-801) certification (1.5 yrs back)with BE computer, but don't have any networking experience. I have deep personal interest in networking field but due to job ...

Last updated: Feb 12, 2008   5:38 PM GMT   |    .NET, Networking
Which networking job provides the best income and stability?

Answer  I am a first year networking student working my way towards my associate networking degree which I am scheduled to complete in the Summer of 2008. I plan to acquire a Cisco certification and use it combined with my degree to land my first job and complete my bachelor's degree the following year. I'm...

Last updated: Feb 19, 2008   10:26 PM GMT   |    CCNA, IT careers, IT jobs
Need Career guidance: SAP ABAP with XI (or) SAP Techno-functional Role (ABAP with MM)

Answer  Hi, I have around 8 years of experience in SAP ABAP programming skill. Currently looking to add value to my profile by working in new skill and at edge of selecting the right career path for me. I am certified in SAP XI 3.0 but do not have work experience. For most of the tenure, I have gaine...

Last updated: Dec 8, 2011   6:56 AM GMT   |    SAP
Cisco to add a job-matching service

Blog  Cisco certifications recently reached 1 million but long-time rumors of the program starting an official job matching service may be actualized this summer. In an interview conducted by news writer Michael Morisy, Fred Weiller, director of switching product and solutions marketing at Cisco intimate...

Last updated: Apr 11, 2008   9:41 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Network Hub
Need Career guidance: SAP ABAP with XI (or) SAP Techno-functional Role (ABAP with MM)

Answer  Hi, I have around 8 years of experience in SAP ABAP programming skill. Currently looking to add value to my profile by working in new skill and at edge of selecting the right career path for me. I am certified in SAP XI 3.0 but do not have work experience. For most of the tenure, I have gained v...

Last updated: Dec 23, 2011   1:35 PM GMT   |    SAP ABAP, SAP careers
Win Free Training for Life with Firebrand

Blog   Today marks the launch of Free Training for Life - a unique competition - where one person will win a lifetimes free access to Firebrand's 180+ courses. Used to its full potential, the prize offers a career and life changing opportunity. The winner can access training to develop the most in-deman...

Last updated: Mar 23, 2015   4:30 PM GMT  |  Blog: The 'How to' Blog
Help needed - About Networking Related Jobs

Answer  I am a newbie and trying to break into the networking field. I plan to give my CCNA and MCSA certification late this year or early next year. I am very interested in networking and plan to pursue my career in this field. However I have some questions: I am interested in Administrator (type) jobs wh...

Last updated: Sep 8, 2008   4:41 AM GMT   |    CCNA, Certifications, Cisco certifications
Career path to becoming a big data analyst

Answer  Hello everyone, By way of introduction, I am Sean and I am looking for a way out of my confusion as to which path to apply to become an analytics professional in the Big data field. I don't belong to the IT background but have a very deep interest in technical knowhow. I have done Business Administ...

Last updated: Jul 20, 2015   4:55 PM GMT   |    Analytics, Big Data, IT career
Stay in School, Go (Back) to School!

Blog  It must be something in the air recently, but I've gotten half-a-dozen emails from readers asking me to explore the old familiar "school vs. certification" conundrum. For most people, career advancement or development is subject to limited time, money, and energy. Naturally, they want to invest in w...

Last updated: Jul 23, 2012   7:51 PM GMT  |  Blog: IT Career JumpStart
Cisco certification product giveaway winners

Blog  Congratulations to our Cisco certification product giveaway winners: Sailingswede Kuroiinu ITM Jimbarino Mukul Smasiello Maji Indytex1 Criggl001 B3nny0 And thank you all for participating! You may have noticed that two extra winners made the list. This was because's ...

Last updated: Apr 3, 2009   6:41 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Network Hub
Cisco IOS XR Security

Blog  Overview: "Cisco IOS XR Fundamentals is a systematic, authoritative guide to configuring routers with Cisco IOS XR, the next-generation flagship Cisco Internet operating system. In this book, a team of Cisco experts brings together quick, authoritative, and example-rich reference information for a...

Last updated: Jul 2, 2009   5:00 AM GMT  |  Blog: IT Bookworm Blog
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