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Nortel Delivers UC For Government

Blog  Companies generally have confidential information- financial projections, intellectual property, trademarked secret formulas, etc. But, the magnitude of secrecy and the need for confidentiality pale in comparison with a government, especially the United States government. Nortel has developed a new ...

Last updated: May 8, 2008   12:36 AM GMT  |  Blog: Unified Communications: Click to talk
Keeping customers safe from social media threats

Blog  Social media has become a fact of life for some businesses, but others are still hesitant to adopt the tools for business use. Given the security threats inherent in many of these applications, it's understandable why so many of your customers would think banning the use of these tools is the best m...

Last updated: Sep 25, 2009   1:33 PM GMT  |  Blog: Patrolling the Channel
Countering cyber attacks

Blog   It's good to read that the UK Government is finally waking up to the fact that cyber attacks are a serious threat to the nation. In fact it's always been so. Why? Because we don't build secure platforms and application systems. And we expect users not to create breaches. The answers are simple, bu...

Last updated: Oct 18, 2010   9:25 AM GMT  |  Blog: David Laceys IT Security Blog   |      People, Security Solutions, threats
Cisco network architecture targets CIOs. Will they buy it?

Blog  Cisco network architecture now has a new layer for the multi-cloud age and the vendor wants CIOs to know about it. Technology architectures, sometimes derided as "marketectures," have been around for ages. IBM was famous for them in the 1970s and 1980s, pushing Micro Channel Architecture, Systems N...

Last updated: Nov 28, 2018   2:16 PM GMT  |  Blog: TotalCIO   |      architecture, CIO, Cisco
Could the public cloud be in the sights of large corporates as delayed IT refresh becomes necessity?

Blog   Now that cloud computing has been accepted as the way forward for corporate applications the debate is whether companies will build private clouds or make use of the clouds already available from suppliers. The general feeling has been that large companies will build private clouds while small comp...

Last updated: Jun 27, 2011   1:46 PM GMT  |  Blog: Investigating Outsourcing   |      Cloud Computing, Public Cloud
Is facial recognition the killer app for AI?

Blog  The power of facial recognition has knocked at my door. My Nest Cam IQ Outdoor sends me a notification when a stranger stops at my front door. Facial recognition has the power to transform us to tightly integrated connected communities as security cameras scale across our neighborhoods and cities. ...

Last updated: Aug 29, 2018   4:26 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      ai, airport, Artificial intelligence
Channel news: WinServer, not Vista is hot MSFT seller; IBM in $1.4B deal

Blog  Here's what Windows IT shops are buying today Despite all the hype about Microsoft's new Vista desktop, it sits on the shelf. Microsoft partners say their big sellers are Windows Server 2003 and SharePoint. [] IBM in $1.4B services deal IBM Corp. said Monday it has won a $1.4 billion ...

Last updated: Jul 17, 2007   12:07 AM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
Redux: Security Baseline for Small Businesses

Blog  This story bears repeating. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Many small business owners treat their business computers like their home computers; they run minimal security and engage in unsafe computing practices. This isn't my opinion, mind you, it is based on my years of field ...

Last updated: Jul 31, 2012   10:00 PM GMT  |  Blog: Security Corner
Data vs. perimeter vs. network security

Answer  A short time ago, author Wes Noonan wrote some tips for aboutdeperimeterization. He explained how security is always pitted against business needs, and perimeters have become porous because businesses require traffic from SMTP, HTTP or VPNs to pass through the firewall. H...

Last updated: May 4, 2005   4:36 PM GMT   |    Administration, Application security, backdoors
Essential out-of-cycle IE security update now available

Blog  When Secunia calls a Windows security update "extremely critical" you know a serious vulnerability is being patched. The Windows security community has been abuzz since last week when a number of remote code execution vulnerabilities originally thought limited only to IE 7 turned out to affect other...

Last updated: Dec 17, 2008   9:11 PM GMT  |  Blog: Windows Enterprise Desktop
Who needs storage security anyway?

Blog  I'm in the middle of writing a whitepaper on data protection for CSOs, and it occurred to me just how often storage systems are overlooked in security testing. The typical security assessment involves servers, workstations, mobile devices, databases, Web applications, WiFi, and network infrastructur...

Last updated: Jun 8, 2010   12:00 AM GMT  |  Blog: Enterprise IT Watch Blog
Another Cisco Acquisition or Two

Blog  There was a time that it seemed like you couldnt go a day without hearing about a company that Cisco acquired. While those days seem to be behind us, there seems to have been a recent uptick in this area. Last week Cisco purchased an Israeli mobile upstart called, "Intucell" for a cool $475 mill...

Last updated: Jan 31, 2013   0:27 AM GMT  |  Blog: Can you hear me now? Tales from a Cisco voice instructor
SAS 70 Control Objectives for Investment Advisers | Custodial Operations

Blog  The SEC released a draft of proposed changes regarding Custody of Funds or Securities of Clients by Investment Advisers (File No. S7-09-09), calling for more oversight and controls over investment advisers or related persons who have custody of client funds or securities along with performing ...

Last updated: May 30, 2009   8:26 PM GMT  |  Blog: Regulatory Compliance, Governance and Security
WPF - running XBAPs in partial trust

Blog  This is more difficult than it should be, quelle surprise :-) What do I actually mean? An XBAP is a WPF browser application, and the XBAP is actually an xml document that tells internet explorer and presentationhost.exe how to host the WPF application. As the whole idea of the XBAP application is...

Last updated: Sep 18, 2008   2:17 PM GMT  |  Blog: WPF Reflections
What is BIG-IP Access Policy Manager?

Blog  A BIP-IP Access Policy Manager, popularly known as BIG-IP APM is capable of securing applications, network and even cloud environment in a flexible way, and even it provides high performance access to your applications and network. The BIG-IP APM also provides quite informative insight of who is on ...

Last updated: Apr 19, 2015   5:00 PM GMT  |  Blog: Network technologies and trends   |      APM, application, cloud
LA proving a tarpit for Google, CSC

Blog  Remember last year when Google trumpeted its big-boy computing win over Microsoft in a major Los Angeles email-and-applications deal? Remember how the cloud-inflected Google Apps Premiersystem, deployed by Computer Sciences Corp., was gonna be awesome? Well, it's a year-and-a-half laterand we...

Last updated: Apr 21, 2011   2:59 AM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
Why are smart devices still so stupid?

Blog  Software application developers working with the kinds of embedded computing devices that we now class as citizens within the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) can be forgiven for getting somewhat confused. The Internet of Things a.k.a The trouble is, the Internet of Things is also known as: ...

Last updated: Jan 19, 2016   8:06 AM GMT  |  Blog: CW Developer Network   |      Uncategorized
Heartbleed bug, building a risk management plan and cleaning up data

Blog  The big news this week? A defect in one of the Internet's key security methods, OpenSSL, that's forcing two-thirds of all websites to consider changes to protect the security of consumers. Learn more about what this OpenSSL heartbeat bug -- appropriately named "Heartbleed" -- means for CIOs in tod...

Last updated: Apr 11, 2014   5:45 PM GMT  |  Blog: CIO Symmetry
Box Adds HIPAA, HITECH Support to Expand Into Healthcare

Blog  You know how every time you go to a new doctor, you have to sign this form (does anybody read it?) that talks about your rights to privacy for your medical records? Vendors of medical services have their own requirements to live up to, and Box has announced that it is complying with those regulation...

Last updated: Apr 26, 2013   4:05 AM GMT  |  Blog: Yottabytes: Storage and Disaster Recovery
DattoCon 2018 attendees get a glimpse of the future

Blog  If you attended the recent DattoCon 2018 event, it's dollars to donuts you heard about near-term opportunities in the small and medium business (SMB) market. Managed service providers (MSPs), however, also got a peek of what might transpire a bit further down the road. Ian McChord, vice president o...

Last updated: Jun 28, 2018   12:41 AM GMT  |  Blog: Channel Marker
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